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How To Make Beads In Nigeria

Like I always tell people, as a business owner or a prospective business owner, you have to shy away from shyness. Talk about your business and services at every chance you have gotten.

Now what are my reasons for this? People enjoy been seen in the company of successful men and women, and how are this successful people identified?

They are perceived to be bold, expressive, confident, sociable and verbally fluent. When you share your business services in a a confident, self assured and an assured manner, it inspires interest and enhances recognition.

How To Make Beads In Nigeria
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In contrast, shy people are perceived as ineffective communicators, lacking initiative or having no drive or ambition. As a prospective business owner, you should be your greatest asset, learn to speak up and sell yourself and business

Back to the subject, bead making, some many people have ventured into this business and are making it already as we are in the era when beads are hitting high in the fashion world.

Moving into this business is a good decision especially in a country where there is high rate of unemployment. It does not require a large startup capital but a little capital with lots of hard work and dedication can get it on a move.

Beads have become part of today’s trending fashion and lifestyle especially for women. If you attend occasions like weddings, corporate events and traditional festival you will definitely concur.

With the tremendous trending effect of bead in this part of the world, one can venture into bead making business, making a living out of it.

Bead making is quite easy to learn and less time consuming, it can possibly be learnt without the help of a tutor but an instruction manual is needed.

The materials are not expensive and are easily accessible.  One of the advantages  of bead making is that  it can be carried out anywhere, at home or when less busy at work that is does not require a specific location

Do you to venture into bead making business; here is a guide for you:

Passion for Beads Making

Passion is emotion or a strong desire that gets you doing thing. It fuels your fire of action. Passion yields no worthwhile results without actions. Passion takes vulnerability and work but at the end, the outcome of such efforts will be the most fulfilling to your life.

Creativity for Beads Making

Firstly do not perceive yourself as bein ‘uncreative’. Creativity is an idea that has value. We are all born artist, the problem is remaining one.

No idea is original, steal from anywhere that inspires your imagination and create yours. Its not about where you take things from but rather where your take things to

Acquire the skill for Beads Making

Attend bead making training centers or get instruction materials online and practice. Practice makes perfect

Get Clients for Beads Making

Like i earlier started, you should be your asset as a business owner , be ready to talk, be ready to convince be ready sell your beads at every chance you get.

Be it in a social gathering, wedding, or any other occasions, meet neighbours and friends. Most importantly be approachable

Expand Your Knowledge for Beads Making

Expand your knowledge base. Get updated with trending fashions and styles. Get to know the kind of beads that fits different occasion and work on that.

Be exposed to beads imagery. Bead designs/styles reflect different occasions, put this into consideration when designing for a client

Here are just the basic steps you need to know in bead making. You can use the knowledge acquired to come up with unique designs and styles. You may not get it right at first trials but with constant practice, you can become a professional

Some basic materials needed for bead making includes

a. Cutters

b. Scissors

c. Round nose pliers

d. Hooks

e. Stoppers

f. Beads of various colors

g. Strings

h. Flexible beading wire and beading thread

i. Needles

Direction for Beads Making

a. Firstly you have to decide the length of the finishing line to be used; the length of the finishing line should depend on the style of the necklace and be sure to add a few inches for the clasp/hook. Measure the length of the wire and cut it with a cutter.

b. Hold the finishing line, one edge at the left hand and the other edge at the right hand. Then push in one bead to the left and another to the right, continue in this process until it gets to the number of beads required or you desire.

Different colours can be interchanged for a unique design. N.B How you thread the beads and the number of beads you string per time depends on the design you are trying to make

c. When you done with stringing the beads, add fix two stoppers each on both the right hand side and the left hand side i.e. two on the left and another two on the right side.

d. Fix the chain hook. Do not pull the fishing so tight so you don’t end up with a rigid and triangular shaped necklace. Make it a bit loose, leave a little space in-between the beads so as to get a perfect round look necklace

e. After fixing the hook, few numbers of beads should be added to the remaining finishing line through the hook and the stopper to prevent beads from falling easily from the line

f. The last and final step is clipping the fishing line with the round nose pliers. This is to hold the bead in place

g. This is a concise guideline for learning how to make beads. When you acquainted with these techniques, it will be a lot easier to make beads of various styles and designs which may diversify into making other clothing accessories like earrings, purses with beads and bracelets.

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