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UNIBEN Post UTME past questions for accounting – 100% FREE

UNIBEN Post UTME past questions for accounting – 100% FREE. Are you an Accounting student aspirant in UNIBEN? if yes, see the 100% FREE UNIBEN Post UTME Past Questions and answers here. These past questions are suitable for SOCIAL SCIENCE, ACCOUNTING, ECO-START, GEOGRAPHY AND REGIONAL PLANNING, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, SOCIOLOGY, POLITICAL SCIENCE, BANKING AND FINANCE courses.



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Time Allowed: 1Hr 15mins

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Read the following instructions carefully.


  1. Use HB pencil to shade in your answers, ensure that any shading in error is thoroughly erased.
  2. Candidates should indicate question paper type given to them in the appropriate space in the answer sheets.
  3. Write your JAMB Registration numbers on the question paper in the space provided at the top.
  4. The use of calculator and/or similar electronic devices is not allowed.



Section One: English

From the words Lettered A to D below, choose the word or group of words that is nearest in meaning to the underlined word as it is used in the sentence


  1. The Chairman was given a tumultuous welcome (a) pleasant

(b) strange (c) well-organized (d) noisy

  1. The detective was perplexed when the clues pointed to several suspects (a) worried (b) discouraged (c) confused (d) excited
  2. My uncle was so engrossed in his work that he didn’t hear me come in (a) thrilled (b) absorbed (c) fascinated (d) overwhelmed
  3. After what he said it is paradoxical that he has accepted such a post

(a) appealing (b) puzzling (c) incredible (d) disappointing

  1. His reply to the question was highly ingenious (a) controversial

(b) insulting (c) evasive (d) appropriate

  1. Dapo has an implicit confidence in the son’s ability (a) faithfully

(b) normal (c) absolute (d) partial


Read the passage below

There can be no doubt that to educate a child in a language which is not that of either of his parents tends to alienate him from his parents; to educate him in a language which is not one of the indigenous languages of the country tends to alienate him from the couture of country. If he grows up with one language for the school-room he may well develop a kind of dual personality, one side of which is being developed by the ideas which he encounters and the training he receives in school is scaled off in a kind of polythene bag from the side which makes the everyday social, cultural and moral decisions. In such a situation very often the child whom would respond creatively to his own situation does not do so well at school as the clever parrot. Education through the medium of foreign languages may encourage a kind of opportunism which is not prepared to give back an unselfish service to the community. Teachers in all the English medium universities and colleges which have been strutted or developed in the newly independent parts of the British Commonwealth have had to contend with their problem and from the main force of the argument for education in the vernacular derive.


Now answer the following questions

  1. The writer of this passage believes that _____ (a) it is good to educate a child in a foreign language (b) it is fair to educate a child in a foreign language (c) it is unusual to educate a child in a foreign language

(d) it is a disadvantage to educate a child in a foreign language

  1. To alienate means _____ (a) to love (b) isolate (c) to be patriotic

(d) glue

  1. The position of this extract is _____ (a) that a child should be educated in either language of his parent or vernacular (b) that a foreign language will give the child good education (c) that the child does not need the language of either of his parent or vernacular (d) that a foreign language is too good to be discarded
  2. The passage above is _____ (a) narrative (b) descriptive (c) expository (d) argumentative
  3. A child who is educated in foreign language according to the passage may suffer from the following except (a) selfishness (b) dull personality (c) alienation (d) become a patriot


In the question following, choose the expression or word which best complete each sentence

  1. Two ministers found it difficult to get _____ (a) through with each other in the cabinet (b) by with one another (c) through with one another

(d) on with one another

  1. The school board has placed an order for _____ (a) all the furniture and equipments required in the new school (b) all the furniture and equipment required in the new schools (c) all the furniture and equipments required in the new school (d) all of the furniture’s and equipment required in the new school
  2. The young lady decided to _____ (a) do away with many advices given by her relatives (b) reject all the advices given by her relatives (c) reject all the advice given by her relations (d) take to all the advices given by her relations
  3. After the initial confusion, the manager’s suggestion brought _____ to the depressed investors (a) a glitter of hope (b) a glimmer of hope

(c) a sparkle of hope (d)a raise of hope

  1. On his back the boy ran into a long procession of men, women and children in _____ (a) white beautiful exceedingly flowing gowns

(b) exceedingly flowing white beautiful gowns (c) exceedingly beautiful white flowing gowns (d) white flowing exceedingly beautiful gown.

