How To Add Or Remove Channels In DSTV

One of the questions DSTV users often ask is if it’s possible to add or remove channels in dstv. If it is, then how do you add or remove channels in dstv?

Does DSTV come with an out of the box features to add or remove a channel from its packages?

Now, DSTV doesn’t come with this functionality out of the box, but there are workarounds and we shall be exploring them.

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How To Add Or Remove Channels In DSTV
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But, why do we even care?

Because DSTV is a leading cable TV network in Africa, a company owned by Multichoice with a vast coverage on the continent.

Since launching, DSTV has been able to extend its reach to other parts of the continent. In Nigeria alone, DSTV has millions of subscribers.

Now, that’s a good enough reason to talk DSTV.

So, let’s kick off…

When does it become necessary to add or remove channels in DSTV?

Before we know the workaround that would be most suitable for each DSTV user, let’s consider some of the major reasons why someone would want to add a new channel or remove a channel from DSTV in the first instance.

Here are some of the reasons:

The DSTV user subscribed to a wrong package

Well, the package is not really wrong in itself. But, it’s just that it’s not suitable for the said user.

It could be that the package contains channels that he doesn’t need or the package doesn’t feature the channels he needs.

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The User wants to set up a Parental control

Yes, it’s a new world and the digital bugs fly across everyone’s head’.

Parents’ have to monitor what their wards are being exposed to – most especially on the cable TVs and the social media.

So, for a parent, one suggestion that comes to mind is to remove a channel that doesn’t seem to be appropriate for kids or to add a more educative channel.

The User wants to keep his channels list to the minimum.

Now, this doesn’t seem to be a major problem. It’s just that the DSTV user wants to keep things to the minimum and easy to navigate by reducing the number of channels that show up.

Now, irrespective of the camps you fall into, the walkarounds in this post will help.

So, in this post, you will read:

a. Different DSTV subscription bouquet and how not to select a package you don’t need.

b. How to remove add or remove a DSTV channel from Channels Group

c. How to remove a channel from DSTV with PG Blocking

1. First Fix: How not to select a package you don’t need

It comes without saying. If you choose the right DSTV bouquet, that would probably reduce rule out or ultimately the necessity to remove – or block a DSTV channel.

Not a like a one-click fix. Right? But then, it’s the first way to prevent a headache that comes with a channel that is not anywhere suitable for you or your kids to watch.

So, you may need to find which of the bouquets features channels that you would consider appropriate for your family, before subscribing to any DSTV package.

Here are the different DSTV packages and some of the major channels they feature.

DSTV Access

Features more than 80 channels. Some of the major channels that come with it are:

Aljezeera, Africa Magic, AIT, Channels, E Entertainment, Silver Bird, NTA I, SuperSport BLITZ, Magic World, Mindset Learn.

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DSTV Family

Features all channels in Access package plus more. Some major channels on the package:

Inspiration, Mnet Series, ESPN Classic, MTV Base, Africa Magic, Channel O, Cartoon Network

DSTV Compact

Comes with all channels in Family bouquet plus more. Some major channels on the package:

Sony Entertainment, MNET Action, Africa Magic Plus, BBC World, RAI international, ESPN Sports, SuperSport 10

DSTV Compact Plus

Comes with all channels in Compact bouquet plus more. Some major channels on the package:

SuperSport 7, SuperSport 10, BBC World, RAI international, ESPN Sports etc

DSTV Premium package

Features all channels in Compact package plus more. Some major channels on the package:

Why is the above information necessary anyway?

Knowing all the major DSTV packages helps you to define what you really want to subscribe to and prevent you from having to worry about adding or removing a channel on DSTV.

2. How to add or remove channels in DSTV using DSTV Channels Group

Like I already stated at the beginning of this post, DSTV doesn’t really come with an out of the box way to remove or add a channel from your subscription package. But then, one way to do something similar to that is what is called DSTV Channels Group.

What is a Channel Group anyway?

To get an idea of what DSTV channel group stands for, you may just think of a compilation or playlist of your favorite songs on your smartphone.

Now, you can easily add or remove a song from that playlist without actually deleting the song from the main music library. Cool… that’s how DSTV Channel Group [ or DSTV favorite ] works.

It’s easy to set up your DSTV Channel Group, add or remove a channel to it. Here’s how to do it:

a. Using your DSTV Remote control and press the blue button

b. Scroll all the way to Settings and Select User Preferences

c. Select Channel Group as your choice and follow the prompts.

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3. How to remove channels on DSTV using DSTV PG Blocking

The parental guide block is one quick fix way to easily add or remove channels in dstv by throwing an unwanted DSTV channel into the bin.

Not literally though. But, using this feature, you can totally block access to any DSTV channel based on its PG rating.

Here’s how to do it:

a. Press the DSTV button on your DSTV explorer remote control.

b. Click on Settings and select Parental.control.

c. Finally, block any channel of your choice based on its PG rating.

Wrapping up

Here’s a recap of what we just dealt with in this post:

a. When is it necessary to add or remove a channel from DSTV.

b. Some of the walkarounds for adding or removing a channel on DSTV.

c. How to add or remove a channel on DSTV – Use DSTV Channels Group.

d. How to remove a channel from DSTV using PG Blocking.

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Your turn

Which of these methods have you used and how did it go?

Kindly share your experience in the comment box.

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