100 Most Popular Asian Baby Names for Girls and Boys 2023

Asian baby name options are limitless; the mixture of cultures allows for the discovery of many beautiful names that are linked to history as well as the natural world around us. Asian names, on the other hand, may sound funny, but they are cute and have meaningful meanings.Information Guide Nigeria

In this post, we have compiled a list of some of the best and most popular as well as unique Asian baby names to inspire you to be more creative when naming your own child. Continue reading to full details.Asian Baby Names

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Asian Baby Names for Boys

Below is a list of the most popular Asian baby names for boys:

  1. Asahi

This name means “sunlight.”

  1. Haru

This name means “spring.”

  1. Akio

This name means “bright.”

  1. Haruto

This name means “flying.”

  1. Akira

This name means “wisdom.

  1. Hinata

This name means “towards the sun.”

  1. Botan

This name means “peony.”

  1. Hiroto

This name means “big.”

  1. Fuji

After the famous Japanese mountain.

  1. Itsuki

This name means “tree.”

  1. Hiroshi

This name means “generous.”

  1. Kaito

This name means “sea” or “ocean.”

  1. Jiro

This name means “second son.”

  1. Minato

This name means “harbor.”

  1. Kenji

This name means “strong.”

  1. Ren

This name means “lotus.”

  1. Kiyoshi

This name means “pure.”

  1. Riku

This name means “land.”

  1. Ichiro

This name means “first son.”

  1. Souta

This name means “suddenly.”

  1. Aoki

This name means “blue tree.”

  1. Sana

This name means “calm.”

  1. Chikao

This name means “clever.”

  1. Touma

After the Japanese word for “iron.”

  1. Daichi

This name means “Earth.”

  1. Yamato

This name means “great harmony.”

  1. Daiki

This name means “shining.”

  1. Asa

Asa means “morning.”

  1. Goro

This name means “enlightened son.”

  1. Benjiro

This name means “one who enjoys peace.”

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  1. Habiki

This name means “echo.”

  1. Chikao

This name means “clever.”

  1. Daisuke

This name means “great help.”

  1. Chimon

This name means “gate of wisdom.”

  1. HotaruAccess Bank Loan, PayDay Loan and Personal Loan Application Codes

From the Japanese word for “firefly.”

  1. Itachi

This name means “weasel.”

  1. Enmei

With Japanese origins, this name means “bright circle.”

  1. Kaito

This name means “soaring.”

  1. Fumihiro

This name means “wide sentence.”

  1. Keisuke

This name means “save” in Japanese.

  1. Genkei

This name means “to be honored.”

  1. Kota

This Japanese name means “happiness.”

  1. Giichi

This name means “justice.”

  1. Mako

This name means “sincerity.”

  1. Goku

After the Super Sayian in the hit manga series, DragonBall Z.

  1. Masashi

The name Masashi means “ambition.”

  1. Habiki

This name means “sound.”

  1. Hideo

This name means “excellent male child.”

  1. Oda

This name means “small rice paddy.”

  1. Junichiro

This name means “he who takes.”

  1. Ahmya

This name means “black rain.”

  1. Fumiko

This name means “beautiful.”

  1. Katana

After the water-bender strong female character in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

  1. Midori

This name means “green.”

  1. Rika

This name means “village.”

  1. Suki

This name means“loved one.”

  1. Yoshi

After the adorable green dinosaur in the Mario franchise.

  1. Yuriko

This Japanese name means “lily child.”

  1. Nori

This name means “belief.”

  1. Hatsu

This name means “beginning.”

  1. Chiaki

This name means “a thousand autumns.”

  1. Keiko

This name means “happy child.”

  1. Kumi

This name means “long period of time.”

  1. Miu

After the Japanese word for “beautiful feather.”

  1. Chiasa

This name means “one thousand mornings.”

  1. Bashira

This name means “joyful.”

  1. Ayaka

This name means “color.”

  1. Hayami

This name means “rare and unusual beauty.”

  1. Emica

This name means “beautiful.”

  1. DaiMAPOLY Portal www.mapoly.edu.ng/web/ Check Latest Application Update

After the Japanese word for “to shine.”

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  1. Asuga

This name means “tomorrow.”

  1. Izumi

This name means “spring fountain.”

  1. Japana

This name means “muttering prayers.”

  1. Megumi

After the Japanese word for “blessing.”