  1. The farmer has brought the insecticides because he was bent on _____ the insects in his farm (a) exterminating (b) estimating (c) estinuting

(d) extinguishing


Read this passage, and answer the questions that follow

Primitive men were probably more concerned with fire as a source of warmth and as means of cooking food than as a source of light. Before he discovered less laborious ways of making fire, he has to preserved it, and when ever he went on a journey he carried a fire brand with him. His discovering that the firebrand, from which the torch may well developed, could be used for illumination was probably incidental to the primary purpose of preserving a flame. Camps, too, probably developed by accident. Early man may have had his first conception of a lamp while watching a twig of fibre burning in the molten fat dropped from roasting carcass. All he had to do was to fashion a vessel to contain fat and float a lighted reed in it, such lamps, which were made of hollowed stone or sea shells, have persisted in identical form up to quite recent times.


  1. Primitive man was less concern with fire as _____ (a) means of cooking (b) means of warmth (c) source of light (d) means of traveling
  2. Primitive man preserved fire because (a) he used it for illumination during his travels (b) his method of making fire was laborious (c) he wanted to discover how to make a lamp (d) he wanted to develop the torch
  3. Primitive man carried a firebrand during his journey mainly for _____

(a) illumination (b) cooking of food (c) flame preservation (d) warmth

  1. According to the passage, the torch probably developed from a _____ (a) firebrand (b) twig (c) lamp (d) fibre
  2. One way early man made a lamp was by putting a lighted _____

(a) hollowed stone (b) sea shell (c) vessel (d) molten fat


Select the best option from A to D to complete each of the following sentences

  1. By dint of much practice in the laboratory, the anatomy student became _____ and was able to manipulate her dissecting tools with either hand (a) practical (b) ambiguous (c) ambidextrous (d) tricky
  2. These sporadic raids seem to indicate that the enemy is waging war of _____ rather than attacking us directly (a) retribution (b) conquest uniben post utme past questions

(c) attrition (d) subversion

  1. The lecturer announces the result as soon as he _____ marked the scripts (a) has (b) must have (c) had (d) would have
  2. These regulations are so _____ that we feel we lost all our privileges

(a) stringent (b) ambivalent (c) redundant (d) suspicious

  1. Your _____ remarks spoil the effect of your speech, try not to stay away from subject (a) innocuous (b) digressive (c) derogatory (d) enigmatic
  2. We need both ornament and implement in our society, we need the artist and the _____ (a) beauticians (b) politicians (c) artisan (d) writer
  3. She was accused of plagianism in a dispute over a short story and though _____ she never recovered from the accusation and the scandals (a) indicted (b) exonerated (c) verified (d) retaliated
  4. The child needed physical therapy to _____ the rigidity that had tragically paralyzed his leg (a) accentuate (b) restored (c) counteract

(d) protract

  1. The hypocrite _____ feelings which he did not posses but which he feels he should display (a) conceal (b) condone (c) betrays (d) simulate
  2. When such _____ remarks are circulated, we can only blame and despise those who produce them (a) adultery (b) rhetorical

(c) redundant (d) reprehensible

  1. As the news of his indictment spread through the town, the citizens began to ____ him and to avoid meeting with him (a) ostracize

(b) desecrate (c) harass (d) congratulate

  1. He found himself in the _____ position of appearing to support a view which he ********* (a) obvious (b) innocuous (c) anomalous (d) enviable
  2. He was so convinced that people were driven by _____ motives that he believes there was no such thing as a purely unselfish act

