8 Tips to Get a Flat Tummy after Pregnancy and Delivery

See the 8 Tips to Get Flat Tummy after Pregnancy and Delivery. These includes exercise, good dieting and more. We have explained everything for your here. . This article aims to provide women with solutions to getting a flat tummy after pregnancy and delivery. All women experience changes during pregnancy, as their bodies go through a series of transitions to accommodate the baby and its growth.

Extra layers of flesh begin to add up, and your body weight goes up more than you can imagine. You start to wonder if you can ever get back to how you were before pregnancy… You start to become conscious of your own body, and fear begins to creep in.

Still, you hear stories about how famous people like Beyonce still look trim and sexy even after delivery. This gives you hope, but you also think “they are celebs. I dont have access to the kind of care that they can afford.”

All these thoughts are very normal, especially when your mother, grand mother and all your aunties all have sacks of pap on their tummies. Why in God’s name would you be any different? Sigh. You are not them, and they do not have access to this information on how to regain a flat tummy, post delivery.

Before you begin, you need to understand some things about yourself. Did you have a flat tummy before pregnancy? If you did not, how bad was it? If you had a flat tummy before pregnancy, was it because you were working out or your body was just made up that way. It could have been your body type or your diet. Knowing this might tell you the kind of attitude that you are likely to have towards restoring your body to its seamless form. Let’s explore some tips that would help you get a flat tummy after delivery.

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In all honesty, achieving this feat does not start in one day. Even for men that just have a little belly fat, getting it off often proves to be an uphill task. However, your determination can help you reach your goal. In the case of Top Celebs like Beyonce and Kim Kardarshian, their careers depended on them remaining in shape. Hence their driving force was “I really have to do this.. If not, I might just as well kiss my modelling deals goodbye. ”

You might not have that kind of driving force, but you have to create one for yourself. For example, you could tell yourself that your marriage depends on it. You do not want to look unattractive in the eyes of your husband, do you? Never develop an ‘I dont care’ attitude towards your body. Make up your mind to get back in shape and start as early as possible. Usually, when a woman delivers without any complications, she can start exercises just a week later.


Towards the end of the first tip, I mentioned that the average woman can commence exercises just one week after delivery. However, exercises differ in intensity, and it is imperative that you know when your body can take which and what exercises.

After just one week following a delivery without complications, you can do simple exercises like tightening your abdominal muscles and releasing after a while.

If you do not have a professional guiding you, it is advisable that you wait till after six weeks of delivery before you even begin any form of exercise so as to avoid injuries. During pregnancy, your uterus grows and gets enlarged.

After pregnancy, it usually takes about 4 weeks for the uterus to shrink back to its former size. The fluids your body retained during pregnancy will gradually be expelled through sweat, vaginal secretions and urine.

Start soft running (jogging) after 6 months of delivery. Make sure you use proper jogging gears such as sneakers, running socks and a t-shirt.

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Meet a professional to help you draft an exercise program that you can follow safely. An exercise program is always very useful. It encourages dedication and helps you plan properly.


Yoga and pilates are flexibility exercises that will help you burn out fat in every part of your body including your tummy. Yoga makes you more flexible and helps your uterus shrink faster.

Breast feeding helps you lose weight and equally helps your uterus to shrink faster. Breastfeeding is a natural way of burning fat and calories. There are usually contractions in the tummy during breast feeding, which helps the tummy to get flatter. Breastfeeding stimulates the muscles of the uterus to work through the secretion of oxytocin. This activity helps it shrink faster.

A balanced diet is compulsory if you are going to burn fat in your tummy and help your uterus shrink. Good nutrition helps your breast milk to be more nutritious. Hence the breastfeeding mechanism can be more functional. Your baby would be more interested in sucking your breast milk, and this will help your body and uterus to work more. You stand a better chance of getting a flatter tummy this way.

Massages on the base of the tummy with essential oils and warm water can naturally help your tummy to become flatter. This is used traditionally, and it is very effective.


Supplements like collagen can help your tummy get back into shape. Take supplements that encourage flexibility in your skin. They can really help you flatten your tummy. However, only take these supplements after pregnancy.. Not during.

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This is one of the first exercises you should start. Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. This is almost like you are about to do a sit up, but it is a little different because you are only going to be moving your head. Raise your head from the ground, hold it for a second, and put your head back down. Do about 20 repetitions 2 times.. Thats makes 40 repetitions. Take a break before you start the second set. You should feel your abs moving upward in your body. Dont go beyond this exercise at first. The idea of crunches is to contract your abdominals. Now after this, sit on a chair and contract your abdominal muscles. Do this a couple of times daily while you are sitting.

Get in the same position you got in for your crunches. Feet flat to the floor, knees bent, back to the ground. Now instead of moving just your head, also move your shoulders and part of your upper body. This should be done after 2 weeks of doing just crunches. This tightens your abdominals more. Do about 10 repetitions in 3 sets, taking a break at each interval. You can increase your numbers when you feel more comfortable.

I hope this was helpful. Follow these tips and regain your flat tummy after pregnancy. Mix both exercises with yoga and pilates for better all round flexibility. These tips work wonders for first time mothers. If you are a fitness freak, then after a while of doing just these exercises, you can engage in more rigorous work out routines. For now, stick with these. Cheers.

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