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How To Produce Candles In Nigeria

Business Overview

Candle making business thrives in Nigeria and this business has a high profit potential and this article shows how to start this business.

The art of making things involves innovation and entrepreneurship and candle making is just one of the ventures that is practicable in Nigeria.

Making business in Nigeria does not involve too much capital and you can start with little capital. Nevertheless the coming of torches that are rechargeable and lamps alike tends to be gradually replacing the use of candles in many homes.

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How To Produce Candles In Nigeria
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However candles have many uses in Nigeria and students use it because it is cheaper for them and it is also utilised for decoration purposes and restaurants and candle makers are also users.

History of Candles

Candles were making use of oil lamps before the coming of candles and these oil lamps made use of a wick that is lit on a container that contains liquid oil.

There was a tendency for the spillage of the liquid oil and also a need to advance the wick. Then in 500 BCE, the Romans began utilising candles dipped and this was from tallow.

Europeans made candles from many categories of tallow wax and natural fat and also candles consists of tallow then because of the cost connected with the use of beewax.

Possibilities show their existence in Ancient Greece and nevertheless the earliest candles we know was in 200BC and that was in China.

Candle Making In Europe

Making candles have in France and England revolutionized to a craft.
Another name for making candles is chandlers and they go then from one house to another producing candles from the fats from kitchens and selling took place in little ships. There was burning of beewax and this is without using a flame that is smoky.

Candles of beewax tends to become very expensive and it is affordable to only few people in the Europe then. Church events and ceremonies were mostly the users.

Later the use of seed oil and colza became substitutes that are cheaper and then in 1834, Joseph Morgan came with the machinery method of making candles.

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The Candle Making Process

Candle making process involves certain processes and there are materials necessary for this:
Take a good look at a candle around it and ask yourself, how is it made?

You will notice a tiny thread and wax running downwards to up. Notice that it requires something oily and this is to prevent burning without control. Now the necessary materials for candles are:
a. Stearic acid
b. Wick
c. Wax

Candle Wick

This wick is a thread that is tiny and runs from down to up. This is the main part of a candle and braided wick is commonly in use.

Size of materials and candles are factors that determine the category of wick. There is also soaking of the paraffin wax and a thinner wick is required.

If you are using a beewax you will need a wick that is thinner and you need to know something about it. Focus on the paraffin wax and consider the wick quality due to the fact that wick has the capacity for the destruction of candle and this is because it makes the candle to burn in a faster manner causing the candle fire to quench.

Candle Wax

Candle wax is the major raw materials and this constitute a larger part of the candle. Use the wax for moulding the candle to a particular shape and melting happens when there is fire contact. Paraffin wax is a category of candle for this and candles were using beeswax for making candles long time ago.

This beeswax comes from bees and this era of beewax, the next was the discovery of paraffin wax and it tends to possess better properties of combustion since there is lower affinity. It also takes an extra time to melt and it tends to last for longer periods.

Paraffin wax comes in diverse colors and prices and you easily find it inside the market. When you ask for candle wax, they present you with paraffin.

The marketing for this is in pellets and slabs and the slab range is within the range of 1500 naira and 2000 naira and this depends on the quality that you are requesting. The cost of a full carton ranges between N8000 and N8500 and this depends on some factors.

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Acids (stearic) for candles

Stearic was the wax used for making candles and this was before the coming of paraffin. Large wicks are used and today the stearic acid now helps in the combustion process with the paraffin. This is mixing of this acid using wax and this is wax functions as fuel and regulator.

This acid is what keeps the fire alive and it is a fatty acid (crystalline) that is often odorless and wireless.

Colours and mixing in candle making

Do not add excessive stearic acid during the mixing of the wax and acid. Take note that you can also make coloured candles since you want it colorful for special purposes and ensure the colours does not influence the burning so use colors that are greasy.

The Process of Candle Production

The process of production can be manual or mechanized. Candle machine cost ranges from a hundred thousand naira and upwards and this depends on the capability and size. The methods are involved in the making of candles.

Pouring Process in candle making

This process is simple and there is simple and there is mixing of hot and melted raw materials. Get a tube that has the shape of candle and if you are using machines, then you may need a series. Place the wick inside and pour the hot wax inside the tube and then allow cooling.

Pressing process in candle making

The popularity of this method came about during the coming of paraffin wax and making into a powdery form is also possible. Apply much heat to bring the mass together and for it to become thicker resulting in candles.

Nevertheless the pouring method is mainly applied by small scale ventures. However other categories of candles for special purposes are usable in spite of the basic white candles. Try other categories too and this depends on the use.

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Now you know how to make candles and this has a profit potential. Ask yourself what you are waiting for to try this. Make your choice and do something. A positive attitude will keep you going.

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