40+ 9mobile data plans and their subscription codes

In this post, we will show you the 40+ 9mobile data plans in Nigeria. Here, you will also see the 9mobile data plan code and how to subscribe.

This article contains new 9Mobile data plans, subscription codes and Prices in Nigeria. You will have options to choose from because I have reviewed different plans that can suit different people depending on your daily-meekly-monthly internet usage rate..

We will review the amazing data plans and subscription of 9mobile and also guide you on how to subscribe 9mobile data plans for android, smartphones, iPod, and laptop. Relax and enjoy while we drill you on these.
9mobile is a new brand identity of Etisalat.

About 9Mobile

The name 9mobile reflects the bold and creative attributes which the company has contributed to it’s valued subscribers.

The company is out to deliver superior experiences to subscribers as well as establishing partnerships with its customers by providing platforms that support their goals and aspirations.

With the launch of the new brand, the company has striven to provide subscribers with best-in-class and first-hand telecommunications services.

This service includes the 9mobile data plans, their subscription, and codes.

It’s no more news that 9mobile is one of the fastest internet service providers in Nigeria. 9mobile offers different types of data plans that will boost and suit your needs like the daily, weekly, monthly plans, the night and weekend’s plans.

9mobile network is reliable and good for browsing and data subscription. It works on 2G, 3G, and 4G networks depending on your device.

This plan can be used on a modem, pc, windows, iPod, smartphones, MIFI, game console and many other devices that are connected to the internet.

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The internet has brought with it a revolution in the world of information and communication. With the various smartphones available, as well as other portable, high-speed gadgets, one is virtually spoilt for choice when it comes to eliciting valuable information about basically anything.

With just one click, one tap or one swipe, one can assess anything he wants to via the internet. The world is more or less at our fingertips.

The utility of the Internet is not limited to ease of information, as a matter of fact, it transcends it. There is no gainsaying the fact that communication has been made a lot easier.

The days of telegrams and letters which would take days or even weeks to get to the intended recipient are well and truly behind us.

Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, to Instant Messaging Applications like Whatsapp and Blackberry Messenger, reaching out to loved ones and getting to meet with new people now requires little, if any effort.

Surfing the internet is not absolutely seamless, however. In gaining access to the world via smartphones and other gadgets, the availability of what is known as mobile data is required.

Mobile data is measured in bytes, and depending on the size of information or volume of communication, using the Internet for a particular purpose would chalk up a sizeable amount of kilobytes, megabytes or even gigabytes.

To this end, people are cautious as to how they use their mobile data, so as to avoid getting abruptly cut out of the virtual world against their will. Again, people are always on the lookout for the cheapest and most effective rates of acquiring mobile data.

In Nigeria, there are a number of network service providers, the major ones being MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9Mobile. These service providers found their way into the country in the course of the last decade, not least due to the emergence of cellphones as well as the increased need and demand for telecommunication services.

MTN has its main headquarters in South Africa, and Airtel, which has gone through various changes in name over the years, enjoys a significant degree of patronage around the African continent.

Glo stands out as Nigeria’s major indigenous network service provider, and 9Mobile, the “youngest” of the four, has its roots in the Middle East and Egypt.

Over the years, 9Mobile has emerged as a dominant force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian telecommunications industry.

This is largely to the existence of reliable masts around the country which help for quality network service, as well as its packages which have made it a hit with the young population.

From the weekly bonuses to packages like EasyCliq and EasyBlaze, it is pretty clear that 9Mobile has come to stay.

However, there are people who still have problems with assessing the beneficial packages made available by 9Mobile, largely due of lack of information.

Depending on the volume of internet use and available finances, there are a host of mobile data plans on the 9Mobile platform. Here are the 9Mobile data plans and how you can buy them:

9mobile Data Plans and subscription codes

9Mobile ( formerly known as Etisalat )is one of the leading telecommunication companies in Nigeria. Although it had some major setbacks which affected its traction, I can assure you that they are doing quite well to regain their customers and even new ones at large with their competitive data pricing.

Although their offers may not be the cheapest when compared with superfluous data vendors like Glo and Airtel, they are well to do with when it comes to Data speed and connection. this article will systematically lay out their data plan.

The 9Mobile data plan is divided into multiple categories. They include:

  • 9Mobile Daily/24 Hours Data Plan.
  • 9Mobile Weekly Data Plan.
  • 9Mobile Monthly/30 days Data Plan.
  • 9Mobile Quarterly/90 Days Data Plan.
  • 9Mobile Bi-annual/120 Days Data Plan.
  • 9Mobile Annual/365 Days Data Plan.
  • 9Mobile Evening/Weekend Data Plan.
  • 9Mobile Smart Pak For Light Users:
  • 9Mobile Chat Pak.
  • 9Mobile Socia-Mel Pak.
  • 9Mobile Video Pak.
  • 9Mobile Special Smart Pak.

9mobile Daily/24 Hours Data Plan

The 9Mobile daily data plan is a miniature data plan which is quite cheap. Their validity has a duration of 24 hours no more no less. They include:

  • 10MB – dial *229*3*8# @ N50.
  • 40MB – dial*229*3*1# @ N100.

