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200 Love messages for her

Do you wish to make her feel loved, special and unique? And probably lack the right words or phrases to express your feelings? Do not worry, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we have carefully put up over 200 love messages that will tickle her fancy. Information Guides Nigeria

Love message for her

Verywell Mind
Compassionate and Passionate Styles of Love
Source: Verywell Mind

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  1. I knew you were the perfect match for me from the moment I first laid my eyes on you. I admire everything about you.
  2. Because I love you, I will always be by your side in good and bad times.
  3. You have been the highlight of my life since we met. I am planning to spend my future finding out more and more reasons to be in love with you.
  4. Babe, you made my life fill with light. I’m so grateful to have found you by my side. I love you so much!
  5. There’s no one on this planet that I would love to live my life with, except you. I Love you girl!
  6. Since I met you, my life is so much richer and more fulfilling. You close the gap in my heart that no one else could ever fill. I love you!
  7. I’ve never experienced the kind of love that we shared. Much appreciated for being my one and only true love!
  8. I didn’t know that I would be able to have a relationship with a person as special as you. I’m in love with your charming smile, your cuddle embrace, and the sweet love we share.
  9. The amazing memories we had together are all in store for us, I can’t wait to see all that the future has in store for us. Love you pretty.
  10. We were made for each other. You and I are like a hand in a glove. I love you!
  11. People might call me crazy but I’ll be crazy about you! My Honey, I love you!
  12. It is no longer a choice or an option for me to love but it has become a must for me.
  13. Nothing in this world I can be afraid to lose, it’s you. I can’t afford to lose you because am so much in love with you!
  14. If the world asks you when you want to be with me, your answer will be – now and forever.
  15. I will always love you no matter what has happened and no matter what you’ve done. I love you. Love message for her
  16. I am blessed to have you in my life. You added a new meaning to my life. Love you.
  17. I wish to love you as no other person has ever done! I want to put a smile on your face and happiness in your heart.
  18. I don’t know the right words to use in expressing my feelings for you, I am so lost in loving you. There’s no word that will describe my love for you!
  19. I call you my queen because you’ve turned our relationship into paradise and I never want to live without you because you made me a king and I will call you my queen. I love you!
  20. My days without you are like days without air. If I lose you I wouldn’t be able to breathe and nothing else completes me as you do. Love you!
  21.  Being loved back the same way I do is the most fulfilling thing in the entire world. Thank you, my love.
  22. I always sit back and think about us and I am getting ready for you because I would die for you without a second thought. That’s how much I treasure you. You are my best choice.
  23. Sweetheart, I’ll always be your soulmate, your solace and I’ll forever cherish you like there’s no tomorrow. Love you, baby.
  24. My life would’ve been meaningless without you. It would’ve been like a river without water, a beach without sand, and a body without a brain. Sincerely without you am empty, my love.
  25. You’ll soon say am crazy because I’m about to display your name in the sky for the whole world to see how much you mean to me. I love you!
  26. Babe, your beauty is the true definition of God’s creation. You make my life colourful. Keep shining dear! OOU Rain Semester Academic Calendar 2020/2021
  27. You’re the only key that can open my heart and you captivate my soul with your charming smile. I want to live for you baby. Love you forever.
  28. I like my life because it gave me you, I like you because you are my life
  29. People say love hurts and I’m ready to take that risk if I’m going to be with you.
  30. It is better for me to be in love with someone who loves me more than I love her. I’m fully assured that my happiness is your priority and no more sleepless nights.
  31. I’m ready to climb a thousand mountains just to make you smile.
  32. To me, you are incredible in such a way of making my heart happy.
  33. There’s no word that will describe how wonderful you are. I love you.
  34. The love I have for you will never break and the smile for you can never fade. I love you endlessly. I love you! FULAFIA Online Registration Procedures 2021/2022
  35. I’ll always be right there by your side whenever you need someone to be there for you.
  36. I saw something missing when I looked at my past it was so bad. Now that you’re in my present, my future is complete!
  37. If you are feeling lonely, just look in between your fingers and remember that is where my fingers fit wholly.
  38. You may not know how important it is for me to hear your lovely voice every day. I’ll forever love you
  39. My heart will be ever secure, you will only be the one with uninterrupted access. Because you just deserve it!
