10 Functions of Health Institutions in Nigeria

Here in this post, we are going to list out and discuss the 10 functions of health institutions in Nigeria. This is very rich and informative.

Health institutions were actually established to carry out certain responsibility with a view to make health care services accessible to all Nigerians.

The institutions which are directly supervised by the Minister of health also have the responsibility of making sure that those vulnerable Nigerians and the poor in the country are protected from any financial risk in their attempt to access health care services.

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10 Functions of Health Institutions in Nigeria
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Policies formulated and implemented for the actualization of the Nigerian government health care services delivery goal in the country remained one of the primary duties of the health institutions in Nigeria. In this article, a good number of functions of the health institutions in Nigeria will be itemized and explained.

Functions Performed By Health Institutions

The health institution in Nigeria performed several functions in oder to attain the very purposes for which the health institution was established.

And without much ado, I am going to explain these functions here. Below are some of the functions of the health institution in Nigeria.

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1. Develops Performance Standard For Internal Public Hospital Control

There is a set down standard, expected from every public hospital to comply with, since the health institutions are institutions that take care of human health, and as well as human life.

It will be a grave risk if the health institutions in Nigeria play with human life by refusing to adhere or comply to the performance standard set for internal control of Nigerian public hospitals.

Therefore to achieve this, developing performance standard for the purpose of controlling public hospitals internally remained one of the primary functions of health institutions in Nigeria.

2. Approves Policy For Rate And Scale Of Charges Rendered To The Public

It is the functions of the health institutions in Nigeria to approve policy for the rate and scale of charges that the hospital governing boards is rendering to the members of the public.

This is very important given the fact that, health care services, access by the members of the public, from the hospital governing boards, must be affordable enough for all Nigerians to access health care services particularly, the poor and the vulnerable ones in the country.

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3. Recommends For Capital And Operation Of Budgets Boards

Budgets for capital and operation of the hospital governing boards are recommended by the health institutions in Nigeria.

In recommending this budgets, most important aspects of the budgets are taken into consideration while recommending the capital and operating budgets of the hospital governing boards, and this has to include, recommendation for increase in salaries, recommendation for major adjustments, recommendation for allowances as well as, recommendation for other  hospital employees’ fringe benefits. This specifically, is one of the major functions of the health institutions in Nigeria.

4. Elevates Quality Health Practice In Professional Disciplines

Every profession is thriving to elevate the quality of practice in its professional disciplines, and therefore, the health institution in Nigeria is not exempted.

So what it does is to ensure that it elevate the quality of health practice in health professional disciplines. The health institution does this by making sure that appropriate standard for health practice in the professional disciplines is advanced, as well as, the advancement of research priorities.

5. Collates And Analyzes Monthly Medical Statistical Data

Another functions of the health institution is that of making sure that, monthly medical statistical data is collates, as well as analyzes.

However, in collating and analysing of medical statistical data every month, the health institution has to make sure that, its collation and analysis include, attendance and mobility and mortality and service utilization from hospital governing boards.

The health institution is expected to take these aspects of medical statistical data into consideration, while collating and analysing the data monthly.

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6. Obtains Annual Audited Accounts Of Hospitals And Hospital Boards

Annual hospitals accounts and that of the hospital boards are collected by the health institutions in Nigeria. This is one of the functions of the health institutions.

This annual audited accounts of hospitals are obtained within three months once the preceding financial year might have ended.

Therefore, it is expected of the health institutions to make sure that, these audited accounts are obtained within the three months just after the expiration of the preceding financial year.

7. Cordinates And Integrates Various Hospital Services

The health institutions also coordinates and as well, integrates various services of hospitals at every level within the states for the purpose of making sure that there is conformity with the health policies and programmes within the states.

Hence, the coordination and the integration of these services as rendered by the hospitals to conform with hospital programmes and policies therefore remained the function the health institutions in Nigeria.

8. Maximizes Effective Use Of Hospital Resources

Every paràstatal need resources to run the activities of its institution, and so does the health institution in Nigeria. What the health institution does is to make sure that, the available resources accrued to the health institution is maximize effectively for the purpose of running the health sector within the state successfully. Failure to maximize the available resources effectively may spelt doom to the health sector within the state.

9. Undertakes Screening Of Staff Clinic And Pre-Employment

The activities of pre-employment and screening of staff clinic are undertaken by the health institution in Nigeria. The exercise of screening staff is very important and necessary, since the institution will need qualified and experienced staff to carry out the functions of the health institution.

The reason is obvious because experienced staff are the human resources needed to attain the mandate of health institution in Nigeria.

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10. Designs And Implements Community And School Based Information, Education, Etc:

Another function of the health institution is in the area of designing,  and as well, implementing the community and that of school-based information and education and communication (IEC) packages for the purpose of ensuring the promotion of health lifestyle among people and prevention of common infectious diseases / non communicable diseases, as well as, consumers’ knowledge plus their awareness of the right to quality health care and their individual obligation to good health services.


Policies formulated and implemented for the actualization of the Nigerian government health care services delivery goal in the country remained one of the primary duties of the health institutions in Nigeria.

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