Top 10 Network Marketing Opportunities in Nigeria

Here in this post, we are going to bring to you Top 10 Network Marketing Opportunities in Nigeria. We hope you find this informative and educating.

Network marketing, especially multilevel marketing (MLM), is one of the business opportunities one can tap into in Nigeria to make money and earn a steady flow of income.

Before you go on about how network marketing is a Ponzi/pyramid scheme, let us start by assuring you that it is not. In a Ponzi/pyramid scheme, you earn money based on recruitment.

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Top 10 Network Marketing Opportunities in Nigeria
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There is no product or service being sold. This is not so in multilevel marketing. In multilevel marketing, the company you’re working with has a product or service it deals in, and your job is to help them sell this product or service.

You can also earn from recruitments, but the main emphasis is on sales, and it is based on this that you get paid. Also, most of the companies that use multilevel marketing strategies to sell their products are highly reputable companies with a global reputation, so you can be assured of getting your compensation package when you work with them.

Here in this post, we will provide you with information on companies that use multilevel marketing strategies to sell their products that you can work it. Below are the multilevel marketing opportunities available in Nigeria:

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1. Mary Kay

Founded in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash, Mary Kay, a company that is very popular for it’s cosmetic and beauty products, is one of the mega companies that use multilevel marketing to sell its products. As of 2015, Mary Kay was the 6th largest MLM Company in the world.

That alone should tell you how well they’re doing in the MLM business. The distributors of Mary Kay products are called beauty consultants, and they earn between 4 – 13% of the total sales returns. Mary Kay is certainly a good company to work with as a multilevel marketer.

2. Alliance In Motion Global (AIM global)

Based in Philippines and with a presence in over 20 countries in the world including Nigeria, Aim global is one of the leading MLM companies in the world.

The company was founded in 2005 and they deal in a range of products which include functional beverages, cosmetic products, supplements and other essential natural products. Their compensation plan, which is based on a stair-step system allows for quite a number of ways to get paid.

3. Avon

Founded in 1886 by David McConnell, Avon is one of the leading social selling beauty companies in the USA. Their product range includes skincare, color cosmetics, fragrance and personal care products.

The company also has a reputation for empowering women – in fact, this is one of the reasons it was established – and it has been doing so for the last 100 years. Avon moved to Nigeria in 2009 and has grown considerably well since then.

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4. Forever Living Products (FLP)

Based in Arizona USA, Forever living products (FLP) is a privately held MLM company founded by Carl Jensen and Rex Maughan in 1978.

Using multilevel marketing strategies, FLP sells its products – which include personal care, weight management, nutrition, skin care, drinks and bee product – through over 9 million distributors around the world.

The MLM model has clearly worked well for them, as can be seen by their immense growth, and this makes the company a good choice to pitch your tenth with business wise.

5. Organo Gold

With a global presence in over 50 countries around the world, it might surprise you to hear that Organo gold, a company that deals in tea and coffee, was founded only recently in 2008.

Launched in the United States of America, Organo gold’s growth has been nothing short of brilliant. Using the MLM model, they’ve soared far beyond other companies that started around the same time as them.

Their products are high quality, with beverage formulations like Gourmet Black Coffee, Café Supreme, Café Mocha, Café Latte, Hot Cocoa and Green tea, and their compensation plan is a rather basic binary structure, with no less than 7 ways to get paid.

6. Golden Neolife Diamite (GLND)

Golden Neolife Diamite is a California based herbal company, with annual revenue of over $200 million. They deal in a product range that includes personal care products, nutritional products/supplements as well as home care products.

GNLD is also one of the few MLM companies that allow you to pass on your distributorship to someone else, like a child or family member. With a long-standing track record of success and a global reputation, GNLD is a company you can trust business wise.

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7. Trevor

One of the top MLM companies in the world, Trevor is a global brand. Despite being one of the more expensive MLM companies to start working with – with almost double the cost of the average opportunity – Trevor is still highly recommended among business professionals.

Of course, the higher starting cost means a higher compensation package, with a compensation plan that allows for no less than 8 ways to get paid.

Their product range is a high-quality beverage that is said to contain about 170 active ingredients. With a high compensation plan and a global reputation, Trevor is a sure deal to consider business wise.

8. Edmark

A Malaysian based company, with a product line that focuses on wellness and nutritional products, Edmark is one of the older and more established MLM companies in Nigeria.

They’re one of the more cheaper opportunities to start up with, with a healthy and interesting compensation plan that allows for no less than 8 ways to be paid.

The Edmark group of companies is actually said to be involved in a number of businesses, including real estate. The company’s leadership is solely business-minded, and this trait has kept them going in the business world since they were established in 1984.

9. 4life

Founded in 1998 by a husband and wife with a goal to help people with their health as well as their incomes, 4life is another good MLM business outfit to work with.

They focus on products that boost the immune system and solve a number of other health problems. The company also invest money into disadvantaged communities of the countries they are stationed in.

One important thing to note about 4life, however, is that, as a distributor, you’re expected to renew your distributorship subscription every year.

10. Green Life

Founded in 1988, Green life is a Chinese company that deals in Chinese traditional medicine. They started using the MLM business model to sell their products in 1998.

Their products are said to be of the highest quality and this has helped them retain customers as well as grow as a business outfit.

They are also one of the cheaper MLM companies to start working with, with some great bonuses for their top achievers, including a healthy retirement package, and a housing bonus of about $100,000.

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If you’re among those looking to go into the MLM business world, you can see that there are innumerable opportunities available for you with reputable companies that pay very well.

Multilevel marketing is no scam. It is legit, with lots of money to be made from it. Don’t pass up this opportunity. Give it a try and thank us later.


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