How To Produce A Movie In Nigeria

The Movie Business Overview

The production of movies is a booming industry in Nigeria and Nollywood actors and actresses are into this game. Many movies of Nigeria come out and this coming out is on a weekly and daily basis for some.

Also the rate of release for these movies have some impact globally and there is an increasing trend in the growth of the movie industry.

Nollywood has an effect in the global movie industry. A movie success depends on many factors and one of them is the target audience.

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How To Produce A Movie In Nigeria
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The Profitability Of The Movie Business In Nigeria

There are many steps for producing movies and to become a good one, you have to comprehend the steps in this article.

The rate of the consumption of the Nigerian movies is much and many families in Nigeria watch Nigerian movies.

Steps In Movie Production

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The following steps are involved when it comes to making movies in Nigeria and they are:

Step 1: Producing movies

This step is the foundation stage for making this movie and this happens to be the longest phase for making movies and also the most important. The production of each film starts with an idea and this idea may be non fiction or fiction.

The story is put together in form of a script and the script also has another name which is the screenplay. There is revision of this many times and this is before making the last version.

The Movie Script

The script for shooting consists of the film dialogue and this include a short description of the action to happen. It also offers a guide to the technical facts like transitions and directions for camera across various scenes.

Nevertheless once a producer perceives that there is a potential for screenplay, he buys it and then sign on an actress or an actor and a director that is reputable.

The Storyboard for movies

A category of appeal will be created as the film comes out and it is a top star or direction that forms this. This is another attribute of production and this has the name of storyboarding.

The storyboard consists of many sketches that show many film sequences and this include the ones that have action.

Another feature of this stage is that the storyboard tends to involve time saving when filming takes place and this serves like a blueprint.

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Other Production Processes and items for movies

Other items that has to be in place include:
a) Getting locations that are suitable
b) Proper camera positioning
c) Effective arrangement of the requirements for travelling
d) Designing of the interior
e) Preparation of the costume
f) Making up
g) Lighting features
h) Stunts that are special consisting of effects and sounds

Step 2: Bringing movies To The Film Stage

The process of shooting a movie can consume time and this is expensive and this tends to be tedious. It costs up to 1000 naira for each time that gets wasted and crew members, actors and equipments tends to undergo moving to a remote part of the planet.

Nevertheless inspite of the location where the shooting happens, every filming day makes use of bite that is sizeable from the budget and there is supervising for each scene and it is the director that does this.

Making movie scenes

Majority of the scenes of this movie undergo filming using a camera that is single and the result is that there is performing of the scene again and again for the angle of the camera.

Also there may be need to do each of the shots in a repeatable manner and this gets a performance and correct technical matters. The name of each filming attempt is a take and they may be need for up to fifty or more of this.

However there is a viewing by the director towards the end of a particular shooting and here here he decides on the one to save. Filming can be up to months or weeks.

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Step 3: Post Producing Of movies

There is editing of the film and this forms a motion picture for this producing stage. The synchronization of the audio track is also available and then the editor joins the raw footage into a version that is preliminary and the name of this is the rough cut.

The features of this stage include visual and sound effects. Computer graphics perform certain complex aspects of making films and this include cinematography (special effects).

The resulting effect of this car can be life-like and spectacular and there is addition of the musical score as post production takes place.

Step 4: Last Step

Then there is release of the film to the theaters and then the marketing trends follow. The target audience of a movie on certain factors and there are questions pertaining to the release of movies in terms of texture of the movie.

Marketing Of Movies

There are matters of publicity after producing movies and advertisement comes in here. The presentation of the movies determines certain factors and use catchy scenes for advertising.

Another thing you can do is premiering on certain cinemas and sponsoring adverts can also promote this.

Managing This Movie Business

You need to implement effective and proper management skills in this business and this include your team management.

You also need to do the necessary market analysis to determine the impact of your movie on the viewing public and this is in terms of demand and supply.

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Nollywood is among the largest movie makers in the continent of Africa and movie making business is not just for Nigerian consumers since there are many viewers from outside Nigeria.

More and more movies continue to come out on a weekly basis and these movies are from the actors of Nollywood. There is market expansion for Nigerian movies and this is due to more farmilies watching it.

This article is about starting a movie making business in Nigeria and if you have any questions, then get in touch.

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