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5 Reasons Why You should Buy Rimless Toilet

rimless toilet, also known as a ‘high-tech’ or ‘high-end’ toilet is simply a regular toilet without a protective rim. Instead of water running around the rim to the drain, hot water runs around the edge of a special smooth surface all over the rimless toilet. Since there’s no rim to catch moisture or other bits of dirt, rimless toilets also tend to be easier to clean and less hygienic than a regular toilet. That’s because you don’t have to deal with the same issues that you would if your toilet didn’t have a rim to catch any drips.

Rims on traditional toilets can collect a lot of dust and dirt. That’s not so big of an issue with a rimless toilet suite. These suites contain special cleaning agents that can help take off the grime from a rim. And they don’t rely on chemicals as much as they do abrasives to keep a clean appearance.

A rimless toilet has a lot of other advantages. For instance, they save water. Using less water for flushing means a reduction in your monthly water bill. Also, since they don’t rely on chemicals for cleaning, they’re less harmful to the environment than regular toilets. There’s even less pollution in the environment when you use a rimless toilet than when you use a regular one with a powerful flush.

Cleaning a rimless toilet is also a lot easier. Since you don’t need a rim to catch any drips, you don’t have to worry about getting the suction hose and cleaning tools to get the job done. Also, there’s no need to worry about the suction cleaning away the surface build-up from the cleaner. You can just keep flushing. This saves time and energy.

Another advantage of the rimless toilet suite is that they are typically cheaper than their traditional counterparts. The savings come from the fact that you aren’t spending all of that money on a water heater and all of that pipework. Typically, the plumbing for a wall toilet suite is much smaller than the plumbing for a conventional toilet suite. This means that the savings are greater. Also, because these fixtures don’t need to have the flapper installed on the outer rim of the tank as other fixtures do, it cuts down on installation time and expense.

A rimless toilet also reduces the risk of germs being spread through the tank. When you’re dealing with a rimless toilet, you don’t have to worry about that. Because there is absolutely nothing hanging in the bowl, you can be sure that the insides stay completely clean. Any bacteria or germ that might end up floating around in the bowl will be cleaned right away when you use a direct flush method every flush. This also helps keep cleanliness hygienic.

Some people prefer the old fashioned style of a flush cistern to a rimless toilet because they can still put water in the bowl and use the rimless toilets as regular toilets. The only difference is that you can’t put water in the bowl if you use a rimless toilet. However, that’s not a problem because most of the rimless toilets come with an attached spout that makes it possible to flush the water from the toilet to keep it clean. So this isn’t a permanent change but it’s a very convenient one that many people prefer.

There are so many reasons why you might decide that a rimless toilet is right for you. If you need to conserve water and you don’t mind paying a little bit more for a toilet, then a rimless toilet might just be the ticket for you. If you don’t mind splashing water all over your carpet, then you might want to consider one of the two flush cistern styles as well. But the best reason to buy a rimless toilet would probably have to be the ability to install it yourself if you wanted to.

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