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11 Steps To Produce Ice Cream In Nigeria

Are you looking for how to start ice cream production? If yes, you are in the right place. In this post, I will show you how to to produce ice cream in Nigeria. Here, you will see the ingredients, methods on how to make ice cream in Nigeria.

Everyone enjoys the goodness of ice cream.  From the smiles on kids’ faces and the awe and smiles on the adults, you can describe the creamy goodness of a chilled ice cream.

While there are chocolate ice creams and vanilla ice creams, if you walk into any modern restaurant or fast food inn, you are bound to see 3 out of every 4 ice cream consumers who bought the vanilla ice cream. It is that popular.

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11 Steps To Produce Ice Cream In Nigeria
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If you have ever wondered how these ice creams are made to taste so good and refreshing and addictive, then you are not alone. A lot of people have the same thoughts.

Whether it is vanilla ice cream or any other flavor, making ice cream in Nigeria is very straightforward and easy. Especially if you have the ice cream maker.

However, if you do not have the ice cream maker, you are in luck because in a few moments, you will be learning how you can make ice cream (vanilla flavor) from the comforts of your house.

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Ingredients for making ice cream

a. You will need 500ml fresh milk. Do not use evaporated milk.

b. Get 6 egg yolks

c. Get 50-60g of sugar

d. Get 250ml of whipping cream

e. 1 vanilla pod or 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract

f. These ingredients will give you just 4-5 scoops (big) of the vanilla flavored ice cream.

The ingredients for making vanilla ice cream are not far-fetched. Anywhere you are in Nigeria, you can walk into any shop or a grocery store and get them and they aren’t costly too.

After making the ice cream, most times, they are decorated just like cakes.

The decorating ingredients include

a. Fruits (sometimes dried)

b. Honey and

c. Caramel

Necessary equipment for making ice cream

a. You will need two large bowls. One of the bowls will be for the mixture of the ice cream while the other one will be to accommodate the bowl where the ice cream mixture will be placed.

b. A pot

c. A spatula

d. An ice cream spoon. This is however not compulsory.

e. A freezer. The composition of eggs, milk and whipping cream makes the ice cream to go rancid easily and a freezer must be standby to preserve it and make it frozen yet creamy.

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Besides the equipment and ingredients for making vanilla ice cream, there are a few things you must put in place before you start the process of making the delicacy.

a. Firstly, you have to make a number of ice cubes (say at least 40 cubes). The ice cubes are useful in cooling the mixture and will be seen in the process of making the ice cream as you read on.

b. Ensure you separate the egg yolk from the egg white because making vanilla ice cream requires just the yolks of the egg.

c. Sometimes, people make use of vanilla extract. However, if you are making use of a vanilla pod, endeavor to slice along it so that the seeds will be exposed.

With these already put in place, you are ready for the process of production of vanilla ice cream.

The process of making vanilla ice cream

1. Get your clean and dry pot. Pour the whipped cream and fresh milk into the pot.

2. You can then add the vanilla extract. In case you are making use of vanilla pod, pour everything (the fiber and the seeds) into the mixture of the whipping cream and fresh milk already in the pot.

3. Place the pot on a heating source and regulate the heat to medium heat. Allow to boil for a few minutes.

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4. As the pot is on the fire, get an egg whisker and whisk the egg yolks properly. Pour enough sugar into the whisked egg yolk and stir until the sugar granules disappear.

5. Once the contents of the pot on the fire have begun to boil, reduce the heat further. In case you are using vanilla pods, this is the moment when you should pick out the fibers from the milk.

6. As a result of reducing the heat, the milky mixture will not foam as much as it used to before you reduced it. When the milk has stopped foaming, gently pour the egg yolk and sugar mixture into the boiled mixture in the pot. Stir it thoroughly to mix well.

7. You can then increase the heat to the initial medium state and continue to stir the mixture in the pot until it begins to thicken. Note that the time it takes to thicken is around ten minutes.

8. Once the mixture has thickened to your satisfaction, reduce the heat. Place the ice cubes in the larger bowl and add some water.

The thickened ice cream mixture should be poured into the second bowl and then placed (the second bowl) in the larger bowl containing the ice cubes and water. Get a spatula and stir the ice cream mixture till it cools down totally.

9. After the ice cream mixture has cooled down, place it (while still in the bowl) in the freezer. After about half an hour, bring it out and stir it with a spatula thoroughly and then place it back for another 30minutes.

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10. After 30 minutes, bring it out and stir again and repeat the process until it forms a creamy solid. Why stirring well is important?

Because it helps to check the advent of ice forming with the ice cream. If you have a good freezer, this process should take about 4 hours on the average.

Once you have obtained the desired texture of ice cream, you can begin to serve it. You can also decorate it with the ingredients for decoration (the honey, fruits or caramel).

11. After serving, the leftovers should be placed in a container and preserved in a freezer till when it is needed again. If left in the freezer for long enough, it might become rock solid.

All you have to do is place it on a clean surface for about 5 minutes in order for it to soften to the texture that is obtainable in those ice cream shops.

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