  1. Moriko

This name means “forest.”

  1. Ruqa

This baby girl’s name means “beautiful.”

  1. Okimi

With Japanese roots, this name means “bright shining light.”

  1. Suzume

Suzume is a Japanese name that means “sparrow.”

  1. Tora

The meaning of Tora is “tiger.”

  1. Umi

This baby girl’s name means “beauty.”

  1. Yuki


  1. Seijun

The meaning of Seijun is “pure.”

  1. Namie

Namie means “blessing” in Japanese.

  1. Momo

After the Japanese word for “a hundred.”

  1. Kumiko

This Japanese name means “long-time beauty.”

  1. Nishi

This name means “west.”

  1. Seina

This name means “star.”

  1. Tamashini

This name means“soul.”

  1. Youko

This name means “sunshine.”

  1. Okemia

This name means “war horn.”

  1. Rai

This elemental name means “thunder.”

  1. Masam

This name means “beautiful.”

  1. Reina

This name means “wise.”

  1. Shoko

This name means “auspicious child.”

  1. Wakumi

This name means “beautiful spring of water.”

  1. Utano

This name means “field of songs.”

  1. Shinobu

After the Japanese word for “endure.”

  1. Rini

This name means “little bunny” in Japanese.

  1. Misako

This name means “beautiful child.”

  1. Hide

The meaning of Hiding is “excellent.”

Unisex Asian Names

The following are unisex Asian names:

  1. Jin

This unisex name means “bright.”

  1. Ren

This name means “love.”

  1. Mitsu

This name means “honey.”

  1. Kazuto

After the Japanese guitarist.

  1. Kyo

This unisex Japanese name means “peach.”

  1. Aki

This name means “crystal clear.”

  1. Minori

This name means “beautiful harbor.”

  1. Sora

This unisex name means “sky.”

  1. Seiko

This name means “truth” in Japanese.

  1. Yuuki

The meaning of the name Yuuki is “gentle hope.”

  1. MasaNpower Recruitment

This name means “straightforward.”

  1. Nao

This name means “love” and “affection.”

  1. Yasu

Yasu means “calm” in Japanese.

  1. Natsu

This unisex name means “born in summer.”

  1. Kin

This name means “golden.”

  1. Kohaku

After the Japanese word for “music.”

  1. Michi

This name means “righteous way.”

  1. Aoi

Aoi is a Japanese unisex name meaning “blueish.”

  1. Jun

This name means “talented.”

  1. Masumi

This name means “beauty.”

  1. Ryo

After the Japanese word that means “defy.”

  1. Reiki

After the Japanese spiritual healing practice.

  1. Harue

This Japanese unisex name means “springtime bay.”

  1. Tomi

Tomi means “rich” in Japanese.

  1. Tsubasa

The meaning of the unisex name Tsubasa is “wings.”

  1. Kosuke

This name means “rising sun.”

  1. Shun

In Japanese, this unisex name means “speed.

  1. Kozue

This nature-inspired Japanese name means “tree branches.”

  1. Ichigo

This refreshing unisex name means “strawberry.”

  1. Tokyo

After the capital city of Japan.

  1. Kana

Kana means “powerful.”

  1. Hachi

After the Japanese word for the number eight.

  1. Hiromi

The meaning of Hiromi is “generous beauty.”

  1. Kairi

This Japanese unisex name means “ocean village.”

  1. Mitsuru

This name means “satisfy.”

  1. Yuu

This Japanese name means “tenderness.”

  1. Doi

Doi is a Japanese name that means “earthen well.”

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  1. Jona

This name means “dove.”

  1. Kuma

After the Japanese word for “bear.”

  1. Ohta

This Japanese name has two meanings. One is “eyes of the Almighty God” or “one who is free from dirt and impurities.”

  1. Reiko

Reiko means “beautiful child.”

  1. Subaru

This heavenly unisex name is the Japanese name for the Pleiades star cluster.

  1. Taru

Taru is a unisex name that means “small plant.”

  1. Kei

This name means “intelligent.”

  1. Katsumi

This name means “overcome.”

  1. Kyou

This unisex name means “apricot.”

  1. Suzuki

The meaning of Suzuki means “the ears of rice piled up.”

  1. Soma

This Japanese name means “smoothly.”

