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200 Most Popular Yoruba Female Names and Their Meaning

Are you looking for a Yoruba female name to give your adorable baby girl? Are you eager to know the meaning of certain Yoruba female name? If yes, see the most used Yoruba female names here. We’ve got a whopping 200 for you.

I do not know about others, but to many, native names are pleasant. Yoruba people find Yoruba names as something so sweet and beautiful.

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Yorubas loved their native names, sometimes because of the meaning attached to these native names. They believed that their native names are something that can describe them and their personalities perfectly, and that, it is something positive.

Today, it is unfortunate that parents will give their children names, especially their female children without knowing the meaning of the names they gave to their children. This is true!

However, my focus in this article will be on Yoruba female names and the meaning attached to these names. I am going to make available cute Yoruba female names, at least 200 of those names and their meaning, so that those who desire to give their female children Yoruba names or perhaps, those who wish to change their names and take to Yoruba names can do so. For those who are from Yoruba extraction, you just have to love your native names, are they not sweet in their meaning?

I am convinced that this list of Yoruba female names will guide every parent while choosing good and meaningful Yoruba names for their female children.

Although, it is the right of parents to give the right names to their children, whatever names at that they desire, but that never mean that, they can just give any name to their children. Please never give your children, the kind of names that will turn them into objects of mockery by forces behind names.

What Then Are The Most Popular Yoruba Female Names And Their Meaning?

As l said earlier, in this article, l will be focusing only on the most popular Yoruba female names and their meaning, therefore, below are the list of 200 most popular Yoruba female names and their meaning.

1. Aanuoluwapo:

Meaning: The mercy of the Lord is abundant

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2. Aarinola:

Meaning: The centre of wealth

3. Abiodun:

Meaning: Born into celebration

4. Abidemi

Meaning: Born before my arrival

5. Abisodun

Meaning: Born into celebration

6. Abimbola

Meaning: Born to meet wealth

7. Abimbare

Meaning: (Born into goodness)

8. Abiola

Meaning: (Born into wealth)

9. Abisola

Meaning: (Born into wealth)

10. Abisoye

Meaning: (Born into royalty)

11. Adebanke

Meaning:  (The crown helps to pamper me)

12. Adebare

Meaning: (Crown meets goodness)

13. Adebare

Meaning: (We came into goodness)


Meaning:  (Crown meets wealth)

15. Adebola

Meaning: (We meet wealth)

16. Adedamola

Meaning: (Crown mix with wealth)

17. Adedamope

Meaning:  (Crown mix thanks)

18. Adedire

Meaning: (Crown becomes goodness)

19. Adedola

Meaning:  (Crown becomes wealth)

20. Adedoyin

Meaning: (Crown becomes honey)

21. Ademidun

Meaning:  (My crown is sweet)

22. Adedun

Meaning: (Crown is sweet)

23. Adenike

Meaning: (The crown has care)

24. Aderinsola

Meaning (Crown walked into wealth)

25. Aderonke

Meaning:  (Crown has something to pamper)

26. Adesola

Meaning:  (Came into wealth)

27. Adesire

Meaning: (Came into goodness)

28. Adeola

Meaning:  (Crown of wealth)

29. Adesewa

Meaning:  (Beauty of crown)

30. Adewunmi

Meaning: (I desire crown)

31. Adetutu

Meaning: (Crown is patient)

32. Adunoluwa

Meaning: (The sweetness of God)

33. Adunola

Meaning: (The sweetness of wealth)

34. Adunife

Meaning: (The sweetness of love)

35. Afopefoluwa

Meaning:  (We give thanks to the Lord)

36. Aduramigba

Meaning:  (My prayer is answered)

37. Adurapemi

Meaning: (Prayer profits me)

38. Adunade

Meaning: (The sweetness of crown)

39. Amiifeoluwa

Meaning: (The sign of God’s love)

40. Ayomi

Meaning: (My joy)

41. Ayobami

Meaning: (Joy meets me)

42. Ayomikun

Meaning: (My joy is full)

43. Ayomipe

Meaning: (My joy is complete)

44. Ayomitide

Meaning: (My joy has come)

45. Anjolaoluwa

Meaning: (We are enjoying the goodness of God)

46. Aridunnuomo

Meaning: (A child of joy)

47. Aramide

Meaning: (My family is here)

48. Araloluwa

Meaning: (God is awesome)

49. Araoluwa

Meaning: (The wonders of God)

50. Ariyike

Meaning: (Someone to care for)

51. Ayooluwa

Meaning: (The joy of the Lord)

52. Atinuke

Meaning: (Pampered from the womb)

53. Ayooluwakiitan

Meaning: (The joy of the Lord doesn’t end)

