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7 Stupid Things People Do in the Public; No. 4 Will Shock You!

People do a lot of weird things in public places and they actually think no one sees them or even if someone is watching them it’s no big deal. They do it with all boldness with the excuse that it’s none of anyone’s business. People think their lifestyle is no one’s concern, it is oo. That girl you have been crushing on may decide to brush you off because of your weird behaviour in the public. Or that man you’ve been wishing to talk to you may decide not pay attention to you probably because of some crazy thing you did in public . I’m not saying you shouldn’t be yourself, nah, but there are just things you shouldn’t do in the public no matter ho weird and crazy you are. Things like

1.NOSE PICKING – Removing dried mucus from one’s nose. How gross! Many people are guilty of this. They probably think nose picking is a normal thing, it’s no big deal if i decide to clean my nose a little, oh no, there is a big deal. It is dirty, gross and despicable. Picking and cleaning your nose is something you should do in the bathroom. Even if you are not in the public, it is still wrong because it makes you look dirty and unpleasant. Did you know that picking one’s nose with dirty fingers or long fingernails may increase risks of infection like an increase in the diversity of nose flora (ie the nasal passageway) or even nose bleeding. So.you see? Don’t picl your nose. Public or no public, if it itches you, go to tje bathroom, use a napkin or tissue and remove whatever it is. Don’t start picking on it like a mannerless and untrained human.

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2. NAIL BITING – Are you so broke that you can’t buy 10 naira razor blade to cut your nails? or you are too busy to do that? oh c’mon people! you and i know that nail biting is just not cool. I know some of us do this unknowly, or sometimes when we are nervous. But please, whatever it is, there’s nothing more bizarre than biting of your nail in public, even in your home. It is not plausible at all. Do you even know the negative effects of nail biting? OK, let me take you to school. Nail biting can transfer pinworms or bacteria buried under the surface of the nail from the anus region to the mouth. Also when those bitten-off nails are swallowed, it causes stomach problems. Your fingernails may also become severly deformed after years of nail biting due to the destruction of the nail bed. and when others are boasting of their fine nails you will be ashamed to show your very short and ugly bitten-off nails. How do you stop this bad act? apply clean bitter-tasting nail polish to the nails. The bitter flavour discourages the nail-biting habit. So you see? nail biting is unhealthy. Leave your nails, don’t keep them too long buy razor blade, it is 10 naira for crist sakes cut your nails and keep them neat.

3. TALKING TO ONESELF – So this has been proven by scientists to be a very good act according to them it can boost your brain, improve your memory, bla bla bla. But abeg, do it in your house and not in public nau. The only people i know that talk to themselves wherever they are, are mad people. Unless you are mad, i don’t know why you should be talking to yourself. Even if you have a big problem which no ond has had before, that doesn’t mean you should be talking to yourself. If i see you, i will conclude that you have lost it and i will run for my life. No matter how good soliloquising is, do it in your house where no one wil question you or think.otherwise. if you do it in public, believe me, people wouldn’t even care if it gives riches, they will conclude straight up that you are insane.

4. FARTING – The most embarassing thing anyone can do in public.is to fart. ewwwww! it can kill! not the smell but the embarassment *covers face* It is embarassing both to the person who released the gas and the people around. This aborminable act can be caused by intestinal gas – like pain, bloating and abdominal distention, excessive flatus volume, excessive flatus smell and gas incontinence. Also eruction (an act or instance belching) colloquially known as “burping”. However, whatever it is you are suffering from, the embarassment you’ll get when you fart in public will be greater than that your sickness. Sometimes it can just simply be what you ate before you left you house. So make sure you eat a nice meal before leaving the house. Avoid foods like beans, sweet potatos, cashews, wheat, yeast in bread etc. It’s better to be safe than sorry! you wouldnt want to be labelled as the “gas releaser” or “the farting man/lady” so please avoid food that can give you gas if you have a serious date or an important meeting to attend or get ready to be humiliated.

5. PICKING THINGS ON THE GROUND – Also a sign of madness. totally wrong. why would a sane human pick things on the ground? are you a treasure hunter or what? You don’t just walk on the road and pick things/ If you are an archaeologist, dress like one and go to the dump and pick anything you want, no one will question you. But when a clean gentleman/lady on suit starts to pick things on the ground, hmm. something is definitely wrong somewhere. I’m not saying if your money falls down you shouldn’t pick it, we all love our money. or if something valuable of yours falls down you shouldn’t pick it, i’m talking of things that doesn’t belong to you or irrelevant things. you wouldn’t want people thinking twice before approaching you.

6. CHEWING GUM LOUDLY – I almost had a fight with someone in a public transport because of this. I mean just chewing it alone is irritating, why would you add salt to the injury by chewing it noisily and blowing bubbles and disturb people with it? You know it’s a public place, you are not the only person there and you think you can do whatever you like because it’s a free world? My dear, it doesn’t work that way! There are people with serious issues. Like people that are suffering from Misophonia or sensitivity syndrome (People who flares up just because of a little sound) Just chew and make unnecessary noise where they are and watch you head disappear from your neck. Chewing gum loudly is just irritating and annoying. You may like it, and the person beside you doesn’t. Even when people affected by this approach you, you brush them off thinking you are high and mighty. These cabn lead to a serious quarrel or even fights. So please to avoid going home with a broken neck, avoid chewing gum loudly in public. You can chew gum, i did’t say you can’t but do it quietly and noiselessly.

7. HAIR SCRATCHING – Sometimes aren’t you just tempted to scratch that itchy hair till it burns not even giving a damn what people around are thinking? well, i’m a victim of this one. This can be caused by itchy scalp or even nervousness. But i think it’s wrong. Just imagine a sexy beautiful lady scartching her hair in public, just imagine it. Is it not just wrong? even if it doesn’t have any negative effects (well not that i’m aware of) it is still embarrassing and it will make people look down on you even with you expensive outfit. You can avoid this by washing your hair with a good shampoo and treating your hair regularly because this is mostly caused by dandruff.

After reading all these, you might be soliloquizing that you don’t have to anyhow you like just cos the society doesn’t approve it. It’s not about the society, it’s about you. It is for your own good. You don’t know where you may meet your partner today, or the kind of job you’ll get tomorrow. So be nice, be good, train yourself, change those bad habits of yours. Avoid doing all sorts of crazy things in public thinking it’s cool or it makes you look tough. Nah, It’ll only make people look down on you and not take you seriously at all. So act like a gentleman/lady. drop those barbaric acts!

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