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200 cool and famous dragon names, their meanings and origin

Dragon names are ferocious, ferocious, and ferocious. You may be familiar with these mystical creatures if you enjoy playing games like Dungeons & Dragons. Dragons have appeared in numerous myths and stories.

These majestic creatures captivate anyone who enjoys fantasy stories. Here are some incredible dragon names.Information Guide Nigeria

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What are some good dragon names?

Before we get into the various fantasy dragon names and their meanings, take a look at the most famous dragon names. These dragon names refer to well-known and beloved fictional creatures.

  • Falkor, the fortunate dragon
  • Saint George and the Dragon
  • Saphira – Eragon’s Inheritance Cycle series.
  • Mushu (from Mulan)
  • Too   thless (How to Train Your Dragon)
  • Fin Fang Foom – a Marvel universe fictional character.
  • Draco – a character from the film Dragonheart.
  • Smaug – character from The Hobbit.
  • Pete’s Dragon’s Elliot.
  • Puff – a character from The Magical Dragon.cool and famous dragon names

Here is a list of dragon names for men, women, and children.

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Male dragon names

Take a look at these cool male dragon names:

  • Apalala is one of the Hindi names for a water dragon.
  • Apep means “to slither.”Nikocado Avocado’s bio: weight gain, age, husband, career, where is he now?
  • Apophis means “to slither.”
  • Askook is a snake.
  • Astarot – the chief or the leader.
  • Attor, Ator – gall; venom; poison.
  • Chua means “snake.”
  • Coatl is a snake.
  • Dracula – dragon or devil
  • Drago – Italian for Draco in Latin.
  • Drakon is the Greek word for dragon.
  • Ehecatl means “wind serpent.”
  • Fafnir – a dwarf who transformed into a dragon and represents greed.
  • Glaurung, the fire-breathing, wingless trickster dragon known as “The Deceiver” and “Father of Dragons.”
  • Herensuge is a Basque word that means “dragon.”
  • Iormungand is a massive pole.
  • Knucker is a serpent.
  • Ladon is the Greek river god.
  • Leviathan is an Anglicized form of the Hebrew word Livyathan, which means coiled, twisted in folds, and wreathed.
  • Longwei is a Chinese word that means “dragon greatness.”
  • Nagendra is both a snake and the god Indra, hence the name “snake-Indra.”
  • Nidhogg/Nidhoggr/Nidhug . The dreaded striker.  According to legend, a serpent gnaws on the roots of the world tree Yggdrasill.
  • Nilakanta – blue-throated; a title attributed to the naga king Vasuki, according to legend.
  • Ophiuchus is a Greek word that means “serpent bearer.”
  • Ormarr – composed of the elements orm (serpent) and herr (army), resulting in the “serpent army.”
  • Ormr means dragon, serpent, or snake.
  • Orochi means “large snake” in Japanese. According to legend, it is an eight-headed serpent that demanded the sacrifice of young girls and was killed by the god-hero Susanoo.
  • Pendragon is a Celtic word that means “chief dragon.”
  • Pythagoras – Is a Greek word composed of Pythios, which is a python, and agora, which means market, giving rise to the name “python market.”
  • Pythios – derived from the Greek word pythein, which means “to rot.” This is the name of a serpent killed by Apollo near Delphi, according to legend. Pythius is a variant.
  • Quetzalcoatl – a serpent with feathers.
  • Ryuu is a dragon spirit.
  • Samael – a fallen archangel who is also known as the angel of poison and death.
  • Shesha – this is the name of a naga king of serpents who is one of the primal beings of creation, according to Hindu myth. The name is derived from the Sanskrit root shiş, which means “that which remains.”
  • Tatsuo – the imperial or far-reaching man.
  • Tatsuya – assertive dragon.
  • Tezcacoatl represents the serpent king.
  • Uruloki – a subspecies of the fire-drake, a wingless fire-breathing dragon.
  • Uther is a variant spelling of Arthur that means “bear-man.”
  • Vasuki is a king who wears a gem on his head.
  • Veles/Volos – a variant spelling of Slavic Volos, which means “ox.”
  • Viper – a serpent that means to bear or bring forth.How to chat with a girl you like – Useful tips and life hacks
  • Vritra – A dragon or serpent that represents drought in Hindu mythology.
200 cool and famous dragon names, their meanings and origin Picture, Photo Source; www.canstockphoto.com

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Female dragon names

These female dragon names are both elegant and fiery.

