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How To Download WhatsApp

You want to download whatsApp? You want to show someone else how to download whatsapp?

The WhatsApp application was one of the first pioneering messaging apps in the advent of the Smartphone generation.

As such, its popularity grew and spread like wildfire. As a result, it created a huge user base that spanned across nations and continents.

Furthermore, there is almost no Smartphone in existence today that does not have a preinstalled WhatsApp application in it.

How To Download WhatsApp
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If there isn’t, then the user must download it from Google Play Store or some other App stores/providers online.

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile communications app developed by WhatsApp Inc. now owned by the founder of Facebook, Mark Zucherburg.

With WhatsApp Messenger, you get a free communications platform just like Viber, Skype, 2Go and many other communications applications.

The application has also been totally freed from its initial annual subscription. Even so, it still needs access to your mobile data plan or Wi-Fi connection to send messages, make calls (audio and video), and share multimedia content like video, photos, and voice messages.

The messaging App’s fast real-time messaging capability and great VoIP quality of course are major contributors to its tremendous success.

This provides unmatched quality of services with its various communication features. Below listed are some of the distinctive features of WhatsApp:

Distinctive Features Of The Latest WhatsApp Version

a. Voice/audio (voice) calls

b. Video calls

c. Group chats

d. Message broadcast

e. In – chat direct message replies

f. Motion and Motionless Status updates

g. Chat background gallery

h. Send audio and video files options

i. In – app sound notifications

j. Chat head (usually in android phones)

k. Camera and chat search options

l. Archived chats/messages option

m. Starred message options

Message preview (when app is not launched)

WhatsApp web

Lock screen options

Screen rotation options

a. Help options

b. Send and Receive animated GIFs

c. Draw or add text and emojis to photos

b. Vibration and ringtone options and much more.

Brief Review Of Some Of Features

One feature that was sadly unavailable on the WhatsApp messaging application but quite prevalent among its then existing competitors at its early appearance was the Video Calls and Voice Calls.

Nevertheless, developers of the WhatsApp messaging application have been able to incorporate these features in the application. This has made it an even more interesting and engaging messaging application to have on a very good Smartphone.

Unlike other messaging applications, WhatsApp is given full credit on its successful implementation of the Group Chatting feature, Broadcast Message feature, and an excellent message Backup System. This feature is usually not taken into consideration in other messaging applications.

Most noteworthy of is the WhatsApp web feature. It gives the user the ability to automatically synchronize mobile WhatsApp and laptop WhatsApp.

Amazing isn’t it? Using an automated computer generated barcode, the mobile WhatsApp scans and connects to the WhatsApp on the user’s computer/laptop.

This feature makes it easy for laptop/tablet users to easily reach their application and attend to messages from friends, colleagues and loved ones without necessarily having to pick up their phones or tablets.

In addition to all of these, WhatsApp most recently did away with its yearly service subscriptions, which was an annual subscription amount of $0.99. This made the messaging services of the application completely free which in turn opened it up to even much more consumers all over the world.

The WhatsApp Chat Head is a very unique feature that was recently added to the beauty of the latest versions of the application. It automatically creates a chat head of the person the user is currently chatting with. The chat head appears in a circular shape at one corner of the screen of the user’s phone.

This feature helps you keep track and close proximity with your ongoing conversations, while you’re able to attend to other applications on your phone.

This feature is mostly available on android phones. For users of Microsoft Windows Lumia products, you may not necessarily find this feature there.

The features of WhatsApp mentioned above may or may not appear on all types of phones due to the variation in the app versions and due to the operating systems existing in different phones.

In any case, whatever model of device and operating system you choose to use (Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS and Blackberry), make sure you download the very latest available version of the WhatsApp application.

The application makes use of your phone number to create an account. It then imports your address book to find contacts that are also using the WhatsApp messaging application.

Once you have logged in on the WhatsApp Messenger, it stays logged in. While you are offline, you’ll be notified of missed messages and calls the next time you go online the way every other messaging application does.

Finally, below are reliable and safe links to downloading WhatsApp for different kinds of phones:

Links To Download WhatsApp (For Windows Phones)

Download the app directly from the Windows App Store after signing in on your windows phone using your Microsoft account details. So…

Go to the app store and type in WhatsApp in the search option. Once displayed, click on Install and follow the rest of the download prompts.

For Laptop users with the Windows operating system, download the application directly from the Windows App Store here

For Android Phones

1. Get the latest version of WhatsApp here. After that,

2. Click on install. Then,

3. Follow the rest of the install prompts to successfully install WhatsApp

Or, Download the app directly from the play store using this link

For all other devices

1. Click on this WhatsApp link to access download options for your device. After that,

2. Select your device category as displayed on the site. Then,

3. Click on the download or install button. If your device already has the WhatsApp app on it, the button will indicate Installed.

After that, follow the prompts to install it. It is that easy to download whatsApp.

In conclusion, if you have followed this guide from the beginning to this point, Congratulations!!! You have successfully downloaded or learned how to download whatsApp, the best and most popular social communication platforms in the world.

Therefore, Enjoy knowing how to download whatsApp!!!

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