Cheapest Android Phones in Nigeria

In this post, I am going to tell you about the cheapest Android phones in Nigeria. If you browse this site very well you might have found best cheapest android phones below N15k in Nigeria.

Android phones have the ability to snap, stabilise moving objects when they are snapped, recognise voice, recognise human eyelashes and thumbs and many other features which before now many consider technologically impossible, hence they are called smartphones.

Many readers would have thought that for the fact that a lot of technological research and resources were invested in the design of these phones hence they would be expensive, but it is not so.

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Although before now they were right to think in that direction, but since the entrance of more Android manufacturing phones like HTC and Tecno, Android phones have become a lot cheaper.

Notice that before now the smartphone market was dominated by BlackBerry, Samsung and Apple products, but now there are many Android phones that can perform almost all the functions performed by these expensive phones manufactured by GSM manufacturing giants.

Cheapest Android Phones in Nigeria

Thinking of buying a cheap Android phone that will perform all the functions that your friends’ expensive phones perform?

Do not search any further because Tecno has many GMS phones that will perform such functions.

In this piece I will reveal all the cheapest Android phones in Nigeria.

Tecno Android Phones, Specifications and Prices

1. Tecno H5: This is one of the cheapest Android phones in Nigeria. It is a combination of great performance and portability because of its sleek nature. It comes with Android 4.2 OS and 1.3 GHz Dual-core processor.

Other features of this Tecno H5 include: 2.0 MP back camera, Dual SIM card, internal memory of 4GB and 512 RAM. It allows you to download up to 9,000 applications like Facebook, Opera Mini, Twitter and other apps with huge internal memory space provided. This goes for just N12,500

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2. Tecno H6: This comes with even better features. Tecno H6 has an Android OS of 4.4 and amazing 8.0 MP of front camera wit flash for night snapshots.

Other features include 2MP back camera, 8GB ROM, and 1GB RAM. Furthermore, it has ability to carry dual SIMs. For you to enjoy all these amazing features just in one device, all you need to pay is just N29,000.

3. Tecno D5: This appears to have smaller features and capability than when compared to the ones I discussed earlier but it also has cool features and it is even far cheaper.

It runs on Android 4.0 OS, 1GHz processor and gives you the ability to enjoy the special features that come with Android phones.

Tecno D5 comes with amazing apps like Google Map, Facebook, Gmail, Google Play and has dual SIM. It costs N16,000.

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4. Tecno L3: This phone is highly elegant, sleek and cool. It runs on 4.1 Android OS with 1GHz processor and has a very fast download speed, a 3MP camera at the back and battery life of 2400Am. This phone also supports dual SIMs standby though 3G Internet is only available in one SIM. It also has a 4GB built-in storage and can be extended to 32GB microSD card. You can get it for as low as N14,500. Tecno L3 is one of the cheapest Android phones in Nigeria.

5. Tecno N7: Tecno N7 is another great product from amazing staples of Tecno. It runs on 4.0 Android OS. This phone also has 5MP camera and 0.3MP front camera.

Now you can switch from 2G/3G network depending on the choice and coverage. It comes with cool apps like Opera Mini for browsing the webs, a dual SIM, Google Map, Facebook, Gmail, Google Play, etc. with just N26,000 you get tis phone.

6.Tecno D3: This is one of the cheapest Android phones in Nigeria one can ever get. It is specially designed for people of style.

Tecno D3 has 1Ghz processor which makes it function very fast – 3MP camera, dual SIM standby, Wi-Fi, FM Radio, GPS, battery saver, and Bluetooth.

It also has special apps like Google Play, Opera Mini, Facebook, Gmail, and Google Map. It goes for N14,000

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7. Tecno N3: This is a special smartphone in the class of its own.

It runs on 2.3 Android OS. Some features of this phone include 3MP front camera.

Also, 256GB RAM and 800MHz processing capacity, FM radio, GPS for tracking your position and locations. You can get this phone for N11,000. It is among the cheapest Android phones in Nigeria.

8. Tecno T1: Tecno T1 is equipped with Android 2.3 OS. Also, it has a processor capacity of 676MHz.

Tecno T1 also comes with already installed apps like Google Map, Facebook, Gmail, and Google Play. It is a nice phone which has video recording, 3MP camera, MP3 Audio player, 1400mAh carrying 6hrs talk time on phone, and sells at N17,000.

Tecno Android phones have become the most common and popular phones not just in Nigeria but many African countries because of their cool features and prices.

Tecno proudly produces the cheapest Android phones in Nigeria and without recourse to quality.

A close review of the phones shows that they are extremely affordable considering that many Nigerians used to cough up a lot of money to buy products from HTC, BlackBerry, Apple, Nokia and companies that produce smartphones.

Imagine using sum of N26,000 to buy a Tecno N7 whereas a similar smartphone from Apple (makers of iPhones) cannot sell less than N50,000.
But in all fairness to other companies which have been making phones before Tecno, they have really tried to step up the GSM user experience and functionality – a feat Tecno is now building upon.

The GSM market today is saturated with many phones thereby leaving users with a wide range of choices to select from at cheaper rate.
Admittedly, when more advanced technology is used to design a phone, invariably it means users have to pay a little higher than what they used to pay to enjoy such inventions.

That is why I mentioned Tecno H6 on my list which many readers would argue is not supposed to be on the list.

Besides “cheap” has a relative definition as users are expected to pay for more advanced technologies, and a user who understands the amount of resources, time and expertise invested by companies to come up with such gadgets will definitely tag it “cheap” unlike someone who does not.

This explains why Tecno H6 will sell at N29,000 while Tecno N3 will go for N11,000. Hence, this is why Tecno H6 is amongst my cheapest Android phones in Nigeria.

Finally, it is time to upgrade, join us in the world of Android phones because it is the best set of phones ever

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    1. It pains me to agree with you. I was never a Tecno fan until I started seeing the Camon C8 stuff all over twitter. They actually do have quality phones!

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