10 Security Tips for Those Living in Lagos, Nigeria

Are you just arriving in Lagos or a permanent Lagos resident? If yes, see the 10 Security Tips for Those Living in Lagos, Nigeria. You will definitely need this information if you want to stay out of trouble.

Nigeria, as a country is currently facing security challenges, and this has taken away the sleep of residents, even as people are scared to travel within the country.

However, in this article, my focus is going to be on security tips for those, who live within Lagos in Nigeria. This has called for the need to safeguard your properties, yourself and also the member of your family, otherwise, you will place yourself and member of your family at the peril of social vices.

10 Security Tips for Those Living in Lagos, Nigeria

As l said earlier that in this article my focus will be on the security tips for those living in Nigeria, below are some of these tips.

1. You Need To Be Vigilant:

Being vigilant in Lagos state as a resident is very important and necessary. To be watchful and at the same time, being a security alert is really paying, and that is one of the wisdom elements.

Everyone is expected to be aware of the sharp spirited and psyched up to happenings capacity built-in around them.

You have to be observant, and perceptive as well as, report every unwholesome or unusual behaviour within your environment

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2. You Should Keep Gadgets Close at Night:

This is very important! Experience has taught that to have your gadgets close to you during night time is utmost important.

You see, gadgets like radios, and phones that have been loaded with airtime, and also even your torchlight are so important to be close to you at night, where you can easily reach at and can be helpful during times of danger.

It is common knowledge that SOS Phone calls have saved many lives.

3. Avoid Giving Out Information Carelessly:

You do not have to give out information carelessly. This can seems even rather normal for a lot of Nigerians.

You have to be careful because sometimes, secret information and secret data can leak out of your mouth without knowing, either willingly in the public or even in a situation when you are happy.

Always keep important information about yourself and your family members secret, not all information you can share in the public.

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4. Discurage Yourself From Late Night Outing:

It is advisable to make sure that you avoid late night outing. There is a security problem in the country, therefore you have to take the security situation of this country into consideration, that is why it is wise for everyone including you to discourage yourself from late-night outing. Evil doings are mostly carried out during night hours, so avoid it.

5. Have A Conscious Mind:

You never could tell if your house is a target by the evil men, so what do you do then to escape such danger, should it calls?

You have to live and maintain a conscious mind in your home. This day in this country, almost every home, especially here in Lagos is a potential target by these men of under-world, but however, the more you continue in maintaining a sense of consciousness, and that of neighbor-lessness and that of community togetherness, and security, defense will become a problem of the past.

6. Make Sure Your Examine Visitors:

This is very necessary and important, you are obliged to make sure that you examine every visitor, who visit your home.

It is also your duty to always make sure that, you check every eternal body who come to your house and get all vetted before you allow them in.

A good number of them could be hoodlums, and in most cases, they act on uniform as personnel of NPF or those of PHCN Staff. Make sure they are always scrutinized and keep them at a distance.

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7. Identify Weaknesses In Your Home:

You have to also make sure that you identify every weakness that you might have in your home, this is important.

Every individual and every corporate organization is obliged to always note and as well, consider the weaknesses in their individual home and organization.

Having identified these weaknesses in your home or in your organization, you are then expected to make sure that these weaknesses are solved as a matter of urgency, work hard to solve those weaknesses.

Weaknesses here are bad locks, and bad doors and faulty bulbs, all these and others can actually be an incentive for some thefts and also can attract burglars.

8. Have Home Security Equipment:

This is also important, and it is necessary that you have home security equipment at your home. For your home, a security issue has not been talked about this way than now.

You should make sure that you have basic security appliances such as lights, and windows, and doors as well as, gates, these should be available and make sure they are secured at night period.

Lock your doors and draw your curtain and close your gates.

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9. Have Good Relationship With Your Neighbours:

You have to maintain a good and positive relationship with every one in your neighbourhood.

Make sure you go some mile to have a safe neighborhood. This brings about a lockout situation, it involves every suburb as well as,  guarantees a watchful community and also vigilant locality.

10. Have A Simple Lifestyle:

You should make sure you live a simple and also a responsible lifestyle.

Make sure you drive off every attention from evil men and from hoodlums.

You must conduct activities moderately and also avoiding glitz because this can indeed help to make somebody less of threat personality.


As a person, you alone can actually secure yourselves. There can never be any surveillance like you being one. You must also note that your personal safety is most paramount and do not expect any officer to protect you more than how you can protect yourself.

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