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How To Start Digital Printing Business In Nigeria

This article will teach you how to start digital printing business in Nigeria. Are you wondering how lucrative is printing business in Nigeria?

Printing business is very lucrative in Nigeria. Thankfully, it is not capital intensive. There are shops that do digital printing all over the country. However, there are a variety of printing; small scale and large scale.

While you are thinking of printing press business ideas and how to start a printing press business, these are a few steps to guide you, as you launch into the printing press world:

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How To Start Digital Printing Business In Nigeria
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1. Study the printing world

Before you start any business, you must study the rudiments of business and the particular requirements and processes of the business you want to begin.

The same applies to starting a printing business. Before you delve into this business, you should know how to use a computer to print.

You should be familiar with colour printing and how quality printing can be achieved in Dots Per Inch (DPI). Furthermore, learn to use different printers and software for printing, so as to be versatile.

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2. Pick a niche

A niche is a position of opportunity in any market. It is the best suitable place to stay in a competitive business environment from which you can make a contribution to the market.

In the printing world, there are various kinds of digital printing. Some of these include: magazines, business/complimentary cards, books, signboards, t-shirts, banners, mugs, flyers and calendars/almanacs.

It is best to pick not more than three kinds of printing, in order to specialise. Also, since you are just starting, it is cheaper to choose similar kinds of printing which require one kind of printer.

In addition, remember you are new to the business and must test the waters, before investing so much into the business.

3. Choose your equipment

Having chosen a niche for your brand new printing press, the next thing is to choose your equipment. Armed with the knowledge garnered during your research into the business of printing, choose the best equipment for your niche.

I recommend that before you purchase anything you conduct a market survey for the best equipment, components and stationery at the most affordable prices.

Search for the best cost of printing press machine in Nigeria. Remember that what is used for billboard printing or car stickers is not what is used for printing regular A4 letter heads.

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4. Get your capital

Every business begins with a capital. A capital is the initial amount of money put into obtaining the necessities to start your business. Determine how to get your capital.

It could come from your life savings, a loan from family or the bank. Ask yourself how much does it cost to start a printing business.

While calculating how much you would need as your capital, draw an expenditure list of things you have to obtain. Make a printing press business plan.

This list should include your first year rent, cost for machines, furniture, electricity bills, stationery for printing and other miscellaneous expenses.

5. Choose a location

The next step towards starting a printing business is choosing a location for your business. This is a very vital step that will make or mar your business.

When choosing a location, choose a place that is easily accessible to customers. Also, choose a place that does not have an exorbitant rent, so that you do not go broke paying your rent.

Furthermore, consider a possible long term stay in that shop and neighbourhood. If you are not comfortable with the environment at first sight, don’t expect that to change later.

Choose a place that is affordable, spacious, comfortable and accessible. Experts also recommend that you choose a business location that is close to where complementary goods are sold.

6. Display your products

Not every client has a wide imagination, therefore it is essential to display samples of your various styles of printing.

You could put them in an album or a brochure. This will make it easier for customers to pick out what suits them best, as quickly as possible.

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7. Marketing

It is very important to market your services to the public, in order to make them aware of your new business. Marketing can be done in person or even over the internet.

You could advertise your expertise in printing on Facebook, Whatsapp, blogs or even create a website for your business.

Someone once said that doing a business without advertising is like winking at a beautiful girl in the dark; only you know what you are doing.

Marketing your printing services will attract more customers to your shop, increase your income and keep you in business.

8. Job well done

The best way to sustain any business is to be great at it and keep customers satisfied. You could have the greatest equipment and the most accessible shop but if customers keep leaving with complaints, no one will walk into that shop.

Customers are the soul of any business and it is advisable to keep them happy at all times. Research has shown that some people come to know of new businesses through family and friends who have patronized such businesses.

Usually, their perception of the business is a reflection of the experience of their friend, positive or negative. So, always leave your clients satisfied, so that they will spread the news of how awesome your printing press is and recommend your business to others.

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9. Expand your business

Over time, you will no longer be the neophyte or the newbie in the printing world. By this time, you would have got more experience and attained more knowledge of the business.

This is the time to expand and branch into hitherto unexplored aspects of digital printing. You could expand into printing billboards, 3-D printing and other kinds of printing that require bigger printers. Hopefully, you would have made profit from your initial capital and saved up for this expansion.

 The printing business is one that is growing in Nigeria. Although there are many practitioners in every nook and cranny, there is room for newcomers and you stand a chance of standing out in the printing world.

I hope the steps given above help you delve into this lucrative business, make profit and sustain your business as it grows.

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