Prices Of Food Commodities In Nigeria 2019

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Food is a fuel to the body as it contributes immensely to the proper functionality of the human body. Just like a car needs petrol to be able to function so as we humans need food to be able to go about our daily activities without strain.

Food is needed for survival and this is not applicable to humans alone but also to animals. Lack of food can cause a setback to the health of a person and as such daily intake of food in its right quantity ensures a healthy living.

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Prices Of Food Commodities In Nigeria 2019
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Food is very important and the basic need of an average man is to satisfy his stomach first before any other thing is considered. In Nigeria, the major priority of the people is food and when it is hard to obtain it brings about unpleasant results.

Worldwide food is a basic commodity and availability of it in large quantity, the right price in the sense that it is affordable to all will bring about a happy nation.

In Nigeria, the prices of food commodities differs greatly according to the brand, quality and type and it is very essential for one to know the prices of food commodities in other to be duly prepared when going for shopping.

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It is not certain to say that the price of food item today would be the same in the next week as the price changes due to the high cost of importation or scarcity as the case maybe.

Having all the types of food in large quantities at home is very essential as it serves you for a period of a month or more depending on the amount of consumption.

The basic food commodities in Nigeria includes rice, beans, garri, yam, spaghetti, plantain, potatoes, etc. These are the common food eaten by mostly every household in Nigeria and high demand is necessarily accorded to these food commodities.

The purpose of this article is to give the prices of food commodities in the market presently so as to be informed on how much a food commodity cost before going to the market.

It can be really frustrating when you go to the market to purchase food items and you are not able to buy everything on your list because the prices you had in mind is not the same as there is a slight increase and as such you are not able to buy everything needed because the money you took to the market isn’t quite enough.

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The prices of food varies depending on the location and as such the same food commodity might cost less in some places and high in other places.

It is important to take this fact into cognizance so that when you go to the market you will be prepared for whatever changes you might encounter pertaining to the price of food commodities.

The Prices Of Food Commodities In Nigeria

The following are the prices of food commodities in Nigeria

1. Rice

This is a common staple food in which different dishes can be made from and it is not foreign to the people of Nigeria. It is the food we eat regularly and it is prepared in events like weddings, birthday parties, naming ceremony, house warming, etc.

There are different brands of rice including Mama Gold, Caprice, Stallion, Tomatoes, Rice Master, etc. Prices of rice might differ due to the location, quality and brand and so in this article the price range would be given.

Presently in the market a cup of rice is sold for #200 to #220 depending on the market.

  • . 5kg bag of rice – #1,200 – #1600
  • . 10kg bag of rice – #2,500, – #3000
  • . 25kg bag of rice – #7,000 – #9,000
  • 50kg bag of rice – #14,000 – #18,000

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2. Beans

This is presently the most affordable food in Nigeria as a cup of beans is sold for #140 – #160. There are lot of dishes made from beans and it is high in protein.

There are different kinds of beans in Nigeria which includes drum beans , oloyin, honey beans, etc and prices varies depending on the kind you intend to buy.

  • 25kg bag of oloyin beans – #14,000 – #19,000
  • 50kg bag of oloyin beans – #29,000 – #39,000
  • 25kg bag of drum beans – #13,000 – #17,000
  • 50kg bag of drum beans – #27,000 – #36,000

3. Yam

This is also a common food as it is eaten amongst the locals and the teeming population in Nigeria. The price of yam ranges #350 – #900.

4. Spaghetti

The price of spaghetti is not same as different brands like Dangote, Golden penny, Tastic, Bonita, etc have different prices as pertaining to the market

Spaghetti – #200 – #250

5. Noodles

This is referred to as instant food as it is quite easy and fast to prepare and you don’t have to wait long before you eat.

There is different brands of noodles in the market which includes Indomie which is quite popular brand, Golden Penny, Chiki, Uno, Minimie, Mimi, Dangote, Honeywell, etc.

In general, the price of noodles ranges from: #1,900 – #4,500 depending on the brand and the gram of noodles contained in a cartoon.

6. Garri

It always termed that garri is the food of the common man as it is quite affordable and it is popular amongst the low income earners but also the high class people also eat garri as it used to make dishes like eba which can be eaten with all kinds of soup and also other foods. There are different kinds of garri which includes ijebu garri, white garri, yellow garri and contonu garri.

The general price of bag of garri is #6,500 – #10,500 and this depends on the kind of garri that you want to purchase. But if you intend to know the price of a paint rubber of garri is #300 – #350

Prices Of Other Food Commodities in Nigeria

. Sweet Potatoes (small and medium basket) – #200 – #650

. Irish Potatoes (small and medium basket) – #500 – #1300

. Palm oil (5 liters) – #2,200 – #2,500

. Palm oil (20 liters) – #8,000 – #9,000

. Vegetable oil (5 liters) – #2,250 – #2,500

. Vegetable oil (20 liters) – #9,000 – #9,500

. Tomatoes (40kg) – #2,200 – #22,000 (prices depends on location and market)

. Onions (100kg) – #12,000 – #29,000

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There are many food commodities but in this article, the basic food commodities are mentioned and prices of food commodities varies depending on the location and market and as such, there is the discrepancy in prices of food commodities.

As of writing this article the prices mentioned above were the price of the food commodities but as of regular changes in the Nigerian market price might change.


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