7 Steps to Start Tomatoes Processing in Nigeria

In this post, I will show you the 7 Steps to Start Tomatoes Processing in Nigeria. Find the knowledge, tools and methods you need to succeed in this business.

Everybody uses tomatoes in Nigeria. Tomatoes is consumed by all, and can be taken raw. Though tomatoes is cheap and affordable, it is also rich in fiber, it contains vitamins, and with no trace of cholesterol.

Tomatoes can be taken raw, when used in salad and in drinks, and in pizza, etc. Besides that, tomatoes can be processed into tomatoes soup and tomatoes sauce for human consumption.

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7 Steps to Start Tomatoes Processing in Nigeria
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Since tomatoes is found everywhere, and it is consumed by everyone, it is therefore recommended that, whoever has the resources to established tomatoes processing factory, should go ahead and build his processing plant.

Starting Processing Plant

Let me point out here that, starting tomatoes processing factory is not a tea party, it is capital-intensive, therefore, to start tomatoes processing factory, you need quite a huge some of money.

Irrespective of how much you are investing into tomatoes processing factory business, what should spur you or compels you into the tomatoes processing business should be the fact that, the business has a very large market for every processed product from tomatoes. In other words, tomatoes processing business is a lucrative and profitable business in Nigeria and the world over.

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The Ideal Processed Products from Tomatoes

There are ideal products that are directly being processed from tomatoes, and some of which are:

The popular ketchup

Tomatoes juice and

Diced tomatoes and

Tomatoes powder and

Tomatoes paste and

Tomato pulp and

Srained tomatoes and

Partially dehydrated tomatoes among others.

7 Steps to Start Tomatoes Processing in Nigeria

In this article, I will be given us some of the most important steps on how to start tomatoes processing factory in Nigeria. If you follow these steps I am about to handed down in this article carefully, you will be able to start a successful tomatoes processing factory in Nigeria.

1. Undertakes a Feasibility Study

Feasibility study is very important! Carrying out a feasibility study shows that perhaps, you are ready for the tomatoes processing business.

Of course, it is in your own best interest, if you must succeed in starting tomatoes processing plant. Nowadays, people do not waste money anymore, so you have to know and be sure of where exactly you are putting your money.

When you carry out feasibility study, so many things are going to be unraveled to you, which will help in guiding every decision you take.

Feasibility study will help you to understand how you can have access to raw materials, and how to reduce cost of productions as well as maximize profits in your business.

One good thing about carrying out feasibility study properly is that, it will handed down to you both the positive and negative options in your proposed project as well as guide you at the long run, as you make decisions in your business.

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2. Obtain License by Registering your Business

You need license to operate your tomatoes processing business. Necessary registration procedures are important and you must go through them before you  start your tomatoes processing plant.

This is important and it serves a great deal of purpose, since you are dealing with something edible, you are dealing with what people eat and drink.

That is why you need go through all the necessary authorities to have your business registered and also obtain your license.

3. Choose Where to Build your Processing Plant

The location is important! The location where you build your plant matters a lot, it can determined to an extent, how you are going to be successful.

It is up to you to decide the location carefully and wisely as that will contribute to your overall success in tomatoes processing business. Things to consider, when choosing a location:

-Nearness to your tomatoes farms and

-Nearness to the source of cheap labour and

-Proximity to the market and

-Proximity to transportation among other things.

4. Installation of the Necessary Equipment and Facilities

Your tomatoes processing plant equipment and all necessary facilities are to be put in place before the commencement of the plant, yes, because it  cannot run itself.

Your choice of location must be such that will accommodate these equipment and machineries, because your equipment and machineries must suit your tomatoes processing factory.

What are the equipment needed in your tomatoes processing factory? Some of the equipment and machineries are listed below:

-Power generating set and

-High-Pressure Pumps, including Homogenizers,

-Evaporators and

-Extractors and

-Separators and

-Cross-Flow Membrane Filtration Systems and

-Spray Dryers and

-Freeze Dryers and

-Integrated Belt Dryers and

-Agglomerators and

-Clarifiers and


-Complete tomato powder conveying as well as -Packaging lines.

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5. Employ Competent Hands

The more your staff are competent, the more you stand a chance of succeeding in your tomatoes processing business.

Manpower is one aspect that you must not play with, a careful assessment of your human resources, is what you will consider before you commence that tomatoes processing business.

Is not necessary the high tech skills workers, but those set of staff that are competent, and who are ready to be focus in delivering on their assignments. Nevertheless, be sure you are dealing with experts who can operate tomatoes processing plant.

6. Make Your Packaging More Detailed

Any business that want to excel, must understand the important of packaging. Packaging is one of those aspects of business routines, which announced to members of the public about the quality perhaps, the standard of your products.

Your packaging will, to a large extent, determined the buying decisions of the generality of the public. Therefore, packaging is very crucial to your tomatoes processing business.

Since you are running tomatoes processing business, you may decide to package your products with the use of sachets or you can use bottles, even plastics are recommended. Whatever packaging materials you are using, be sure that your packaging is unique and appealing to the eyes.

7. Make Sure you Explore both the Local and International Markets

Marketing is very important to your business, and must remained an integral part to your tomatoes processing business if you must really succeed in your tomatoes processing factory business.

And in going about this, you must ensure that you explore both the local market and the international market. This is very important and necessary, and do not forget to integrate the technology of offline and online advertisement into your tomatoes processing business.

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Since tomatoes is found everywhere, and it is consumed by everyone, it is therefore recommended that, whoever has the resources to established tomatoes processing factory, should go ahead and build his processing plant.

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