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50+ Ways to Make Money in Nigeria (Online and Offline)

The idea of making money in an easier way is one of the most talked-about topics when it comes to earning more money. The truth is that money can definitely be made legitimately both online and offline.

In this article, we will show you 50+ legit ways you can make money both online and offline in Nigeria. They are listed below; Information Guides Nigeria

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50+ Ways to Make Money in Nigeria (Online and Offline)

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1. Start A Blog

If you really want to make money, you need to start a blog or website.

Before you set up a blog, you need a niche which is the kind of market you will be targeting. You can use your name to describe the blog. Then you need to find the best blogging site to start developing your own blog. There is a wide selection of platforms and then you secure a blog hosting and a domain that will be available online 24/7. Ways to Make Money 

2. Freelance Writing

If you’re a writer, freelance writing is a great way to make money by writing meaningful, useful, and reliable content that meets the demand or attracts the attention of the reader.

Once you have established yourself as a good writer, it is possible to see writers earning more given the high demand for writing works.

3. Graphic Design

If you are a designer and can create graphics, logos, or design websites and you had training on this, you could make a lot of money from online graphic design.

There exist countless amount of companies that are looking for graphic designers to help them with their branding and packaging.

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4. Online Proofreading

If you are a lover of writing and grammar, then proofreading might be for you. There are many blogs and publications that are seriously looking for proofreaders to help them increase and improve the level of their content.

5. Start A Home Daycare

If you enjoy the company of children then you could start a home daycare to take care of infants and toddlers. This can be a lot of work, but if you have the right setup and you are familiar with what you need to know, this can be a better way to earn money.

6. Start a Salon

A salon where both male and female clients could be attended to would be a very lucrative venture for generating money. Given the number of people needing to look good for various functions or occasions, it could be a good way of making money.

7. Become a Trader

One of the most talked-about means of generating money is through buying and selling which involves exchanging goods and services for a money consideration.

One could be making daily earnings from involving in a particular field of trading such that you get to meet the demands of the consumers.

8. Investing in Stock Market

Investing is a way to set aside money and allowing that money to work for you so you can make gains in the future.

Various studies have shown that, over a long period of time, stocks generate investment returns that are higher than those from other assets. Stock returns arise from capital gains and dividends. PFA Recruitment 2021(4 Positions)

9. Become a Landlord

Owning your own property and renting it out is a good strategy for making money. You get to be the boss of yourself, having to collect rents at the end of each month or you could collect payment yearly or two years in advance given the type of agreement you have with your tenants.

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10. Event Planning

The number of special events such as celebrations, education, commemorations, and promotions requires a high-quality setup, this will require an event planner to make everything be in place.

11. Taxi Service

Transportation is a major concern given the number of people needing to get to one place or the other to handle their personal engagement.

One could get in the transportation business by getting a taxi and offering the service of getting people to their place of destination.

12. Program Writing

You could make a lot of money from writing programs to solve a particular problem, there is a high need for quality program writers who can test and debug problems in the system so as to make the system function well. TASCE Part-time Admission Form 2021/2022 is Out

13. Photography

Venturing into photography can be a timely basis for making money, people always want to keep memories of special events and this is mostly done through photographs.

You will need to have a personal camera of your own and some tools to make the job easy to carry out.

14. Liquid Soap Production

It starts from washing your hands to washing your plates, clothes and then bathing.

Liquid soap making is a profitable business that requires little capital and also following due process so as to meet the demands of the users.

The chemicals involved would need to be supplied in the required proportion and the process must be strictly followed to produce quality liquid soap. Npower recruitment

15. Interior Design and Decoration

Interior design involves understanding the behaviour of people to create functional spaces within a building. The decoration is the furnishing of space with beautiful things.

Becoming an interior designer entails planning, researching, coordinating, and managing such enhancement projects.

16. Taking Online Survey and Share your Opinion

There are quite a lot of companies that will pay to get your opinion. It is a quick and easy process and you can also earn money from doing it.

These options are not necessarily to make you rich, but they can give you a little spending money monthly for simple activities that you engage in your spare time. dollar to naira rate

17. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a situation where an online retailer pays you a commission for the sales generated as a result of your referrals.

Becoming an affiliate marketer will help to provide a means of generating money through recommending or advertising a product or service to your followers through your personal website.

18. Making music

People love a good song and moreover, it helps to strengthen the body and relax the mind from stress or worry.

Making music can also help to generate money if you are skilled in making beautiful songs,

19. Selling Designs

You can venture into making and selling your own designs to companies that are looking for logos and brands to use.