54. Bimpe

Meaning:  [I was born complete]

55. Bidemi

Meaning: (Birthed before my arrival)

56. Boluwatife

Meaning: (As God wants)

57. Boluwatito

Meaning: (How big the Lord is)

58. Bolatito

Meaning: (How great wealth is)

59 .Bisade

Meaning: (Born into crown)

60. Bisayo

Meaning: (Born into joy)

61. Bolade

Meaning: (Came with wealth)

62. Bolawa

Meaning: (Came with wealth)

62. Boluwaji

Meaning: (Resurrect with the Lord)

64. Bimbola

Meaning: (Born to meet wealth)

65. Bimbade

Meaning: (Born into royalty)

67. Bolanle

Meaning: (Met wealth at home)

68. Bowofoluwa

Meaning: (Honour the Lord)

69. Bowofade

Meaning: (Honour the crown)

70. Bowofola

Meaning: (Honour wealth)

71. Bukola

Meaning: (Add to wealth)

72. Bukolami

Meaning: (Add to my wealth)

73. Busola

Meaning: (Add to wealth)

74. Busolami

Meaning: (Add to my wealth)

75. Busayo

Meaning: (Add to joy)

76. Busayomi

Meaning: (Add to my joy)

77. Damifola

Meaning: (Created me for wealth)

78. Damifunre

Meaning: (Created me for goodness)

79. Darasimi

Meaning: (Good to me)

80. Diekololaoluwa

Meaning: (The wealth of the Lord is not little)

81. Diekoloreoluwa


(The goodness of the Lord is not little)

82. Dolapo

Meaning: (Mix with wealth)

83. Desire

Meaning: (Arrived into goodness)

84. Derayo

Meaning: (Arrived to see joy)

85. Desola

Meaning: (Arrived into wealth)

86. Demilade

Meaning: (Crown me)

87. Eniola

Meaning: (A wealthy person)

88. Eniayo

Meaning: (A joyful person)

89. Enibunkun

Meaning: (A blessed person)

90. Enire

Meaning: (A good person)

91. Enitan

Meaning: (A person of reference)

92 Eminirekan

Meaning: (I’m next to experience goodness)

93. Ebunoluwa

Meaning: (God’s gift)

94. Ewaoluwa

Meaning: (The beauty of the Lord)

95. Ewaola

Meaning: (The beauty of wealth)

96. Ewatomi

Meaning: (Beauty is enough for me)

97. Ewaife

Meaning: (The beauty of love)

98. Ewaade

Meaning: (The beauty of crown)

99. Eriifeoluwasimi

Meaning: (The proof of God’s love to me)

100. Eyitayo

Meaning: (Worthy to be happy for)

101. Eyitope

Meaning: (Worthy to be thankful for)

102. Eyitolami

Meaning: (This is enough wealth for me)

103. Eyiwunmi

Meaning: (I love this)

104. Eniwaju

Meaning: (One who is always ahead)

105. Farayola

Meaning: (Romance with wealth)

106. Fiyinfoluwa

Meaning: (Give praises to the Lord)

107. Folakemi

Meaning: (Pamper me with wealth)

108. Fayokemi

Meaning: (Pamper me with joy)

109. Feyikemi

Meaning: (Pamper me with this)

110. Firekemi

Meaning: (Pamper me with goodness)

111. Feyisekemi

Meaning: (Pamper me with this)

112. Feyisara

Meaning: (Make this a relative)


Meaning: (Given to me in full)

114. Funmike

Meaning: (Given to me to take care of)

115. Fehintola

Meaning: (Relaxing on wealth)

116. Fehintoluwa

Meaning:  (Relax on God)

117. Fogofoluwa

Meaning: (Give God the glory)

118. Folashade

Meaning: (Use wealth as crown)

119. Gbemisola

Meaning: (Put me into wealth)

120. Gbemisade

Meaning: (Put me into crown)

121. Ibunkunoluwa

Meaning:  (The blessing of the Lord)

122. Inioluwa

Meaning:  (God’s heritage)

123. Ifedun

Meaning: (Love is sweet)

124. Ifedunni

Meaning: (Love is sweet to have)

125. Itunuoluwa

Meaning: (Comfort of God)

126. Ifeyinka

Meaning: (Love surrounds me)

127. Ifeoluwakitan

Meaning:  (The love of God never ends)

128. Ifeoluwa

Meaning: (The love of God)

129. Ifewunmi

Meaning: (I love love)

130. Ifepemi

Meaning: (Love profits me)

131. Ireayo

Meaning: (The goodness of joy)

132. Ifetomi

Meaning: (Love is enough for me)

