How To Make Nigerian Agidi Or Eko

Follow this guide to learn how to make Nigerian agidi. See the complete recipes and methods to prepare agidi in nigeria.

Agidi or Eko is a special Nigerian delicacy made from corn flour. It is not specific to any ethnic group as it is extremely versatile and delicious.

There are two types of agidi/eko, there is the white plain agidi and the agidi jollof, both of which are very delicious and filling.

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How To Make Nigerian Agidi Or Eko
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The nutritional benefits of agidi cannot be over emphasized. Firstly, it reduces risk of blood pressure because of its high potassium and zero sodium content, it’s a good source of carbohydrate, hence it is highly recommended for athletes, it replaces lost body fluid with its high water content, its easily digested, it is one hundred percent natural, and helps nursing mothers increase the flow of their breast milk.

Agidi is usually eaten alongside pepper soup [ either cat fish pepper soup, regular beef or goat meat pepper soup], akara, okro soup.

The jollof agidi can be eaten with Nigerian fried plantain or Nigerian fried yam. In the article I’ll be walking you through making your own plain agidi and agidi jollof in quick easy steps.

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Ingredients for Plain Agidi

1 cup of corn flour [ corn starch] or 200g wet corn starch [akamu /ogi]

700ml of cold water

Uma leaves [Thaumatococcus danielli] for wrapping


a. Mix corn starch in the 700ml of cold water in a pot.

b. Stir continuously till a smooth mixture is formed, free of lumps. In order to achieve this easier, you can add the water little by little while stirring.

c. Place the pot over low heat and begin to stir with a wooden spatula.

d. You’ll notice the mixture begin to get thicker and slightly transparent and clumped together. Keep stirring to avoid getting it burnt.

e. Add water to the edges of the agidi and the leave to simmer.

f. In order to check if the agidi is done take a little scoop in a small spoon and drop in a bowl of cool water. If it forms a firm lump on cooling, then it’s ready.

g. When the agidi is ready, remove from heat.

h. Wash uma leaves in clean cold water.

i. Scoop cooling agidi into two leaves placed on each other and wrap carefully to attain the popular triangular agidi shape.

j. Leave to cool and serve as desired.

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Ingredients for Jollof Agidi

a. 300 g chewable bones from beef

b. 200g corn flour [corn starch] or wet corn starch [akamu/ogi]

c. Fresh or tinned tomatoes

d. Vegetable oil

e. 2 Seasoning / stock cubes

f. Uma leaves for wrapping

g. Half teaspoon curry powder

h. Ground pepper and salt to taste

i. Onions

j. 200ml cold water

k. Hot water

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a. First you would need to prepare agidi stew.

b. Boil the chewable bones in a little water with onions and mild seasoning till tender.

c. Heat some vegetable oil in a separate pot. Add the tomatoes and begin to fry

d. Add onions, curry powder, seasoning cubes, salt and pepper.

e. Stir constantly for 10-15 minutes till the tomatoes are completely free of its raw tangy taste.

f. Remove from heat and set the stew aside.

g. Now for the agidi.

h. Mix the corn starch with a little water in a pot and stir properly to remove lumps and form a slightly runny paste.

i. Boil water, pour boiling water over the corn flour and water mixture and stir repeatedly again to ensure it doesn’t form lumps.

j. Put pot on heat and allow the agidi to simmer.

k. Add a little water to the sides of the agidi in the pot and boil till it’s done.

l. Remove from heat and pour the stew into the agidi. Mix thoroughly till the stew and agidi are evenly mixed.

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m. Wash the uma leaves in cold water and wrap as previously described push one bone into each agidi before wrapping.

Now your agidi jollof is ready to be enjoyed with a cold drink, Nigerian fried plantain and Nigerian fried yam as you desire.

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