  • Adalinda is a noble serpent. Adelind, Adelinda, Adelinde, Adelonda, Dalinda, and Aethelinda are some of its variations.
  • Amelinda – the work serpent or sluggish worker
  • Annabelinda – An English compound name derived from the Latin Anna, which means favor or grace, and the German Belinda, which is a lovely serpent.
  • Belinda is a bright serpent or linden tree. Bellinda, Belynda, and Bindy are some of its variations.
  • Chumana, the snake maiden
  • Chusi/Coaxoch is a snake flower.
  • Hydra – a Greek name derived from the word hydor (water). According to legend, it refers to the many-headed water dragon slain by Hercules.
  • Linda – an English name derived from the Germanic Lindi (serpent). Lindy, Linnie, Lynda, and Lyndi are all variations.
  • Malinda – a variant spelling of the English Melinda or Mindy, which means either black/dark serpent or sweet serpent.
  • Kaida is a small dragon.
  • Medousa – protector. It refers to one of the three Gorgons with snakes for hair and a gaze that turned anyone who saw them to stone.
  • Melusine – marvel or sea-fog
  • Shuman, the rattlesnake trainer.
  • Tanis is derived from the Greek form of the Phoenician Tanith, which means “serpent lady.”
  • Tanit is the Phoenician mythological name for the goddess of love, the moon, and the stars.
  • Tiamat is derived from the Sumerian elements ti (“life”) and ama (“mother”), and means “mother of life.”

Unisex/ neutral names

If you’re looking for a lovely name that exudes power and strength, these inspiring dragon names are ideal.

Gender-neutral dragon names include:

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  • Drake – one who possesses the powers of both a snake and a dragon.
  • Brantley – one of the most well-known fire dragon names.
  • Ryoko is a wonderful child.
  • Arrow is a dragon-slayer.
  • Tatsuya – the dragon’s sign.
  • Pachua – a water snake with feathers.
  • Chance – good fortune or luck.
  • Aidan is a small fire.
  • Blaze is a fire breather.
  • Xiuhcoatl – the fire serpent or the destroyer.

Ice dragon names

Dragons appear in Game of Thrones and are capable of breathing cold air and freezing humans. Here are some dragon names that are heavily influenced by them.

  • Absinthe – bitterness, wormwood
  • Blizzard – a snowstorm
  • Chilalea is a snowbird.
  • Daenerys, the Lady of Light
  • Eisdrachen is German for “ice dragon.”
  • Eirwen means “blessed snow.”
  • Etoirir is the blue champion.
  • Frostine is the ice queen.
  • Lodsmok means “ice dragon” in Polish.
  • Nidhogg – strong.
  • Nieves – Snow Lady.
  • Frost – Sarmite
  • Snowstorm – heavy snowfall combined with wild weather.
  • White – Valkoinen
  • Watatsumi – an ancient Japanese water deity.
  • Yukiharu is the snow ruler.
  • Yukina is a snow flower.Npower Recruitment

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What are some good fire dragon names?

Take a look at these fiery dragon names.

  • Comet – Starblaze
  • Reombarth means “quiet.”
  • Blaze represents fire.
  • Jergintarth – the ignitor.
  • Unniass – the most powerful.
  • Archion was an ancient Athens chief magistrate.
  • Abeloth, the Chaos Bringer
  • Bazzoit – the talented.
  • Zysyss – the everlasting one.
  • Frerryry – the strong one.
  • Rex is the king.
  • Cedric – bountiesJAMB Form

What is a cute name for a dragon?

