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The Need for Sanitary Towel Subsidy – Menstruation is not a luxury

Hello people, my name is Shine. I’m a lady and a very proud one at that. Just want to share something that has been on my mind for a very long time but I will start with my story.

It’s Tuesday night and the weather is really not friendly, its been raining for hours it just won’t stop and I fear of a likely flood, considering no drainages in the area.

With no Electricity power in the house, I was in total darkness except for the light from my phone which if my phone could talk, it would have been saying, “Shine, I know you’re frustrated now but please I’m tired of being held by you, please just for a minute, drop me down”, With the black out, using my tiny phone, I went into the toilet to ease myself.

Lo and behold, it was my monthly visitor. “Oh my God, but you are not due for the next five days”,guess it just laughed at me. For every lady, you know the next thing on your mind after seeing that is SANITARY TOWELS!!!

I ran into my room, search frantically destroying everything in my room looking for that pink or blue or white wrapped sweetheart but I found none. Next was the search for money to purchase this sweetheart.

Did I mention I’m a fresh graduate with no job? Ok, back to the story. Fortunately or unfortunately, as you wish to put it, I was able to find a darling #380 which was like gold to me and with the speed of light, ran to the nearest kiosk.

The kiosk owner being my customer was gracious enough to give me which cost #400 with the condition that I will give back the #20 when I have the means.

So I happily and joyfully danced my way back home (in the rain)with my sweetheart(pad). DAY 1 gone. The mathematics of using 8 wraps of pad for 4 days began aside the residual that may last for a day (guys, I don’t want to catch you frowning here *winks*). 2 pads for each day that means goodbye to hygiene for now, you can return when there is money in the bank.

I had to make sure I was really full before changing my towels as I had to ensure I really used only two towels in a day. I was so lucky there was no need for me to leave the house as I stayed home all day to work on what gives me my bread and butter being unemployed. I was able to pull through DAY 2.

I tried my possible best to work with my formula for DAY 3 but the blood kept saying “not today dear,” I had no choice but to use 3 which of course where really full (I’m lucky my flow is usually not heavy else…), with 2 left to go.

I end my story here. I’m sure guys reading this may kinda find this gross but welcome to our world.

Recounting the event, I wonder why I threw away caution and all the talks on hygiene while menstruating with the talks of not wearing a sanitary towel for more than 6 hours (I could pass as a hygiene police before that incident) yet, as a result of the claps from money, I had no choice cause I had to keep dry.

Why this story you may ask. As the day goes by, it becomes very difficult for ladies to afford a sanitary towel. All the struggle to get one on a period that was naturally given to us.

We didn’t ask for it (nonetheless we have no regrets and we thank God for it because the absence could be a blessing or TROUBLE- it depends) but we have to pay for it through our neck. With ovarian cancer on the increase, I cannot help but imagine how many ladies practice regularly what I did that month.

Thereby pushing themselves into a situation where they are literally saying “cancer please come”. Every lady needs to use sanitary towels or any sort of protection.

Ladies who cannot afford it, are forced to use tissues papers, old clothes /wrappers and other unhygienic materials as well as the option of wearing the materials longer than adviced just to save cost.

I want to plead with you to join me in this, I seek for a country where ladies can readily and easily get this product to help us when this natural gift comes. This will in-turn save our ladies from cancer, infections and all other virginal prone diseases.

By: Blessing Tukura

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  1. Hi Blessing Tukura, Your idea is unique and well appreciated to me and to whoever that reads. I think, we women and ladies need to stand to ensure this product is easily available at a very reduced or subsidized rate by the help of the Federal ministry of women affairs, UN Women Nigeria and other any related NGO for women and Girl-Child organisation etc


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