10 Functions of Nigerian Air Force

The Nigerian Airforce is a military organization, with a  mission. Its mission and functions and responsibilities are  enshrined in the  constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the laws.

The Nigerian Air Force is saddled with the responsibility of preparing members of Airforce for the purpose of equipping them effectively for the operations of the war. The Airforce officials can also be prepared for military operations, and not necessary for war.

The Nigerian Air force runs some basic responsibilities: and these responsibilities can be seen in four different dimensions.

These include, support of the force and control of the air space and application of the force and multiplication of the force.

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10 Functions of Nigerian Air Force
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By explaining these responsibilities of the Nigerian Air force, one will see that, in terms of giving support for the force, the force need to be supported, , should it want its operations to be successful, and with such support every activity is likely to be successful.

In terms of control of the air space, the forces would have taken control of the airspace, by so doing, they will only work with those that are friendly and deny those they considered as enemies.

Then looking at application of the force, it permits the Nigerian Air force to attack directly against targets, whereas, the multiplication of the force allowed for  augmentation of the capacity of the Air force and allowed for surfacing for the accomplishment of the missions.

Others include, the air transportation projects and, transportation personnel. Another one is the refueling of flight among others.

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Functions Of The Nigerian Air Force

A good number of functions have been attached to the Nigerian Air force, and we are going to discuss them together in this article., and here we go;

1. Supplies Forces For Execution Of Combat Operation


Nigerian Air force, as a military organization, takes part in military operations. It does organized and undertakes training of its officers, and when there is need, the Nigerian Air force would sent men of Nigerian Air force out for the purpose of engaging them to execute combat operations.

Since they are Air force officials their combat operations are in the air. The Nigerian Air force is saddled with the responsibility of defending Nigerian nation, whenever there is an air attack.

They know how to keep and maintain air superiority, and they are expected to defeat such air enemies and take charge of every possible area.

2. Supplies Forces To Defence Airspace

One thing that is peculiar about military is training. They needed to be trained in order to be effective at the battle field. So the Nigerian Air force is not an exemption.

What they do is that, they will organized training for members of the Nigerian Air force, and then sent these officers out for operations, this operation is about defending the air against enemies or intruders, they will have to also take charge of the airspace.

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3. Supplies Forces Of Joint Air Transported Operations

Another function of the Nigerian Air force is to endow officers as well as supply them for any kind of operation, but in most cases they officers are also sent for joint air transported operations, and this will happened according to the surface forces.

In most cases too, it calls for training, and this training must be done according to the joint principle, anything short of that, the principle is violated.

4. Endows And Supply Forces For Air Mobile

Much of the Nigerian Air force combat or operations are on the air, so whatever they do, whether training of officers or endowment of officers, the end result would be to supply these officers to one form of air operation or the other.

In the case of air transport and air mobile is that, after training of Nigerian Air force officials, the officers would be sent out for air mobile and air transport, all are of the military forces.

5. Coordinates With Other Forces To Defence Airspace

When necessary,  the Nigerian Air force can coordinate with other forces in the country for the purpose of defending the Nigeria’s air space.

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6. Trains And Supply Forces For Air Photographs

Since much of what the Nigerian Air force does is in the air, sometimes, there could be a need to gather airspace data for proper disposition and strategy in event of air combat.

Besides some vital data gotten from airspace, others include, photographs. And in carrying out such task, some equipment are being used, air recognizes an electronic intelligence.

7. Develops In Coordination With Procedure In Air Operations

Most of the reason why Nigerian Air force would train and coordinates with other forces is very obvious, why because the Nigerian Air force must have to develop in coordination with other forces in terms of  doctrine, in terms of procedure, and what have you, in the air transported and air mobile operations.

8. Trains And Supply Forces For Flight Refueling

The job of the Nigerian Air force is a very delicate job, it is a kind of operation carried out there in the air, that is why, the Nigerian Air force and training are the birds of the same feathers.

That is why every now and then, you are hearing about training. Under its function of supplying forces for flight refueling, what the Nigerian Air force does is to endow officers, train them before the are released for the flight refueling, because this happened, while there is strategical and tactical operations.

9. Trains And Supplies Forces For Special Operations

The Nigerian Air force more often than not undertakes special operations, in this case, the Nigerian Air force would have to train and endow officers of the Nigerian Air force, and then sent them out to support and help in the  execution of special operations.

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10. Supplies Equipment For Electronic War Operations

This one is very interesting, do you know what it is called, it is called, electronic war operations. Just as the name implies, what the Nigerian Air forces does in this case is to make provision for equipment, supply forces, and make available both the doctrine and procedure for the purpose of executing electronic war operations.


The Nigerian Air force runs some basic responsibilities: and these responsibilities can be seen in four different dimensions.

These include, support of the force and control of the air space and application of the force and multiplication of the force.

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