(a) sentimental (b) personal (c) altruistic (d) ulterior


Choose the word that has the same consonant sound as the underlined in the given word


  1. Caused (a) frost (b) release (c) realized (d) wanted
  2. Loose (a) loso (b) whose (c) zoo (d) toss
  3. Garage (a) pressure (b) measure (c) gear (d) sure
  4. Bushes (a) shapes (b) rapes (c) rakes (d) shoes
  5. Luxury (a) boxer (b) cushion (c) pleasure (d) maker


Section Two: General Paper


  1. Which of the following is a factor of 2-x+x2 (a) 1-x (b) x+1 (c) x-1 (d) 2-x
  2. I am x years old and my brother is 3years older. How old was y brother last year (a) (x-4) years (b) (x+2) years (c) (3x-1) years (d) (3x+1) years
  3. Find the standard deviation of 2,5,9,2,7 (correct to 2 decimal places)

(a) 5.80 (b) 3.41 (c) 2.76 (d) 1.80

  1. The political parties that were established in West Africa between 1945 and 1965 fought for (a) national conferences (b) political independence (c) supremacy among themselves (d) regional integration
  2. Government can be made responsible and accountable to her citizens through the following except (a) periodic change of government

(b) demonstration (c) political change (d) public opinion

  1. Evaluate (1/343)1/3 + (64)-1/3 – (4-9) (a) -11/36 (b) 37/36 (c) -13/28 (d) 117/26
  2. Simplify: Log10(30/16)-2Log10(3/9)+Log10(400/243) (a) 2-Log102 (b) 1-Log1015 (c) 1.5 (d) 1.0
  3. A woman sold x oranges at 5 for #p and y mangoes at 8 for z kobo on a particular day. Calculate in naira her total sales for the day

(a) (px-Yz)/100 (b) (100zy-PX)/80 (c) (160px+Yz)/800 (d) (5Yz+8p)/40

  1. Evaluate (log28/log225) – log3(1/27) (a) 9/2 (b) -1/3 (c) 3/2 (d) -3/2
  2. The probability that John and James passed an examination is ¼ and 3/5 respectively. Find the probability of both boys failing the examination (a) 1/10 (b) 3/10 (c) 9/20 (d) 11/20
  3. Find the equation whose roots are 2 and -31/2 (a) 2x2 + 3x + 14 = 0

(b) 2x2 + 5x + 7 = 0 (c) 2x2 +5x – 7 = 0 (d) 2x2 + 3x – 14 = 0

  1. One advantage of population in Nigeria is (a) High standard of living

(b) increase in independency ratio (c) large working population (d) large consumption rate

  1. In stage I of the demographic transition theory, the death rate was high because of (a) poor sanitation (b) absence of medical knowledge

(c) ignorance (d) natural disaster

  1. The advantage a firm enjoys by producing a wide range of goods is known as (a) risk bearing economies (b) volume economies

(c) research and development economies (d) market economies

  1. When average product is rising (a) marginal product is below it

(b) marginal product is above it (c) total product is falling

(d) total product is constant

  1. A type of capital that aids production and makes labor more efficient is (a) social capital (b) capital accumulation (c) fixed capital (d) working capital
  2. Labour productivity is likely to be high in a country where (a) productive resources are scarce (b) the population is high (c) educational level is minimum (d) there is political upheaval
  3. The first co-operative society was founded in 1844, in which of these cities (a) Rockdale, England (b) Vienna, Austria (c) New York City, USA (d) London, England
  4. In order for product to increase their sales, they should (a) increase their production (b) sell their product themselves (c) ensure that their product price is low (d) increase their middle men
  5. Land use decree of Nigeria was promulgated in (a) 1963 (b) 1976

(c) 1972 (d) 1982

  1. The scientific system of economies where conclusions are reached based on actual experience of data obtain from field is called

(a) deductive method (b) experimental method (c) exponential method

(d) inductive method

  1. What could happen to business firm that fails to properly answer the question of “for whom to produce”? (a) poor interpersonal relationship with customers (b) poor patronage (c) government interferences

