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Film Production Company

Film production business in Nigeria has actually turned into a mega business, and given the rate of the business growth in the country, it is considered a multi-billion dollar industry.

Over the years, Nollywood has turned into a lucrative business for actresses and actors as well as, film producers.

This scenario had brought about a global impact because a lot of Nigerian films are being released in weeks or sometimes in days.

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Film Production Company in Nigeria
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For instance, right from the beginning of the African Movie Academy Award AMAA, a good number of movies have been opened globally.

Globally, the market is quite growing and is a very vibrant place, that is why, once movies are made, they look at it as an international opportunity.

And more often than not, everything that happens in Nollywood usually has an affects on the entertainment industry globally.

A great number of movies have to take in as much as five to ten million nairas and sometimes above that, just to make sure that it covers the cost of production and the marketing costs.

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However, whether or not they succeed is purely determined by the unpredictable members of the public. It is sometimes difficult for you to know exactly what the members of the public may find more exciting and more sensationally appealing at any given time. Then one may ask about the way the movie makers are increasing their own odds of success?

The answer, of course, is not farfetched, what is essential is to understand a few basics that have to with how films are produced.

Basics For Film Production:

  • Preproduction: You Need To Lay the Groundwork
  • Use Big Names So As To Attract Investors
  • Production:  You Have To Put It on Film
  • Post Production: Make Sure the Pieces Come Together
  • Final Stage Is Product of Film Production

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Preproduction: You Need To Lay the Groundwork

Preproduction is usually the longest aspect when it comes to the film making process, and this aspect is also very important.

When it comes to any large project, preparation is the major thing. The expectations are that all naira spent during preproduction are likely to save a lot of time and some amount during filming.

All the film productions start with a story idea, and that story idea may be fictitious or it may base on real-life events.

Someone who writes the story will puts it into script form. The script, or you called it, the screenplay, can be revised more often, as the case may be before you get to the final version, which is called, a shooting scripts.

This shooting script usually has to do with the dialogue of the film, and also, a description of the action expected to take place and must be brief. It as well makes provision for guidance especially for technical details, like camera direction, and for transitions between scenes.

Use Big Names So As To Attract Investors

Supposed a producer thinks that perhaps, a screenplay may have potential, he or she may then want to purchase the screenplay and also make an attempt to sign on a renowned director and a reputable actor or a reliable actress.

To have a known renowned director and a topnotch star can create what is called, box-office appeal once the film is released to the public.

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You Have to Put It on Film Shooting movies can actually consume a lot of time, it can be tedious, and can also be expensive.  That is why, one single time wasted can really cost a huge some of naira.

Most of the times, actresses and actors, and crew members, as well as, facilities and equipment must have to be move from urban centers to a remote area of the country, irrespective of where ever shooting may take place, nevertheless, every day where filming takes place usually takes a sizable bite out of the budget.

The first to get on to the movie set, every day of filming are those in the lighting crew and the hairdressers, and the makeup artists among others.

Stars can be made to spend a good number of hours in order to get ready for the camera, and after which a long day of filming can begin.

The director will supervise the filming at every scene. In fact, a relatively small scene may actually take the whole day.

A good number of scenes in most movies are sometimes filmed with just a single camera, and going by that, the scene, therefore, is repeated again and again for each camera angle.

More so, every shot done can be made to be repeated in order to get the best desired or sometimes performed to correct technical problems.

Post Production: Make Sure The Pieces Come Together

When it comes to post-production, film footage will be edited in order to form a cohesive motion picture. Firstly, the audio track will be made to synchronize with the film.

Secondly, the editor will have to assemble the raw footage in a preliminary version of the film that is produced, which is called a rough cut. At this phase, the sound effects and also the visual effects are all added.

Again special effects cinematography of some of the most complex aspects of film production are most times achieved through the very help of the computer graphics.

The results, however, can actually be spectacular and also lifelike. More so, musical score, during post-production is also added, and this phase of filmmaking has indeed taken on a larger prominence in these day’s films.

That is why, movie industry in the country is now in the demand of more original soundtrack music much more than ever.

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Final Stage Is Product of Film Production

At this phase, the completed film will be released straight to the theaters. And at this phase, it can be determined whether the product will be blockbuster or it will be a bomb or even in between. However, so much will be at stake here than just naira and kobo.

And if care is not taken a series of failures, at this point can in fact, ruin an actor or an actress prospects for the work hence, damage the integrity of a director.

Some of them have, at this point fall away once there are a couple of mistakes. Director John Boorman, reflecting on his early years in film making. The of the public will only want the movie the will enjoy.


Film production business in Nigeria has actually turned into a mega business, and given the rate of the business growth in the country, it is considered a multibillion-dollar industry.

Over the years, Nollywood has turned into a lucrative business for actresses and actors as well as, film producers.

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