Notable Social Amenities Or Infrastructures Lacking In Tanke, Ilorin Kwara State

Our dear country, Nigeria has been blessed with a whole lot of human resources. But sometimes, I wonder what the use of these resources if more than half of them are not availed with basic social amenities that would enable them live a somewhat comfortable life.

Almost all the states in the country, save for a few are lacking basic amenities. Tanke area in Ilorin, Kwara state is not left out here.

I think it is high time the government started paying proper attention to its citizens. In saner climes, the story is an entirely different one as citizens are provided with dividends of democracy.

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Notable Social Amenities Or Infrastructures Lacking In Tanke, Ilorin Kwara State
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Over here, even after placing our trust in the hands of some politician to come lead us, they end up “slying” us. And to be candid, it does not at all speak well of our integrity as a country. It shows we are easily compromised by power.

Truth is, we do not want to keep hammering on why things are bad. What we are about to do now is to put out a list of those things that are lacking.

This would definitely enable the government to know where to focus their manpower. Below is a list of the basic social amenities lacking in my community.

1. A good road transport system

First, on the road transport, I must say that our roads are in a very disheartening state. Instead of being roads, they can now be classified as death traps.

The roads we see around are poorly used and maintained, which translates that both the government and citizens are faulted in this aspect.

With a good road facility lacking, it makes it very hard to do business because the transportation of goods and services would be hectic.

Bad roads also increase the incidence of accidents on the way. A typical example is the recent fall of a bridge along Mokwa – Jebba road, which trapped a petrol tanker under it.

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2. Good rail transport

The last time I used a rail transport from Ilorin to minna would be the very last time as I had a very tiring and unfavorable experience.

Inside the train which was very unkept and not appealing to any extent, I had to stand throughout twelve hours on the journey.

The Nigerian rail system is in a very shabby condition presently. In saner climes, the rail system is one of the very best. This is why governors in Nigeria who don’t even use the road transport can go abroad and use their rail system.

3. Good and portable water

With the incidence of cholera on the rise, I must say that Nigerians have been somewhat careless with how clean and portable their water is. When you check around, you get to see people who consume very dirty water.

I was en route sometime back, when I saw a commercial water seller filling his jerry cans with water from a river. This same river is used to fish, swim and defecate by other people.

And he would go on to sell that water for consumption to the public. This would not be so if the government had provided a very good and portable water for her citizens. Creation of boreholes and taps at strategic places in the community would be just okay.

4. Good housing system

In saner climes, the government embark on policies that would improve housing amongst their citizens, but no, Nigeria is not a sane clime, talk less of Ilorin.

The housing structure and cost of getting a house over here is beyond normal capabilities. Won’t it be better if we employ the rent per month system to ease the huge amount of money tenants have to pay as rent every year? I think it will.

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5. Proper drainage system

With the rise in the occurrence of flood in the country,I think the country should already be making plans to revamp the drainage system all around.

If a very “advance” place like lekki could be overshadowed by flood, you should imagine what would happen to Ilorin if that kind of rain falls over here.

Over here, there is an enormous lack of a good drainage system which I think should not be a big deal for the government to create. What should remain is telling the citizens how to maintain it by not dumping refuse in it. But…

6. Good education

By mere observation, I can boldly say that more than half of the children in the country are receiving no or poor education which shouldn’t be so.

The chants of “we are the leaders of tomorrow” is always heard, but what is unfortunate is that the government of the day is not helping the country secure its future at all.

Why can they not replicate the days of Chief Obafemi Awolowo when there was free education for the people in his region?

Do they want to hand over this country to uneducated future leaders? I guess not. This is why an educational reform should be embarked upon as soon as possible.

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7. Stable electricity

Now, this one aspect that affects nearly all other aspects. Truth is the country has an extremely poor and unstable electricity.

By extension, this issue of poor electricity affects business, education, entertainment, industry and as many sectors you can think of.

When people have to employ the use of generators or inverters to run their businesses, the cost of the output would surely be increased and this could be unfavorable to the consumers who are innocent citizens.

Well, since we have taken the time to list out some of the very basic amenities we are lacking, we do expect the government to swing into action as soon as possible.

The listed amenities above are not complete but we believe that if these on are taken care of, others would fall in place automatically.

When we see developed nations and read about them, we would discover that before they reached the height of where they currently are, they started out by making available some of these basic things.

So when all these are available, it is a right platform to build the country and take it from being developing to developed.

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