(d) excess supply


  1. The supply curve would shift to the left if (a) the weather is favorable

(b) the cost of production falls (c) government policy is unfavourable

(d) technology improves

  1. The first artificial satellite spurik 1 was launched on October 4, 1957 by (a) Great Britain (b) Germany (c) USA (d) Soviet Union uniben post utme past questions and answers
  2. The federal government’s plan to increase cassava production is mainly to (a) provide raw material (b) diversified export base of the economy (d) make it a staple food in Nigeria
  3. Given that log107 = x and log105 = y, evaluate without using tables, log1035 (a) x+y (b) x-y+10 (c) x-1/y (d) x-y
  4. Amusa buys 3 dozen tables of soap at N2.04 a dozen and 40 packets of matches at 30k a packet. If he allowed a discount of 13%, how much does Amusa pay for the goods, to the nearest kobo? (a) N20.48

(b) N18.12 (c) N15.76 (d) 12.80

  1. The earth which is the third closest planet to the sun is _____ kilometers away from the sun (a) 57,600,000km (b) 227,200,000km

(c) 148,800,000km (d) 107,200,000km

  1. Which of the following rocks are wrongly paired after metamorphosis? (a) limestone, marble (b) shale, schist (c) granite, gneiss (d) quartzite, graphite
  2. Trellised or rectangular drainage patterns are common in (a) volcanic regions (b) regions of heterogeneous rocks (c) regions of homogenous rocks (d) lowland regions
  3. The river Mississippi has which of the following types of deltas

(a) Arusate Delta (b) Estuarine Delta (c) Birds foot Delta (d) Cuspate Delta

  1. Abrasion or sand blasting causes all the following except (a) mushroom rock (b) zeugers (c) dreikners (d) playas
  2. The independence of the judiciary is meant to (a) protect the right of the judges (b) safeguard the liberties of individual (c) enable judges enact laws at will (d) allow judges participate in partisan politics
  3. A benefit which a country seeks to achieve in her relations with other nations is called (a) National interest (b) Commercial interest

(c) International interest (d) Foreign policy objective

  1. A politically aware and active society is said to have (a) subjective political culture (b) participatory political culture (c) parochial culture

(d) evaluative political culture

  1. The doctrine of the rule of law is credited to (a) J. J. Rousseau (b) John Lock (c) A. C. Dicey (d) Thomas Hobbes


  1. Nigeria recently launched _____ into orbit (a) Sat-2 and Sat-X (b) Sat-2 and Sat-1x (c) Sat-x and Sat-1 (d) Sat-1 and Sat2x
  2. Which of these is not a characteristics feature in limestone regions

(a) presence of resurgence (b) absence of surface drainage

(c) presence of deflation hollows (d) presence of well jointed rocks

  1. All the following are associated features of karsts regions except

(a) gours (b) grikes (c) glints (d) dolines

  1. Which of the following is Not a feature of gracia deposition (a) outwashed plains (b) cowries (c) drumlins (d) err







1.         D 11.       A 21.       A 31.       D
2.         C 12.       D 22.       D 32.       D
3.         B 13.       B 23.       C 33.       A
4.         C 14.       C 24.       D 34.       A
5.         A 15.       C 25.       C 35.       D
6.         C 16.       B 26.       A 36.       C
7.         B 17.       A 27.       B 37.       D
8.         B 18.       C 28.       C 38.       B
9.         A 19.       B 29.       B 39.       D
10.       D 20.       C 30.       C 40.       A





1.         B 11.       D 21.       D 31.       C
2.         B 12.       C 22.       B 32.       D
3.         C 13.       C 23.       C 33.       B
4.         B 14.       D 24.       D 34.       D
5.         C 15.       A 25.       C 35.       B
6.         C 16.       C 26.       A 36.       C
7.         D 17.       B 27.       C 37.       A
8.         C 18.       A 28.       C 38.       C
9.         A 19.       C 29.       A 39.       –
10.       B 20.       B 30.       B 40.       A

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