  40. No words in the world can define how I love you, feelings can’t express and thought can’t imagine.
  41. Babe, let me be your favourite hello and your hardest goodbye. Love you
  42. Each time I wake in the morning all I think about is you and when I lay down at night with the same beautiful thought on my mind.
  43. For the days have been with you are worth living. I don’t even remember what it feels like to be alone again.
  44. If you defy, just take my hand and place me to your heart. Let me feel what it’s like to love someone so special like you.
  45. Love is a pretty risky game but I will want to take the risk because you’re worth it.
  46. I dreamed about you and you are truly a sign that dreams come true, now I found you.
  47. The only girl I want to see In my dreams is only you. And in my reality, I wish to adore you forever. Npower recruitment
  48. You made my day. I can’t imagine the love I have for you. Each day I think of you because you are my sunshine. I love you so much!
  49. I am ready to fight for love if only it is worth fighting for. I love you.
  50. I tried not to think about you but I always think of you and you alone. I love you so much, babe.
  51. With your love, I can climb the highest mountain and solve the largest problem on earth. The love we shared together life gives me purpose and determination.
  52. I can achieve anything when you are by my side and your love surrounding my heart. Your love gives me the power and strength to overcome any challenge. I love you with all my soul.
  53. The love we share makes everything around my world to be perfect.
  54. Your distance from me doesn’t matter because you are constantly on my mind and in my heart.
  55. If I am asked to make a choice between crying with you or smiling with someone else, I will quickly choose you because you are the love of my life.
  56. How I wish my days will always start with the thoughts of you and end the same way. I love you forever.
  57.  As caring, transparent, and hardworking as you, you’ve got the capability to light up my world just like that honey.
  58. There are millions of girls on this planet jealous of your beauty but I only felt right with you. I love you.
  59.  My life is getting taste again because of the flavor you’re adding to my heart, stay mine.
  60. Right now I’m picturing your pretty face and thinking of the next time I can see you.
  61. You’re so amazing in so many ways and I consider it my duty to make sure you never forget it.
  62.  I become even more convinced each time I look into your eyes, that we belong together.
  63. I see you as an angel. You have the resemblance and like the angel you are, you take me to heaven every time I’m with you. dollar to naira rate
  64. To have someone like you in my life is a real gift. Whatever that will happen in the future, I’ll always remain grateful for the nice time we had together.
  65. I’m so proud to call you my girlfriend because you are a beautiful and lovely woman. I love you, babe.
  66.  I always want you to be in my heart and that means forever. I Love you
  67. You make my life has a reasonable meaning. You gave me a purpose to give you the best because I love you and always will.
  68.  I am always smiling and happy because of you, and that’s because I love you.
  69. I love how you pamper me as if there is no tomorrow and I am blessed to have you in my life.
  70. I love praying that no matter how we argue, that we would never become separated from each other. You and I were meant to be together forever.
  71. My heart sealed up as soon as I met you and it will never change because I love you so very much!
  72. I didn’t feel really good until I met you. You give me the reason to believe that there’s real love.
  73. Your strange silly laugh is what lights me up inside. Obviously, I love everything about you my pretty girl.
  74. One most important thing that I will always want is for you to be in my life for good because I love you, and it will remain unchanged.
  75. Seriously, You are truly the love of my life, It is because you’re a star that shines so bright in my life.
  76. You are my soulmate and my truest love in the world and I love you for always being there for me.
  77. The love I have for you is so strong that I want to do the most to keep you safe and protected from any negativity that is in the world.
  78.  My wish for my love is for it to enter my life and I had a vision of who would be in mind. It wasn’t just prayer answered, but my expectations were exceeded. I love you for always being there for me.
  79. Each time I close my eyes, all I dream about is having a perfect life with you. This describes that I cannot be without your love.
  80. Your absence around me is okay because your soul is with me wherever I go. Your beautiful eyes are always everywhere I turn. I am so delighted to have you in my arm.
  81. In reality, you’re as beautiful as in my dream and you make me dream about you every night. I am blessed to have you. WAEC result
  82. I was in a place of darkness before you came into my life and make me a wonderful man, you changed that. Everything about my world now is so bright with you in it.
  83. You are truly a special angel from heaven that lights up my heart and soul, you’re the brightest star in the sky.
