How To Start Cleaning Service Business In Nigeria

Business Overview

Cleaning Service Business in Nigeria is all about offering professional cleaning (Janitorial) services to households, organizations, and events. Cleaners are needed everywhere: schools, churches, mosques, by public and private firms etc.

The need to outsource cleaning services arises in part, dues to lack of time on the part of the hirers. Also, not everyone has the technical know-how on general and specialized cum professional cleaning services. Hence, the need to outsource. People and organizations specialized in this trade make good money from it.

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How To Start Cleaning Service Business In Nigeria
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There are several opportunities for cleaning service business in Nigeria. First, it is a low-cost business with a short maturation period.

It does not equally have stringent requirements for startup. Also, it can be done part-time, as a secondary source of income.

Finally, it has a wide range of prospects; almost everyone needs a cleaner. These inform that the business is indeed, a profitable one.

Market Structure

Many people today wish to be relieved of some of their domestic chores such as laundry, environmental sanitation and general cleaning of their homes and offices.

To achieve this, a lot of people prefer to engage the services of a professional cleaning personnel.  This informs, therefore, that there is a ready growing market for cleaning service business in Nigeria. Interestingly, the market continues to witness an unprecedented monumental growth every year.

Though there is a ready market for cleaning service business in Nigeria, understand that it is highly competitive. Usually, a large part of the market has domiciled in it several hundreds of individuals and organizations offering similar services.

There is, therefore, the need to put in place all that is necessary for success in this business. This is discussed in subsequent sections of this article.

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Start A Cleaning Service Business In Nigeria does not require many certifications. A basic SSCE certificate is enough.

However, understand that in Nigeria today, paperwork matters. As such, do not expect to earn the same salary structure with a degree holder, if all you have is SSCE.

Even where you want to operate as an enterprise, certification in Janitorial Services, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), Environmental Science and related fields is an important factor in getting quality, sustainable jobs.

Conduct A Market Research

A business such as cleaning service needs a market research or feasibility study. This will help you understand available and possible market opportunities and challenges. It also exposes your competitors, available services cost, value and prevailing pricing structure.

Choose A Cleaning Service Business Niche

There are many niches or specialties in cleaning service business in Nigeria. You can choose to specialize in any of the following aspects of cleaning services:

1. Commercial Cleaning Services.

2. Garden Cleaning services.

3. Halls and Store Cleaning service.

4. Home Cleaning services.

5. In/Out House Cleaning services.

6. Office Cleaning services.

7. Specialized Cleaning Services.

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Become An Entrepreneur Or Get Employed/Partner

There are two sides to cleaning service business in Nigeria. You can start from scratch as a new business enterprise, or you can operate as a franchise. The first instance entails entrepreneurship and all its vicissitudes: brand building, extensive time and money costs.

As a franchise, however, you work for (or in partnership with) an organization and expect a salary, wage or commission.

Here, you leverage on an existing brand’s longstanding success. As compared to operating an enterprise, you will get numerous paying clients within a short time.

It is up to you to decide on a cleaning service business model best for you. Your decision will, however, determine your success scope.


Your startup fund is a function of your choice of cleaning service business model and specialty, as outlined above. It is less costly to run a House cleaning services as compared to commercial cleaning services, specialized cleaning services etc. The reason is that the former does not require special equipment, which of course, are not cheap; but the latter does.

Generally, you can raise startup capital for this business from personal savings, a loan from financial institutions, friends, relatives and angel investors.


To get clients, you need to advertise. The better your marketing strides, the more your customer base and vice-versa. To promote your cleaning service business in Nigeria:

1. Advertise on the Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

2. Customize your Vehicles with your business details. While on the move, people are going to see it and may call if interested.

3. Get a personal website. This should be a professionally designed website displaying the full information on your business prospects and specialties. It should be SEO-optimized to rank on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo etc.

4. Distribute Business cards to friends, colleagues, associates, and customers.

5. Print and paste posters within your neighborhood for more targeted awareness. This is a very effective and cheap way to advertise.

6. Run Newspaper Adverts in local and national dailies.

7. Get yourself and staff professional attractive uniforms carrying your company image. It should state clearly that you offer cleaning services.

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Having a team of highly experienced and committed workforce is contributory to success in the cleaning service business in Nigeria.

So, while hiring, take note of these points. Also, never hire a quack, and if you must hire an untrained fellow, get him/her trained. Remember, owning a high-end certificate is not necessary for this business.

Also, do not hire too many people that you will not be able to manage. You can always scale up as the business expands.

That to say, part of your staffing should be based on contract: they come around and get paid only when there is a job. This is important since you are just starting and may not have the financial strength to pay salary.

Basic Sustainability & Profitability Strategies

You need to expand and sustain this business for more profitability. You can do this by reinvesting part of your profits in online and offline promotions.

Also, endeavor to offer high-quality cleaning services always. This helps sell your business through word-of-mouth advertisement, hence, minimizing your advertisement cost.

Efficient communication strategies, using different communication channels is a prerequisite to success in this business.

This will keep your present and prospective clients abreast of your present and future services. There is also the need to create a valuable, efficient brand image. This should be reflected in the logo and image of your business.

Additionally, encourage your satisfied clients to post good testimonials on your website and social media handles. This will help to sell your cleaning services values and professionalism, hence keeping off some level of competition.

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These are all time-tested and proven tips yet are not totally fail-proof. However, If followed religiously, they go a long way in helping one to make potent strides in the Nigerian cleaning service market.

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