Price of Dulux Paint in Nigeria

We want to take a look at the price of Dulux paint in Nigeria. Dulux is a household name when it comes to paint product in Nigeria.

Very few paint product can really compete with Dulux today in the market. Branded by some section as one the best paint best in Nigeria, Dulux can truly be called a high quality paint because of it public general acceptability.

Haven been in existence since 1957 though many changes have been made afterwards, Dulux paint have been responsible for producing long lasting paint, allowing customers to get the desired quality for what they pay for which equally offers them a day to day increase in patronage.

As a product of AkzoNobel, Dulux brand themselves as the world’s largest paint company and priding themselves on their knowledge and understanding of all aspects of color and designs.

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Price of Dulux Paint in Nigeria
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Dulux also made clear their purpose is to add Color to People’s Lives by inspiring and enabling people around the world to decorate more easily and often.

Dulux seems to also understand the practical, emotional and uplifting effect that color can have on their customers, consumers and their communities around the world.

Like we all know paint (colors) plays an important role in man’s day to day life. Imagine driving a colorless car, that will be ridiculous I guess?

Houses or buildings in general can only look more beautiful if you have it painted, artist can only create those beautiful pictures and finish them with the use of paint, craft men, metal workers and even carpenters make use of paint, that is just to show you how essential paint usage has come to be in man’s daily life.

Duclux have been producing a wide range of quality paint, upgrading from what they had before and making up to world standard with the latest technology innovation technology.

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Different range of Dulux product include:

Dulux gloss, Dulux Matt Emulsion, Dulux silk Emulsion, Dulux Trade high gloss, Dulux trade vinyl matt, Dulux trade vinyl silk, Dulux trade vinyl soft sheen, Dulux trade weather-shield smooth mansory paint, Dulux weather-shield textured mansory paint, Dulux weather-shield smooth texture, Dulux weather-shield tex-matt, Dulux weather-shield textured, Dulux weather-shield ultra textured, Ecosure matt, Hammerite direct to rust Hammered finish, Hammerite direct to rust smooth finish etc.

The above listed types include products for metal care, interior and exterior parts.

Now, here is the complete list of Dulux paints and their prices.

1. Dulux Weathershield Textured

Price – 35,321

Dulux Weathershield Textured is a premium quality water-based paint that provides a textural rough pattern with an amazing unique design.

Extremely tough, it bridges hairline cracks and prevent them reappearing. One coat normally gives complete coverage, so you don’t necessarily need any second coating after the first one. This product can cover up to 1.2-1.7 meter square per liter and does not require thinning.

2. Dulux Weathershield Tex-Matt

Price – 41,221

Dulux tex-matt is a high quality water-based paint that is evenly texture, good patterned finish wish with world class quality. This product has a 30 minutes touch dry feature, can cover up to 2-3 meters on sealed surfaces and does not require thinning.

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3. Dulux Silk Emulsion

Price – 39,572

Another good product from Dulux.

Dulux silk emulsion gives good a washable satin finish and good coverage, in condition subject to condensation this product is advised to be used. This product can cover up to 18 meter per liter on sealed surfaces.

4. Dulux Gloss Brilant

Price – 11,391

This product delivers a beautiful and durable finish with superb capacity, gloss and build level. This product takes up to about 4-5 hours to dry, recoatable after 16-24 hours and can paint up to 15 meters per liter on sealed surfaces.

Price – 34,192

5. Dulux Emulsion Marine

Price -33,197

This Dulux product has an even first matt finish on both exterior and interior concrete, render, block work, soft-board and cement.

It also has a dry time of 20 minutes, a recaotable time of 2-4 hours and can also cover up to 15 meters per liter on sealed surfaces.

6. Dilux Emulsion Pale Ivory

Price – 33,197

This brand of Dulux provides an even matt finish cement, render, soft-board, blockwork, interior and exterior concrete, also delivering good coverage and a better scrub resistance.

Its touch dry feature takes about 20 minutes, recaotable in 2-4 hours and can cover up to 15 miters per liter on sealed surfaces.

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7. Dulux Silk Emulsion Cameo

Price – 39,572

The Dulux Emulsion provides good coverage and also a washable and fine satin finish while it also be used in conditions in subject to some condensation.

This product has a 20 minutes touch dry feature, recoatable within 2-4 hours and can cover up to 18 miters per liter on sealed surfaces. Area of use of this product include interior and exterior areas, it can equally be thinned.

8. Dulux Weathershield Tex-Matt Magnolia

Price – 41,221

Another quality product from Dulux. Dulux tex-matt is another good quality water based masonry paint which provides a beautiful textured, fine pattern with an amazing outstanding quality.

With a 30 minutes touch dry feature, this product can take up to 2-3 meters per liter on sealed surfaces (exterior arears only) and does not require thinning.

9. Dulux Weathershield Textuered Calabash

Price – 35,321

Dulux weather-shield textured calabash is a real premium quality water based paint which has the ability of providing a textural rough pattern with a classic design. Very tough, can bridge hairline cracks and also prevent them from re-happening over again.

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10. Dulux Weathershield Textured Palladian

Price – 35,321

Another quality product from Dulux, the Dulux weather-shield textured palladian is another premium quality water based paint which brings a textural rough pattern with an up to date design.

Very tough, it closes the hairline cracks and also prevent them from happening all over again. This product has a 30 minute touch dry feature, can cover up to 1.5-1.7 meter per liter on sealed surfaces.

The prices as seen here are what is sold in major stores and super matt in Nigeria, mind you the price may slightly be different in petty shop and location may as well influence the price.

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