  84. You gave my heart life and color when it was empty, my heart was cold and desolate and now it is filled with the love that I have for you, my sugar.
  85. Love is more than a word that I can spell, trust me, it is because it is so precious that no words can describe it at all.
  86. I love you so dearly that I dedicated all the love songs in the world to you. Those love lyrics are truly perfect for how I feel about you.
  87. I am so unbelievably lucky to have a wonderful girlfriend like you because I didn’t use to have any exciting moments, but now I am alive because you are in it.
  88.  I keep thinking about you wherever I go and whatever I do, you are always on my mind. I will not stop thinking about you.
  89. Each day that passes by, you keep coming closer to my heart. I pray for the understanding and trust that we share among us to grow as each day is passing. I love you.
  90. Just the way you are, you make my world so perfect and beautiful and I cannot just stop thinking about you.
  91.  You have made this world a better place for me to live in. I never met such an amazing person like you before. I feel so blessed to be loved by someone like you.
  92. I promise you that I will do whatever it takes to keep you happy till eternity. I love you deeply and forever JAMB form
  93. When your name was written on the sand, the ocean flushed it away. And now that I am writing it on my heart and I know forever it will stay.
  94. Whenever I smile, I think of you. You are the source of my happiness. I love you.
  95. Hi babe girl, I want to let you know that you mean the world to me. The pretty smile makes me feel alive. I love you.
  96. Among millions of girls in the world, you are the cutest girl I have seen all my life. I’m madly in love with you.
  97. I didn’t believe that life could be so beautiful like this until I met you. I love you.
  98. How I wish I didn’t have anything else to do, I would take a sleeping bag and find my comfortable spot inside your heart and camp there forever!
  99. As I don’t like to pretend, I want to tell you that you’re the angel in my life, the love I have for you has no end. My love for you will never remain true.
  100. I love you better than I love myself and I so much value our relationship, that I’m not ready to trade you for anything on earth.
  101. The love you have for me is like a warm blanket that protects me from the depression that engulfs the world. You’re truly my protector, I love you.
  102. You convinced me and gave me the courage to believe in me. In totality, your support and care changed my life.
  103. I am so delighted for giving me the most wonderful years and the most beautiful life to spend with you.
  104. My love for you will last forever, you meant everything that matters to me. I love you
  105.  Babe! I really love getting drunk, but I love you more than the way I love getting drunk.
  106. I want to let you know that I will fill you up with happiness because I want to prove to you that I love you more than anyone else ever did.
  107. You’re the reason why I am always smiling and why I am so happy. It is because of you and because I love you.
  108. If you want to define my life, You’ll define it as a daydream. It is because each time I try not to think about you, I cannot. I want you to be here with me because I cherish you so much.
  109. No amount of appreciation will cover for you being here with me. You make my life fulfilling and full of love.
  110. My gorgeous and incredible love, there’s no word that can describe the love that I feel for you. I love you so dearly.
  111. Each time I close my eyes, All I see in my dream is having the perfect life with you. Please stay with me my love because I want to be with you forever.
  112. Your physical presence does not really matter, your soul is always with me wherever I go. And your beautiful eyes keep displaying everywhere I turn. Love you very plenty
  113. It takes me a second to think about how blessed I am to have you in my life. I love you, my gorgeous girl.
  114. It’s bursting my heart because it is not big enough for all the things I feel for you. It seems my heart’s overflowing its borders. I really love you.
  115. I am addicted to your love and there’s no rehab for me. I love you my one and only princess.
  116. The moment I met you, you made my soul hungry for everything about you. That’s because I am in love with you.
  117. You have introduced me to the undiscovered places in my heart and you have proven to me that love truly exists. I love you so much.
  118. When I knocked on the door to your heart, you opened as I knocked. I appreciate you for sharing everything with me. I will not stop loving you, my queen.
  119. I am in love with you and I will never let you escape from me again and I’d do everything to make you as happy as you make me.
  120. The very first time I laid my eyes on you, I’ve loved you ever since. You secure me locked in your heart where I will never be afraid again.
  121. All I know is that I am in love with you, I don’t know why, I don’t know how.
  122. I want to share with you that there is so much love in me and I don’t want to share it with anyone apart from you.
  123. You have completed me with your love. I never knew that love is this deep and beautiful. I want you to be with me forever.
  124. Your love is the ONLY thing I need to survive. I love you, dear.

