Steps to Start Ticketing and Reservation Business in Nigeria

Here in this post, we are going to bring to you detailed steps to start ticketing and reservation business in Nigeria. We hope you find this informative.

The aviation industry is one of the very few industries that thrive, regardless of the economic conditions of the country.

One of the most lucrative businesses in the aviation sector is the Reservation and Ticketing Business. The truth is that no matter the economic condition, people must travel either for business purposes, holiday or for medical reasons. The rush becomes even more during the holiday seasons.

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Steps to Start Ticketing and Reservation Business in Nigeria
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Reservation and Ticketing is a lucrative job, it is quite excruciating but at the same time very profitable. Reservation agents for airlines, usually stay in a big central office at the airport or somewhere close to the airport.

However, its not only airlines that employ reservation agents, they are also employed by bus transport companies and even cruise ships.

A Reservation and ticketing agent has the job of relate with customers, to arrange their schedule, plan their travel date and book a flight that is most suitable for their schedule. To get the job, most employers require only a diploma on the course.

However, other qualifications like fluency in a local language, Computer literacy, can give you an edge in this industry. Having a degree is also a big bonus for you. You can get training and diploma from any aviation school in Nigeria.

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Because of the competition in this field, securing a Reservation and ticketing agency job is quite difficult. However, if you want to start a private ticketing and reservation business, you can become the employer instead of an employee.

However, it might take some time to secure loyal customers who can simply go directly to the airline but will decide to visit your firm.

Most Airline companies that hire Reservation and ticketing agents like to pay hourly. The standard pay per hour for a starter is N 4,500 which is averaged at about 3.7 million naira monthly. As a private company, you can make twice that amount from selling tickets to customers and taking a fair commission.

This is a huge pay especially for a job that requires only a diploma. However, it is important that I state here, reservation and ticketing business is quite stressful and demanding so please take note.

Take a Training Course

To become a Reservation and ticketing agent, one must take the required training course that usually lasts 6 months, to one year.

After this training, the individual will be given a diploma which will guarantee employers, that the said applicant is capable of working as a reservation and ticketing agent in any capacity.

To cut the long story short, you cannot become a reservation and ticketing agent without taking the training course. Most aviation schools in Nigeria offer courses on this field, including some other important courses for the same job.

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Create a Business Plan

A business without a business plan, is like a house without a foundation, in summary it will collapse sooner or later. In order for your business to last and stand the test of time, you must plan the business from the onset and write down specifics, financial prospects and capital expenditure.

If you want to work for an airline or a bus company, you can decide to take more courses to have an edge in the business.

If you want to set up your own private reservation and ticketing company, you will need to write down the cost of set up, prospected financial profits and business strategies too. 

Register Your Business

Registering your business gives customers the sense that your company is professional. You will need to register your business with IATA and the CAC.

If you plan on working for an airline or another type of establishment, you do not need to worry about this, just focus on getting that diploma and any other skill that can make you have an edge in the labor market.

Get a Physical Office

This is where you will be operating from. However, your car garage or an empty room in your house can do for now. You do not want to start wasting money on things you do not even need. So keep your money and make use of any low budget alternative.

If you do not have any space in your home, you can consider renting a small space that won’t cost you too much. Note, most of the transactions with customers are via telephone or online, so a huge building with your company name encrusted on it is not so needed for the meantime.

You can hire a property agent to help you find a small space, to set up and operate from, this is of course if you do not have space in your home or a low budget alternative.

Build an Online Platform

Everything is moving from analogue to digital, people want to do things from the comfort of their home. This includes booking tickets and reservations on the Internet, instead of going to physical offices. So it is important that you get an IT expert to build a website for your company.

This website should be built in way that, individuals can book their tickets and reservations and pay easily without any problems. You can come to an agreement with airline companies to sell tickets for them, so it’s a win-win for everyone, you sell their tickets and you take your own commission from the fee.

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Employ Workers

If you plan on running a private reservation company, you will need to employ at least 2 additional workers. Customer service is of utmost priority in this line of work. To guarantee such customer service, you need more workers to answer calls from customers, Help customers arrange their schedule and reserve plane tickets for them.

Your workers should be nice, responsible and have a good problem-solving ability. Be very careful about choosing your workers and conducting interviews.


Reservation and ticketing business is a very lucrative business, so far you are willing to work for long hours and receive calls from customers. I have a relative who does this business and has two branches in Lagos and Abuja.

The communication skill is very important because you will be relating to customers directly all day.

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