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What to do if your flight gets delayed while travelling to Europe?

There are a lot of people amongst us who would just love to visit Europe for a trip and enjoy their vacations there. Some, might just want to go there for business purpose.

Whatever, being your reason of travelling, there are chances that you might face flight delay or even cancellation.

You might have to spend your precious time waiting for the flights at airport.

What will you do in that case? Shouldn’t airlines be punished for flight delays and cancellations?

What to do if your flight gets delayed while travelling to Europe?

You would have noticed that in previous months, there has been a sudden rise in number of cases of flights mistreating passengers be it luggage missing cases, flight overbookings, flight delays or cancellations.

The one who is suffering is the passenger and not the flights.

Is there any law which is safeguarding flight passengers?

The answer to this would be Yes! It is known as Montreal Convention. It is applicable world over. So, wherever, you travel, this convention will safeguard your rights.

Over 120 countries have included them in their constitution.

But, when you travel to Europe you have rights which are even stricter than them making flights even more accountable.

What are these passenger rights about?

When your flight gets delayed by more than 2 hours or gets cancelled you can claim monetary compensation from these airlines.

The maximum you can claim in Europe is 600€.

So, if you are stuck at airport because of flight, remember you can always claim compensation for time lost.

How to claim compensation?

In Europe, if your flight is delayed by more than 2 hours or gets cancelled it is compulsory for them to give in writing a letter about how to go about claims process.

For claiming compensation, you will need to submit a complaint in writing to the airlines that your flight had been delayed or cancelled.

You will have to follow this up with the airlines.

Laws laid down state that you can follow up or file complaint even after reaching home destination.

The time duration has been fixed as to when this claim can be made.

What are your entitlements?

If your flight is delayed by more than 2 hours or is cancelled you are entitled to certain benefits as compensation. These are

If your flight is delayed by more than 4 hours you are entitled to free meals, and 2 free calls.

If the delay is going to be overnight you are entitled to free hotel accommodation which has to be arranged by the airlines.

If the delay is going to last more than 5 hours you can choose to not continue your journey and get a refund.

Can the claim process have hassles?

Yes, getting compensation can be a big challenge.

Airlines can simply refuse by making excuses of “extraordinary conditions”.

Even if you have lost valuable time they might just refuse.

You might need a specialist to help you out and help getting your claim in easier and faster way.

Will passenger rights be equally valid in all countries?

Though we have Montreal Convention, which makes rights valid equally across many countries the amount of compensation and some rights might vary depending upon country.

Europe has strongest consumer rights and thus, increases the responsibility of airlines there.

Whenever, you travel to Europe do keep in mind you are safeguarded under their law and always ask for your rights when flight gets delayed.

As, you have suffered time loss which you might have spent with family, friends or for office work.

Remember, it is not only about money it is about reducing the laxity prevailing in the airline industry.

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