  125. I am so grateful because you are the woman I fell in love with.

  126. Baby, every day I can feel your love more deeply. I am in love with you more deeply. I am grateful for making days beautiful.

  127. I can see myself clearly when I look into your eyes, your eyes are like a beautiful mirror. Sweetheart, you always give me the strength to fight with the world.

  128. When I am with you, I always feel like the time has stopped. No other person except us. You have made me the happiest man on earth.

  129. My love for you is so precious to me. I love you.

  130. I was once suffering alone until you came into my life and rescued me from the darkness. I will forever love you, my princess.

  131. My love, on that faithful day my eyes set on you, My heart told me you are the one. And like as it is now, you make me go crazy with your love.

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  132. My love, holding your hands, going on dates, and having dinner together, everything that we do together is really special to me. I love you so dearly.

  133. I don’t know how to thank God enough for sending you into my life. I was so lucky to have you. God will bless our love continually and keeps you safe. I want to be with you till eternity.

  134. Babe, I believe in you. I love is a better compliment. Do you know why? Because I will always trust someone you love forever.

  135. You are my love when it comes to the heart. And you are my happiness when it comes to fun. Talking of future fulfillment, you’re are there. I love you.

  136. I can do many things for you anytime and anywhere – Kiss you, think about you, hug you and miss you. I love you.

  137. The depth of my love for you; words alone will never be enough to express it. I want a lot of hugs and kisses to describe it. I love you

  138. Your special smile, a special face, and special someone that I can’t replace.  I will always love you.

  139. Sweetheart! When I’m Looking into your eyes, you make me forget the world.

  140. Honey, your presence in my life gives me joy and happiness till now.

  141. Babe! Give me a chance to kiss you and wash away all the bitterness inside your heart and fill it back with everything that’s good and sweet. I love you!

  142. The spaces between your fingers are to be filled in the spaces by holding your hand. Thanks for always being there for me.