They are various companies looking for designs to help advertise their new products and also to establish a difference between their own products and other competitors who are in the same line of business with them.

20. House Cleaning

One way of generating money is engaging in house cleaning which involves cleaning the interior of a building.

It is easier and faster to make money daily from house cleaning by providing an affordable service and ensuring that the job is done to the highest quality required.

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21. Services on Writing Course Papers and Abstract

This involves writing course papers and abstracts for students, companies, and users who require it, this will enormously help to generate money for the writer who will engage in the process.

Course paper writing is highly demanded and any technical writer who knows how to meet the needs of his/her client will generate a lot of money.

22. Become a Personal Trainer

If you are someone that is into fitness and also have an interest in inspiring and motivating other people to get fit, you could become a personal trainer and make money.

Many personal trainers use their homes as space for offering training services but also, you can offer home service whereby you get to the client’s place of residence and you offer to train them. WAEC result

23. Laboratory Assistant

If you have a knack for science and its experimental and exploratory process, you can render service as an assistant in the laboratory.

You could participate in testing and also discovering new things in the field of science, this could even lead to personal experience from those who are skilled in this.

24. Selling Used Textbooks on Amazon

Do you have old books, textbooks, or notes?

Then you can consider selling them on amazon. It’s very easy to draw a list of the items you intend to sell and you would be surprised at the amount of money you could generate for selling old stuff online.

25. Providing Courier Service

Companies tend to look for storage, warehousing logistics solutions, and transport which can only be provided by courier service.

You can render transportation services of delivering packages from one place to another, meeting the urgent needs of the clients and this can help you generate money.

26. Invest in Real Estate

Just like owning a house and collecting payments from your clients. You could go into real estate big time by investing your money into residential and commercial real estate.

These properties in which you invest could yield you a large amount of dividend from the proceeds of the investment.

27. Setting up Evening Classes

Another platform through which you can generate money is by organising classes for both children and adults.

In these classes, you can offer to teach various subjects to the clients who demand for it.

28. Opening a Laundry Shop

This business involves the washing, drying, and ironing of clothes and other textile materials for both companies and individual clients.

This is a profitable venture with low risk, you can even start small and grow to a bigger scale. Given the growing population every year and most people getting very busy at work, the laundry business is quite pivotal.

29. Run a Restaurant

People require food for daily survival and this need can be curbed through running a restaurant business.

Before starting a restaurant business you must have some careful preparation and planning such as choosing a brand for your restaurant, creating your menu, obtaining funds, arrange your layout, find suppliers, hire the right staff, and then advertising your restaurant through hosting an opening.

30. Open a Cyber Cafe

In this era, almost everybody browses the internet for one reason or the other. Some may have their own personal computer or internet to enable them to browse the internet.

But this setback can be solved by simply walking into an internet-providing business centre to browse the net for a little amount of money.

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31. Fashion Designing

If you are a lover of creative art and also love to make clothes for clients who need wears for various engagements or occasions.

You could generate a lot of money from designing the clothes of your clients by providing them with countless designs and types of wears.

32. Open a Provision Store

One of the major means of making or generating money in Nigeria is from running a provision store where food items and others things will be displayed and offered for sales.

33. Website Designing

If you are a website developer or designer, then you can generate money from creating and selling websites for those companies or individual clients that need it to perform various activities.

34. Open a BookShop

Statistics show that the increasing population in Nigeria mostly consists of youth who are within the school-age bracket.

This simply means that there’s a high number of people who will demand for books to be able to chase their academic endeavors. JAMB form

35. Start a Boutique

A boutique seeks to provide different kinds of wear, shoes, and personal accessories that are needed to look good and nice.

But before starting this, you have to decide on the type of boutique you want to start whether it is for adults or for children, you need to survey the market to know how the level of competition is.

36. Become an Agent

You can offer or act as an agent to your client by providing information or rather acting on behalf of them.

37. Bake for Special Occasions

Cakes are hugely required and demanded for public occasions, ceremonies, anniversaries, and various kinds of functions.

You can bake cakes and supply them to clients who are in need of it and receive money from providing them with the particular type of cake they need.

38. Build a Sales Funnel and Sell Information Products

This will need you to create a kind of procedure that potential customers must pass through before actually becoming your customer.

You can sell materials that will serve as information provided for those who are in need of it.

39. Trade Cryptocurrency

This is one of the prominent means of making money in the 21st century of global technology.

You get to buy different types of coins when the price or the value is low and then sell when the price or value is high.

40. Become a Data Entry Specialist

If you are the type of person that is fast in typing and inputting data correctly, there are companies that are looking for data entry professionals to work for them and help assemble data in a good manner.