  1. Saku

The Japanese name Saku means “remembrance of the Lord.”

  1. Rin

After the Japanese word for “dignified.”

Other Asian Boys Names With Meanings

If you haven’t found any name you like yet, check out the cute ones below:

  1. Aiguo

If you are a patriotic person, you may choose Aiguo, as it means ‘patriotic’.

  1. Aki

Aki is used both for boys and girls, but sounds good for boys.

  1. Akeno

This name means ‘beautiful sunrise’ or ‘dawn’.

  1. Ambrocio

This name means the ‘immortal one’.

  1. Amida

Amida is a name of ‘Buddha’.

  1. An

This name means ‘peace’.

  1. Ang:

Ang is an alternative spelling of Angel. It means ‘messenger of God or spirited’.

  1. Aroon

This name means ‘dawn’.

  1. Bae

This name is quite a trend. Originating in Korea, it means ‘inspiration’.

  1. Bourey

This name means ‘county’ or ‘estate’.

  1. Bruce

This name means ‘woodlands’.

  1. Carlos

Carlos is a shorter version of Charles. It means a ‘free man’.

  1. Chan Ming

This name means ‘forever bright’.

  1. Chenglei

This name means ‘great’.

  1. Chin

This name means ‘precious, gold, metal, or bright’.

  1. Chongan

This name means ‘peace’.

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  1. Chung

This name means ‘intelligent.

  1. Dae

This name means ‘shining, beloved’.

  1. Dalip

This name means ‘king’.

  1. Dara

Dara is a Cambodian name meaning ‘stars’.

  1. Dingxiang

This name means ‘stability and fortune’.

  1. Don

This name means ‘proud chief’.

  1. Duke

Duke means ‘leader’.

  1. Elison

It means ‘the son of Elias’.

  1. Eric

This name means ‘ever-powerful.

  1. Jin

Jin is a Korean-originated name meaning ‘precious’.

  1. Feng

Feng is a unique and distinctive name meaning, ‘wind, custom, or phoenix’.

  1. Gary

Gary is a common name yet sounds special and unique. It means a ‘brave warrior’.

  1. Han

Han means ‘God is gracious.

  1. Haider

Haider is a powerful name, as it means ‘lion’.

  1. Harold

Harold means ‘army powers.

  1. Hiromi

Hiromi is a Japanese name meaning ‘widespread beauty’.

  1. Ichiro

This Japanese name is ideal for your firstborn because it means ‘the first son’.

  1. Isamu

Isamu is a sophisticated name originating in Japan. It means ‘courageous or warrior’.

  1. Jackie

It’s a shorter version of Jacqueline, and means ‘supplanter’.

  1. Jiang

It is also spelled as ‘Jeong’. Jiang, a Chinese name, is a unique and attractive name, and is the name of ‘Yangtze river’.

  1. Jin

Jin is a Chinese name that means ‘bright’.

  1. Jiro

Jiro sounds polished. It is a Japanese name that means ‘second son’.

  1. Jerry

Jerry means ‘spear warrior’.

  1. Kaede

Kaede is a wonderful name meaning ‘maple’, and is a Japanese name.

  1. Kasem

Kasem is a common Asian name. It comes from Thailand and means ‘happiness’.

  1. Kanaye

‘Kanaye’ means ‘zealous one’.

  1. Kane

Kane is a Japanese name that means ‘putting together or money’ in Japanese. The other variants are Cane or Cain.

  1. Kang-dae

It is a Korean name meaning ‘powerful or strong’.

  1. Keitaro

A child comes as a blessing in parents’ lives. This name shows him that he is a blessing and a blessed one too. Keitaro means ‘blessed’.JAMB Form

  1. Kenji

Kenji is a popular Japanese name for boys. It means ‘strong and vigorous’.

  1. Kenshin

Kenshin is a catchy name that everyone will love for sure. It is a Japanese name meaning ‘modest truth’.

  1. Kiri

Kiri is a name of Cambodian origin, meaning ‘mountains’.

  1. Kiran

Kiran means ‘poet, praiser, or sun’s rays’. The other variants are Kirin and Kieran.

  1. Kiyoshi

Kiyoshi is a charming Japanese name meaning ‘pure or saintly’.

  1. Kwan

Kwan comes from Korea, and means ‘strong’. Its other variants are Iwan, Ewan, and Swan.