  143. Very soon I am going to stop calling you my girlfriend because you are not a girl, you are an angel. I love you.
  144. When I looked into your eyes,  all I found was my favorite color.
  145. On a rainy day, you’re like sunshine to me.
  146. I believe you always understand me each time I tell you to get home safe, stay warm, have a good day or good night, that what I actually meant is I love you.
  147. I have never been in love like this before and I will love you deeply, truly, now, and forevermore.
  148. My choice, I feel like everything in my life had led me to you. And when we stay together, my past seems worth it. Love you
  149. I want you to know that there is no deeper love in this world than the one I have for you and I will break the limit just to make you happy.
  150. You made my life better, smarter, more understanding, and happy to be alive every day. You brought the warmth of the sun into my life.
  151. If I want to describe how I feel about you, It wouldn’t have been easy in describing how I feel and love you.
  152. If I am asked to have anyone in the world, I would still choose you.
  153. You rule my world sweetheart and It has been the best experience I have ever felt. You have brightens my world and make me feel like I am in heaven with your deep love.
  154. I keep staring at the way you smile, your eyes, the way you laugh, and the way you talk. You will forever remain in my heart dear.
  155. Nothing, nobody, and not even time will change the love I have for you.
  156. Each time I look deeply into your eyes sweetheart, all I see inside is me … Indeed, this love is only for you and it burns with an eternal flame.
  157. You are one of the most delightful gifts from God that brighten my face, my day, and my world. Each time I look at your beautiful face, I feel all the happiness in the world at once. I love you.
  158. All I want is you that’s it. Everything like your flaws, mistakes, smiles, giggles, jokes, and sarcasm. Everything. I just want you.
  159. I like you like my cup of tea because you are my sweet chocolate. I want you to stand by me forever.
  160. The moment you touched me without using your hands; I fell in love.
  161. I love the effect of butterflies when you come close to me, that feeling of being in love makes me look special.
  162. I was attracted by your beauty and your personality stole my heart.
  163. You have emanated my soul from my heart and my existence because of the deep feelings of love toward you. I love you, dear.
  164. My hand can be held for a while but you hold my heart forever.
  165. The only thing I want to treasure is your smile and your love is all I need to be alive.
  166. Like now, you’re making me think about you right now and I miss you so much.
  167. Watching you smile every day is my best job because your smile keeps making my days brighter.
  168. I would walk through a garden forever If I had a rose for every time I thought of you.
  169. I believe we are still in each other’s lives years from now. I will always have you in my mine
  170. You might not be perfect, but you will always be perfect for me.
  171. I can never finish falling in love with you.
  172.  I have been very comfortable but you have been with me since the first day. I am not scared because you are the best thing in my life. I live for you, angel.
  173. I may be annoying and sometimes overly emotional. Even with that, I’ll always love you like there is no other.
  174. It’s always unbelievable each time we hold each other, I don’t know how to explain the feeling but all I know is you take my breath away. I love you.
  175. I love you for who you are, all that you have been, and all that you’re yet to be.
  176. Love is all about how much you love each other every day and not about how many days, weeks, or months you’ve been together.
  177. If I would be able to give you one thing in life, I will make you see yourself through my eyes, only then will you realize how special you are to me.
  178. In every life situation you bring out the best in me and you are my little piece of sunshine.
  179. My heart agrees that you’re the only one in my life.
  180. All of my days I spent thinking of you. You made my dreams come true now that you are in my life.
  181. Let me be the reason why you fall asleep.
  182. I found a new meaning in my life since the day you became mine.
  183. My queen, I will not want to be seen as someone who got your love, I don’t want to play with your heart no matter the situation. I am ready to give you something beyond love. I love you so dearly
  184. I would use my last breath to say I love you if I am asked to choose between loving you, and breathing.
  185. Your love is like the lamp in the window that guides me home through the darkest night.
  186. I want us to flip a coin Heads, you’ll notice that am all yours. Tails, you remain mine forever.
  187. Each time I have you in my mind, I’ll hug you and I hope you felt the squeeze!
  188. I’m thinking about you, but the worst part of this morning is that I’m away from you sweetheart.
  189. You’re gorgeous, can I reserve you in my heart?
  190. Each time I think about you, it actually makes me feel a kind of refreshing energy.
  191. I bless the day I met you, you’re always there for me. I am blessed to have you.
  192. You made me a daily dreamer, each time I dreamed about being with you forever.
  193. You may not have any idea of how much I love you, how much you care for me, or how much I wish you were mine.
  194. My perfect day is whenever I’m with you and it has nothing to do with the weather or what I’m doing. I love you
  195. All I could see in my heart was your angelic face smiling back at me when I looked deep into my heart. I love you, my princess.
  196. You make me nothing but the happiest and nothing makes me sadder than you.
  197. I love you, Anytime I look at your charming face, my heart will instantly be filled with happiness. Only God knows what we were meant for each other’s life.
  198. Any place I laid my eyes on, I can’t help but to smile and realize you’ll always be there to make me feel loved. JAMB Result
  199. When I met you, it was like listening to my favorite song for the first time and I knew that you’ll make me feel special.
  200. I am so blessed to have found you in my life. My heart is a perfect place because you are in it

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