41. Marketing Researches

Market research is a very profitable and fun way to generate money. You will notice that market research studies are always advertised all over most university campuses, and the reason for these studies is basically for the companies to get the opinions of university students.

In return for participating and actively involving in this marketing research process, you may be rewarded in both cash and other gift prizes.

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42. Service as a Cashier

You can act as a cashier for a company or an individual establishment where you get to be the person that receives and records all the cash transactions.

43. Writing Computer Programs

Given that you are good in mathematics you could consider becoming a programmer for companies who need your service to help them with useful programs that will enable their system to function well and stay active for long.

44. Livestock Rearing

This business involves having a farm where you rear livestock which comprises goats, cows, pigs, chickens, and various other animals.

Through this, you can earn money by providing customers with fit and healthy livestock for their purchase and consumption.

45. Shoe Making

People always want to look good and feel complete when stepping out or going for their personal engagement, apart from having the cloth to wear, they would need footwear to use.

Shoemaking could help to make this need to be solved by providing nice, neat, and comfortable footwear with different designs that will give the intending buyer the opportunity to select according to his/her taste and choice.

46. Running a Plantation

They are numerous companies, producers, and various industries that require a large-scale amount of raw materials to make their products.

You could become a plantation owner and decide to grow essential produce that companies and industries will demand.

47. Plan Travels for People

The type of work and business people engage in usually require them to make travels and move from one place to another to handle their engagement. Also, due to these busy schedules, some businessmen and women find it very hard to arrange for their own transportation.

This is a situation where you can fit yourself into by organizing and helping these businessmen and women to plan their transportation.

48. Fixing of Computers

Are you skilled in computers and know how to work the system and make it active? Then you could fix yourself into this category.

You can help to fix computer problems at a price for people that need your service, you will need to have your own place, get working materials and also have a means of people identifying that you specialize in fixing computer problems.

49. Online Translating Service

Do you understand and speak any foreign language? If so, then you could get paid to translate different kinds of things into English. It could be a detail, a document, business items, and many more.

You could do this at the comfort of your own and earn money for the services you offer.

50. Create and Sell Printables

This is usually done in a PDF format and you just mainly have to create a template and sell it to your clients online. These printables consist of various ideas and plans on certain things.

Printables range from ideas being designed for others to print and this can be done at a lucrative amount.

51. Own a Gym

Keeping fit and staying in good shape is the order of the day for one to prolong good health and well-being.

You can open a gym where people come to exercise and keep fit, you need to make various exercising tools available and also there’s an issue of space which you need to put in consideration while planning to open a gym.

52. Managing Social Media Accounts

Some companies and individuals require a lively, secured, and attention-attracting social media account and this will need the services of a social media account manager.

As a social media account manager, you will need to maintain the status of the account and also protect the account against ill-structured problems such as account disruption.

53. Sell on Jumia

Jumia is a platform where buying and selling take place and through this platform, you get to meet people who are in need of what you have and at the same time you both can negotiate on the price for a particular item you intend on selling.

54. Trade Forex and Binary Options

Trading forex involves buying into a particular country’s currency when the market is falling or the price is going down and then selling when the market is rising or when the price is going up.

55. Become a Mechanic

Most people are very concerned with the functional areas of their car and can pay a lot to see that their vehicle is properly checked, maintained, and serviced.

If you have the skill in determining a default or problem in a car or any machine and you can correct this default or solve this problem, then you can become a mechanic.

56. Lottery

If you play the lottery regularly and you have the luck and skill to win then maybe you can earn a lot of money.

If you have the skill and can predict events that will take place after comparing past events ( running statistics ) then you can generate money.

57. Selling Arts and Craft

If you are a lover of art and crafts or love things that are handmade then you can venture into selling artworks and material online.

There are many platforms where you can enlist the kinds of art and craftwork that you want to put up for sale and buyers can be able to buy them.

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58. Become a Social Media Influencer

Social media influencing is now a lucrative path that young people are following and are using to make money.

There’s a lot of money from working as a media influencer in Nigeria, you get to generate money from product advertising, sponsored post, and other forms of brand work.

59. Create and Sell Stationary

Are you someone that loves stationery products like cards, invitations, and others? Do you have an interest in putting together beautiful and colourful wedding invitations?

If so, there is a huge opportunity for you to make a profit from online sales of stationery.

60. Selling of Technology Gadgets

People need gadgets that will help to ease communication and also enable them to be comfortable while engaging in their personal daily activities.

You can start a business selling technology gadgets such as phones, earphones, speakers, and power banks. JAMB Result

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