How to Start Working in the Tech Industry in Nigeria

Striving to improve your situation in life is an instinct we all possess. The most efficient way to do that is to find a job that is in demand, as those jobs often pay the best.

Although in the past work in oil companies was considered as the most prestigious, nowadays, the most lucrative jobs are in the tech business.

Tech companies cover all sorts of areas, from online casinos to smartphones and computer tech, which means that the market is as diverse as it gets.

Technology is a big part of our lives, and the demand for it keeps growing with each passing year. Major tech companies need to keep up with what the masses want, which in turn makes them hire more and more employees.

How to Start Working in the Tech Industry in Nigeria

Even though unemployment rates in Nigeria stood at 23.13%in 2018 (according to the National Bureau of Statistics), many citizens began to see the potential that lies with joining major tech companies to secure employment.

If you are interested in working in the field, learn more about what’s in demand in the market and what you need to do to try for a job.

Jobs to Consider in the Tech Industry in Nigeria

So what kind of jobs are available in tech companies in Nigeria?

  • System analyst – The job of an analyst entails checking systems and programs to make them work more efficiently.
  • Web developer – Anyone with that job title specializes in developing applications or programs for websites.
  • Information security analyst – When a company wants to protect its product and systems, there is a need for an expert who knows how to prevent information from leaking to the masses.
  • Mobile app developer – Since mobile phones are the future of technology, people who know how to create apps are in high demand.
  • Database Administrator – Big firms have a lot of data to keep track of, which means that they need experts to store and organize data.

Most jobs require that you have a computer-related degree. More often than not, a degree in computer science, software engineering, or management of information systems will be suitable.

Where to Look for a Job

When looking at job openings, you have two routes you can choose: either you look for a job in major companies, or you opt for start-ups that may accept less experienced employees.

Major companies might be more demanding in nature, as they require you to come to them with experience and more maturity, but they often offer better terms of employment.

Some of the biggest tech companies in Nigeria include the Nigerian Google branch, Etisalat, and MTN Nigeria.

Start-up companies, on the other hand, might accept less experienced employees, but those companies offer smaller salaries and volatile conditions.

To look for a job in either of those fields, you should search the internet for job offers, and you will be able to go from there.

Useful Tips

There are a few things you can do to increase your chances of finding a tech-related job.

First and foremost, get the right degree. Major companies tend to look at your grades in addition to the quality of your education, as studying in a well-known university will give you an advantage over other applicants.

If you aren’t able to go to university, completing relevant online courses might get you started on the right path. See: Top 10 Skills in High Demand in Nigeria Currently

Another thing you can do is branch out. Make sure that people in the industry know your name, and you can achieve that by joining social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Last, but not least, be more creative when you search for a job opening. Although there are many websites that gather information about available postings in your region, sometimes companies avoid publicizing their job offers on such platforms.

Instead, you can target specific companies you’re interested in joining, and look for job offers on their official website. Also, you can contact people that work in those companies and send them your CV, so they will know you’re interested in a job.

In Conclusion

The tech world is on fire these days, and looking for a job in the field might be your best chance to earn a decent pay-check, which is why many people try to land a job in the industry. Are you going to be one of them?

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