133. Iremitide

Meaning: (My goodness has come)

134. Ireola

Meaning: (The goodness of wealth)

135. Irede

Meaning: (Goodness has come)

136. Iretomiwa

Meaning: (Goodness comes for me)

137. Ilerioluwa

Meaning: (The promise of the Lord)

138. Ileriayo

Meaning: (The promise of joy)

139. Irebami

Meaning: (Goodness meets me)

140. Inumidun

Meaning: (I’m happy)

141. Iretiola

Meaning: (The hope of wealth)

142. Iretioluwa

Meaning: (The hope of God)

143. Iyinoluwa

Meaning: (God’s praise)

144. Ikeoluwa

Meaning: (The care of the Lord)

145. Irewamiri

Meaning: (Goodness searched and found me)

146. Iseoluwa

Meaning: (The work of God

147. Ireoluwa

Meaning: (The goodness of God)

148. Iyanuoluwa

Meaning: (The miracle of God)

149. Jesutofunmi

Meaning: (Jesus is enough for me)

150. Jadesola

Meaning: (Step out into wealth)

151. Jadesire

Meaning: (Step out into goodness)

152. Jadesayo

Meaning: (Step out into joy)

153. Jenyinooluwa

Meaning: (Let me praise you Lord)

154. Jesuyefunmi

Meaning: (Jesus is alive for my sake)

155. Jenrola

Meaning: (Let me find wealth)

156. Jokotola

Meaning: (Sit with wealth)


Meaning: (Sit with crown)

158. Jumoke

Meaning: (Join hands to care for)

159. Kafopefoluwa

Meaning: (Let’s give thanks to the Lord)

160. Kanyinsola

Meaning: (Add honey to wealth)

161. Kafiyinfoluwa

Meaning: (Let’s give praise to the Lord)

162. Kikelomo

Meaning:  (Children to be pampered)

163. Kikiola

Meaning: (Different shades of wealth)

164. Kikiogo

Meaning: (Different shades of glory)

165. Kikiope

Meaning: (Different shades of thanks)

166. Kikioreoluwa

Meaning: (Different shades of God’s goodness)

167. Kikioreoluwa

Meaning: (Different shades of God’s gifts)

168. Kikiifeoluwa

Meaning: (Different shades of God’s love)

169. Matanmi

Meaning: (Don’t deceive me)

170. Mayomi

Meaning: (Don’t mock me)

171. Mobolayo

Meaning: (I rejoice with wealth)

172. Modupeoluwa

Meaning: (Lord, I’m thankful)

173. Mopelola

Meaning: (I’m complete in wealth)

174. Moromoke

Meaning: (I have a child to pamper)

175. Morolayo

Meaning: (I see wealth and I’m happy)

176.. Makomi

Meaning: (Don’t forsake me)

177. Morenikejimi

Meaning:  (I have seen a companion)

178. Moyinoluwa

Meaning: (I give God praise)

179. Motilola

Meaning: (I have wealth)

180. Motilayo

Meaning: (I have joy)

181. Morayoninuoluwa

Meaning: (I find joy in God)

182. Molayoninuoluwa

Meaning:  (I have joy in the Lord)

183. Momoluwa

Meaning:  (I know the Lord)

184. Moboluwaduro

Meaning: (I’m standing with the Lord)

185. Mofeoluwa

Meaning: (I love God)

186. Mojetoluwa

Meaning: (I’m God’s own)

187. Mojisola

Meaning: (I woke up to wealth)

188. Mojirade

Meaning: (I woke up to find crown)

189. Moromola

Meaning:  (I cling with wealth)

190. Mojirola

Meaning: (I woke up to find wealth)

191. Mosunmola

Meaning: (I draw near to wealth)

192. Moyosade

Meaning: (I rejoice at crown)

193 Morireoluwa

Meaning: (I have seen the goodness of the Lord)

194. Mofetoluwa

Meaning:  (I love God’s things)

195. Momooreoluwa

Meaning: (I appreciate the goodness of the Lord)

196. Mojoyinola

Meaning: (I enjoy the honey in wealth)

197. Modoluwamu

Meaning: (I hold on to the Lord)

198. Modiromoluwa

Meaning: (I cling unto the Lord)

199. Moyoninuoluwa

Meaning: (I rejoice in the Lord)

200. Moyeninuoluwa

Meaning:  (I’m saved in the Lord)


I am convince that this list of Yoruba female names will guide every parent, while choosing good and meaningful Yoruba names for their female children. Although, it is the right of parents to give the right names to their children, whatever names at that they desire, but that never mean that, they can just give any name to their children. Please never give your children, the kind of names that will turn them into objects of  mockery  by forces behind names.

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