The Best Animation Schools In Lagos

This article ‘The best Animation Schools in Lagos is tailored to aid anyone interested in learning the art of animation and to gear you towards acquiring a skill.

Animation is gotten from the word ‘Animate’ which means to come alive; animation literally means giving life to your imaginations.

According to the English dictionary, it is a process by which an animated movie; like a cartoon is made from drawings done by hand or computer; animations are moving images created by the computer.

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The Best The Best Animation Schools In Lagos
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Uses and Importance of Animation

Animation is used to educate; this is because images tend to last longer in the memory than text. Animations remove boredom from the learning process especially with children.

Animation is also used for entertainment. We find it on the internet, on mobile devices and on television. A lot of movies for both children and adults are made with animations.

Practically everything in the gaming industry is done with animations; this explains the addictive nature of games.
Many advertisements today are with the use of animations.

The sunlight detergent and liquid dish washer advert is a classic example. Poperty24 a real estate company also has one of the most beautiful animated adverts on television.

These are just a few among many others. Websites and blogs like the Lind Ikeji Blog uses animation to command the reader’s attention.

Skill and creativity are mostly communicated by use of animations for different purposes.
In most countries, scientific researches and visualizations are carried out by 3D realistic models that allow diagrams to show accurate representations of objects.

Also in developed countries, simulations are used in the military for weapon training and to practise for particular events to predict an outcome. This practise saves lives and minimizes resources. Pilots also use simulations for flight trainings.

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Types and classification of Animations:

Traditional Animations

This is an older form of animation where animators draw images on a transparent piece of paper fitted in a peg using coloured panels. It is slow, lengthy, expensive and can be done today with the use of a computer.

Supported platforms for traditional animations are Windows, Mac Os and Linux; software needed for traditional animations include Tv Paint which is a French animation software, Toon Boom Harmony a user friendly set of animation programs and photo shop for its perfect drawing capabilities.
2D Animations:

This refers to traditional hand drawn animation as well as computer vector animations that adopt the techniques of traditional animations.

The only difference is the lack of physical objects needed to make traditional 2D animations as well as the ability to use computer interpolation to same time. Software for 2D animations include Adobe Animate also known as Flash and Adobe after effects.

Flash is the most popular 2D software, it is inexpensive and perfect for beginners while adobe is after effects gives great control when creating rings for 2D.

It is convenient and intuitive and a editing software. Supported platforms include Windows and Mac Os.
3D Animations:

This is quite different from traditional animations in the sense that it requires different technical skills set for each task. It can be likened to playing with puppets.

They are also known as CGl or CG, they are controllable and have a lot of similarities with stop motion animations. Unlike traditional animations, the body parts of 3D animation characters are always present and taken into consideration.

Software needed for 3D animations include auto desk maya, auto desk 3Ds max, cinema 4D and blender. Supported platforms include Windows, Mac Os, Linux and free BSD.

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Motion graphics/Typography and Animated Logos

This is the art of creating moving graphic elements or flats for commercials and promotional purposes example animated logo, television promotions, films and so on.

It involves using images, texts or videos clips using key framing that are interwoven to make a smooth motion between frames. Software for motion graphics are adobe after effects and cinema 4D. Supported platforms are Windows and Mac Os.

Stop Motion

This involves taking a photo of an object, moving it a little bit and taking another photo in a repeated process that a playback gives an illusion of movement.

It is similar to traditional animation but uses real life materials instead of drawings. The process is however, very long.

There are different types of stop motion animation: clay motion, puppets cut out, silhouette, action figures and pixilation. Software for stop motion are dragon frame and stop motion. Supported platforms include Mac Os and Windows.

Animation Training Schools In Lagos:

1.  Earlybell Professional Multimedia/Computer School: Located at number 20 Akinwale Street, Ogba. Earlybell offers professional trainings in multimedia and ICT. They offer the following:

2. 3D animation and cartoon courses: they equip with knowledge and skills necessary to make you a great animator.

The course duration is sixteen weeks for weekdays and twenty weeks for weekends. Price is 90,000. The software to be used for this course are MAYA or MAX and PremierPro.

Film Making Animation

This is a course for people interested in film making and animation. It covers cinematography and 3D animation with motion graphics.

Course duration is sixty weeks for week days and seventy weeks for weekends. Price is 800,000 naira only. Software to be used includes phot shop, after effects, cinema 4D, MAYA, zbrush, premierepro, whiteboard, encoder, illustrator, photo shop 3D, speed grade and a few others.

3. OrangeVFX Studios: Located at 34 ajose street, lawanson, surulere, this academy offers the following courses:

3D Animation Jumpstart: this is a beginner course which focuses on the barrier of 3D computer graphics using auto desk maya.

Students are introduced to 3D modelling, texting, lightning and basic rendering. Course duration is two weeks and it costs sixty thousand naira.

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3D Character Design

This is a six weeks intermediate level course that will teach students how to design and model their own animation characters in 3D to aid them create simple animations, it is a suitable course for students who have completed the 3D jumpstart course and is appropriate for new users of auto desk or maya.

The course outline includes polygon character, modelling, shading and texting, character rigging, lightning and cameras, rendering, basic editing and compositioning.

The cost is 120,000 naira.
OrangeVFX Studios gives her students the choice of choosing from an array of animation courses.

4.  Ai MultiMedia Academy: is also located at Ijiaye road, Ogba Lagos. The offer 3D animation training in two sectors namely 3D Modelling and Animation, Fundamental and Professional courses with areas of specialization.

Their courses last for twelve weeks at the cost of 63,000 naira. Intending students must have fundamental skills in micro soft or Mac Operating system and must be digitally literate.


The training academies cited above have been duly confirmed and verified as suitable for anyone intending to acquire skills in animation. Visit the websites to explore for better choices not reflected here. Good luck

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