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Steps To Join Computer Professional Registration Council of Nigeria

Here in this post, we are going to bring to you steps to join computer professional registration council of Nigeria. We hope you find this informative.

 In Nigeria, there is a regulatory body in charge of all computer professionals all over the country. Just as ICAN is the Apex body of all accountants in Nigeria.

The Computer Professional of Nigeria (CPN) is the Apex body for any computer professional in Nigeria. In Nigeria, CPN develops standards for Information Technology practice and ensure compliance by individuals and corporate bodies that practice the computing profession or render IT services in whatever form.

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Steps To Join Computer Professional Registration Council of Nigeria
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CPN is an abbreviation of Computer Professionals (Registration Council of Nigeria). According to the Act that established CPN, CPN is the apex regulatory body for Information Technology in Nigeria. It was established by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

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The Computer Professionals (Registration Council of Nigeria), (CPN) was established by Act No 49 of 1993. The Act was signed into law on 10th of June and gazetted on the 9th of August that year.

CPN is a regulatory body charged with the regulation, control and supervision of the computing profession and practice in Nigeria in line with Section 1 (2) of the Act, and is under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Education.

Now as a computer professional in Nigeria or a graduate of Computer science or you render various IT services and you are not a member, then you are not fully recognized as a Computer Professional in Nigeria.

Although most times one may think that the Nigeria Computer Society may be the Apex body in Nigeria for computer professionals, but it is incorporated in the CPN.

Before we talk about joining the CPN, let us know the functions and duties of the Computer Professional Registration Council of Nigeria.

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The Functions of the CPN include

  1. To determine the standards of knowledge and skills to be attained by persons seeking to become members of the computing profession and improve those standards from time to time as circumstances may permit.
  2. To secure, in accordance with the provision of the Act, the establishment and maintenance of a register of persons seeking to be registered under the Act to practice the computing profession and the publication from time to time of the list of such persons.
  3. Screening of individuals seeking to be registered to engage in the sale of computational machinery and techniques related thereto and the provision of professional services in computing in the country.
  4. Ensuring high computing professional Ethics and Standards.
  5. Creation and sustenance of local and international contacts for our numerous members,
  6. Reduced charges for some specific professional services and facilities.
  7. Determining academic standards in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and other related disciplines.
  8. Accreditation of institutions’ courses and programmes as well as evaluation of certificates in computing.
  9. Conducting professional examination in computing in collaboration with the Nigeria Computer Society.
  10. Publication of the Register of Computer Professionals and other professional works like journals, books, magazines and newsletters.

This is a summary of the functions which the CPN carries out in Nigeria.

In order for anyone to join the CPN, there are exams your u had to write and successfully pass before you can be inducted into the professional body; there are different stages by which you can join, depending on what level you are in.

Let us talk about the various requirements for you to register with the CPN.

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Individual Membership Requirements

  1. Visit the CPN website and download the application form, Complete and pay the application fee of (NGN10, 000) at the Bank or online, submit completed form with curriculum vitae, and copies of credentials.
  2. A prospective member, who has served (NYSC), by October 2007, would attend ERP (Executive Registration Program) and qualifies for Full membership. ERP costs N80, 000.00 only
  3. A prospective member, who has served (NYSC) between 2008 & 2009, would attend ERP but qualifies for Associate membership. For upgrade to Full member, would write CPE 3 exam. CPE 3 exam costs N96. 200.00 + exam form of N2, 000.00 = N98, 200.00
  4. 2010 – 2012, would start from CPE (Computer Professional Exam) 2 exam and qualifies for Associate membership. CPE 2 costs N28, 700.00 + exam form = N30, 700.00
  5. 2013 – up until now, with graduate induction (the individual should have been inducted in his/her school by CPN) would start from CPE 2 exam
  6. 2013 – up until now, no graduate induction in school, would start from CPE 1, no matter the qualification. CPE 1 costs N26, 700 + exam form = N28, 700.00

After all these are done, depending on your which stage which you fall in, there is the final process which is done after you must have successfully passed the exams.

Registration Procedure

  1. The duly completed application form (together with all relevant supporting documents) is submitted to the Secretariat
  2. On receipt of the application form in the previous step, the Secretariat dispatches an acknowledgement letter to the applicant
  3. Appropriate processing of the form then commences
  4. Successful applicants shall be informed in writing and invited for induction
  5. Every registered member (individual or corporate) is required thereafter to pay annually, a license fee (to renew the practitioners license) to enable computing professional practice by such a member (individual or corporate).

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If you are a graduate of computer science or Related to any IT service offering field, you should endeavor to register with the CPN as this would make you be part of the fold of Computer Professionals recognized in the country.

It is necessary to register d be a member of the CPN to enjoy all accrued benefits of being a Computer Professional in Nigeria. It is important to be part of the relevant bodies in charge of your profession in your country.

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