Here are some imaginative dragon names:

  • Trixie – joy-bringer
  • Sydney – broad meadow
  • Harper – a musician, especially one who plays the harp.
  • Opal is a type of gemstone.
  • Merlin is a sea fortress.
  • Fluffy – filled with fluff
  • Beardie – a cute nickname for your pet.
  • Fabio – a nobleman from the Fabian family.
  • Durian, a spiny oval tropical fruit with a creamy pulp
  • Pickles are cucumbers that have been preserved.
  • Sugar is a crystalline sweet substance.
  • Cricket – a grasshopper-related insect with shorter legs.
  • Pebble refers to a small stone.
  • Sprinkles are tiny drops or particles of a substance.
  • Inferno – a large, dangerously out-of-control fire.
  • Smokey – containing or smelling of smoke
  • Aiden is a firefighter.
  • Cadmus refers to dragon teeth.
  • Ehecatl means “wind serpent.”
  • Fafnir is a dwarf.
  • Kai means “fire.”
  • Nithe is a serpent.
  • Ormr translates as serpent or snake.

Cool dragon names

  • Brenna – blazing light is an awesome dragon name.
  • Edna is a fiery red.
  • Kaida is a small dragon.
  • Mindy is a dark serpent.
  • Scylla is a dragon monster.
  • Tanwen is a white fire.
  • Uwibami – a massive snake.
  • Wyvern is a dragon.
  • Antoinette is invaluable.
  • Absinthe – a beverage
  • Rex is the king.
  • Sobek, the Nile’s god.
  • Ebeneezer is a helpful stone.
  • Elmo: helmet and protection.
  • Eponine is the horse goddess.
  • Bonaventure – fortune.
  • Briony means “to sprout.”
  • Hamnet – house, house, house.
  • Hedwig – battle, combat.
  • Dino – a dinosaur.
  • Glismoda is a gothic surname.WAEC Result

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More amazing dragon names

Continue reading for more exciting dragon names:

  • Doryu – someone who understands dragon behavior.
  • Ejder – solemn and thoughtful.
  • Fraener is a dwarf.
  • Jiao-long – sized
  • Ju-long – massive and powerful.
  • Khuzaimah means “tree.”
  • Libelle is a dragonfly.
  • Deadheart means “cold heart.”
  • Druk – Bhutanese mythology’s thunder creature.
  • Ghidorah is a three-headed hydra.
  • Helios is the sun god.
  • Knucker is a water dragon.
  • Nocturne – of light
  • Oboth is a biblical name.
  • Shenron – inspired by the Dragon Ball anime.
  • Irad – Biblical allusion.
  • Melly – courageous and one-of-a-kind.
  • Syrax possesses charisma.
  • Yang is courageous.
  • Akhekh – a fantastic Egyptian beast.
  • Campe is a winged serpent.
  • Heperios – a defender of Golden Apples.
  • Kraken – Ketos
  • Kur is the very first creature.
  • Draigoch – strong.
  • Alduin is a Skyrim character.
  • Enywas – a Darkmere native.
  • Marun represents lightning.
  • Naga – a character from Fire Emblem.
  • Singe – Dragon’s Lair.
  • Synn – a D&D character.
  • Corypheus – top, head
  • Chinglai – powerful.
  • Brugmo means thunder.
  • Astrite – quick.
  • Eltanin – the head.
  • Jeysar, the crouching tiger
  • Kagero – scenery and view
  • Laurana – a spelling variation of Laura.
  • Leliana is a Dragon Age character.
  • Longxing – content.
  • Meguro – situation.
  • Ryoma – the truth.
  • Ryuhei is noble and prosperous.
  • Sarkan means “dragon” in Slovak.
  • Seiryu means imperial.
  • Shulgan is the water king.
  • Solontu means horned.
  • Uryuu – cloudy.
  • Yongjin – genuine, genuine.
  • Zilong – a childJAMB Result

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How to choose a dragon name

If you’re looking for a name for your fictitious reptile, a piece of advice would be to choose one based on its personality.

If your pet is amusing and lively, you could choose a quirky and amusing option for it. However, if the situation is serious, perhaps a more reserved one would suffice.

Dragon names are distinctive and distinct. You can be certain that there is a female, male, or unisex option that meets your requirements.

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