  1. Lee

Lee is a classic and popular name. It is of English origin and means ‘meadow or gray castle’. Its other variant is Leigh.WAEC Result

  1. Liang

Liang is an appealing Chinese name meaning ‘bright’.

  1. Longwei

Longwei is a Chinese name meaning ‘dragon greatness’.

  1. Mal-chin

This is a unique name with a different meaning. It means ‘persists to the end’.

  1. Michael

Michael means ‘who is like God’ in Hebrew.

  1. Munni

It sounds like an Indian household name, but this Cambodian name means ‘wise man.

  1. Niran

This is an attractive Thai name meaning ‘eternal’.

  1. Norio

Parents who want a meaningful and deep should consider Norio. It means ‘man of principles’.

  1. Norman

Norman means ‘Norseman or rule’.

  1. Naoki

Naoki means a ‘honest tree’ in Japanese.

  1. Osamu

Osamu is a Japanese name meaning ‘ruler’.

  1. Peng

Peng is a distinctive name. It means ‘roc – a legend bird’.

  1. Phirun

Phirun is a unique Cambodian name meaning ‘drizzle’.

  1. Ping

Ping is a Chinese name meaning ‘peaceful’.

  1. Piyush

Piyush is a classic name that means, ‘nectar or sweet water’.

  1. Qiang

Qiang is an unusual name but is unique and special. It means ‘strong’ in Chinese.

  1. Quon

Names with the letter ‘Q’ are rare. The few that are available are nice and meaningful. This Chinese name means ‘bright’.

  1. Rai

It is a one-syllable word pronounced as Ray. It can be used for boys and girls and suits boys. This Japanese name means ‘trust, lightning, or thunder’.

  1. Raiden

This name means ‘thunder and lightning.

  1. Renshu

Originating in China, this is a catchy name, meaning, ‘benevolent forbearance’.

  1. Ronin

There is an air of elegance in the name ‘Ronin’. This Japanese name means ‘Samurai without a master’.

  1. Russell

Russell means, ‘red-haired’.

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  1. Ryuu

If you are an animal lover, you will love this Japanese name. It means ‘dragon’.

  1. Saburo

This Japanese name is usually given to a third-born son. It means ‘third son’.

  1. Sakda

An offbeat name originating in Thailand. Sakda means ‘power’.

  1. Sam

Sam sounds like a typical American name, but this is originally from Korea, meaning ‘third in the order.

  1. Samuel

Samuel is a Hebrew name and means ‘asked of God’.

  1. Sanjay

Sanjay is a striking and attractive name meaning ‘victorious’.

  1. Sang

This is a short and sweet Korean name. Names are for a lifetime and that’s what this name means ‘always’.

  1. Sar Nyun

This Burmese name means ‘beyond comparison’.

  1. Seiji

This Japanese name and means ‘lawful and just’.

  1. Shin

Shin is a popular Japanese name meaning ‘truth’.

  1. Shirong

This Chinese name meaning ‘scholarly honor’.

  1. Silas

If you are a lover of the woods, choose Silas meaning ‘wood or forest’.

  1. Steven

This name means ‘crown’.

  1. Takeshi

Takeshi means ‘fierce or warrior’.

  1. Taran

Taran means ‘rocky hill’ in Sanskrit.

  1. Thang

Thang is a Vietnamese name that means ‘victory’.

  1. Tomio

Tomio sound like a typical boyish name. It means ‘treasured man’

  1. Tung

Tung is a Vietnamese name meaning ‘coniferous tree’.

  1. Tuyen

Tuyen is a unique name meaning ‘angel’ in Vietnamese.

  1. Veasna

This is a swanky Cambodian name meaning ‘luckily’.

  1. Virote

Virote means ‘power’, and the name comes from Thailand.

  1. Wing

This name means ‘glory’

  1. Xiu

This name is everything you ever wanted in your child – beauty, elegance, and grace.

  1. Xueyou

This can be the perfect name for your boy. This Chinese name means ‘studious and friendly’.

  1. Yasushi

If you are a peace lover, Yasushi is the name you must choose. Yasushi means ‘honest and peaceful’ in Japanese.

  1. Yoshiaki

Getting lucky can perhaps start with a name. Yoshiaki means ‘shining luck’.

  1. Yoshiro

Simple and straight, this Japanese name means ‘good son’.JAMB Result

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