Benefits Of 9mobile Daily/24 Hours Data Plan

  • It’s very affordable.
  • It appeals to people who don’t use the internet often.

9mobile Weekly Data Plans

The 9Mobile weekly plan is another cheap data bundle with a validity period of 1 week/7days. It includes:

  • 150MB – dial *229*2*10# @ N200.

Benefits Of 9mobile Weekly Data Plan

  • It is quite affordable.
  • It has a longer period of validity when compared to the previous plan.
  • It’s quite appealing to lightweight data users who don’t engage in data consumption activities frequently.

9mobile Monthly Data Plan

These are a set of data plans whose validity lasts for a minimum of 30 days. It means all data plans purchased will not expire until after 30 days. They include:

  • 500MB – *229*2*12# or text “smarta” to 8183 @N500
  • 1GB – dial *229*2*7# or SMS “smartb” to 8183 @ N1000.
  • 5GB – dial *229*2*25# or text “smartb” to 8183 @ N1,200.
  • 5GB – dial *229*2*8# or text “smartc” to 8183 @ N2,000.
  • 4GB – dial *229*2*35# or text “smartd” to 8183 @ N3,000.
  • 5GB – dial *229*2*36# or text “smarte” to 8183 @ N4,000.
  • 5GB – dial *229*2*5# or text “smarte” to 8183  @ N8,000.
  • 15GB – dial *229*4*1# @ N10,000.
  • 5GB – dial *229*4*3# @ N18,000.

Benefits Of 9mobile Monthly Data Plan.

  • The monthly data plan is cheaper in the long term.
  • It is suitable for mild data users.
  • It is also suitable for the heavy data users eg the 27.5GB at N18,000.
  • This type of data bundle can easily be shared with friends and family without hassle.

9mobile Quarterly Data Plan

This is a type of long term data bundle that lasts for about 90 days. Only one is known as of the time of writing this article and it is:

  • 30GB – *229*5*1# @ N27,500.

Benefits Of 9mobile Quarterly Data Plan

  • It’s very suitable for heavy data users.
  • It’s suitable for small businesses.
  • This data bundle can easily be shared with friends and families and still have enough data for yourself.

9mobile Bi-Annual Data Plan

As the name implies this data plan lasts for almost half a year (120 days).  This data plan is majorly designed for heavy data users and people who the internet very often. The 9Mobile BI-ANNUAL DATA PLAN includes:

  • 60GB – *229*5*2# @ N55,000.
  • 100GB – *229* 4*5# @ N84,992.

Benefits Of 9mobile Bi-Annual Data Plan

The benefits of the 9Mobile Bi-Annual data plan includes:

  • It’s suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • It’s cheaper in the long term.
  • The acquired data volume is high and can easily be shared amongst friends and families and still have enough for personal usage.

9mobile Annual/365 Days Data Plan

As of the time of writing this article the 9Mobile Network company only has one yearly/annual data plan which is the 120GB data plan at N110,000. You can subscribe to this data plan by dialing *229*5*3#.

Benefits Of The 9mobile Data Plan

The 9Mobile annual data plan has so many benefits, so of which includes:

  • Large data volume.
  • It’s suitable for small, medium, and large-sized businesses.
  • It’s cheaper in the long term when compared to the previously mentioned data plans.

9mobile Night/Weekend Data Plan

If you’re a nocturnal guy like me or you’re mostly free on weekends then I recommend you to subscribe to this plan as it is not only economical but also provides a generous amount of data volume at a leisure time.

The data plans under this categories includes:

  • 1GB (from 12-5 am) – dial *229*3*11# @ N200.
  • 2GB (evening and weekend plan 7-7 pm and the whole of the weekend ) – dial *229*3*12# @ N1000 for 3days.
  • 5GB + 100MB WhatsApp (24/7) – evening and weekend plan from 7-7 pm and the whole of the weekend for 30 days.
  • 1GB Weekend plan – dial *5995*2# @ N500.

Benefits Of 9mobile Night/Weekend Data Plan.

The benefits of the 9Mobile data plan :

  • It’s highly economical.
  • It’s affordable.
  • It’s suitable for those who are always busy during weekdays and are only free on weekends.

9mobile Smart Paks For Light Users

As per the name of the data plan. These plans are specially made for people that don’t engage in data-consuming activities often. The 9Mobile Smart Paks consists of various sub-Paks which includes:

  • 9Mobile Chat Pak.
  • 9Mobile Social-Me Pak.
  • 9Mobile Video Pak.
  • 9Mobile Special Smart Pak.

9mobile Chat Pak

With the 9Mobile Chat Pak, you get unlimited access to social media messaging apps comprising of WhatsApp, BBM, and WeChat only. The 9Mobile Chat Pak prices are as follows:

  • Daily Plan: The daily plan provides access to WhatsApp, BBM, and WeChat. Simply dial *343*5*5# to subscribe @ N50.
  • Weekly Plan: The weekly plan provides the same access to the aforementioned apps for a week. Just dial *343*5*6# to subscribe @ N50.
  • Monthly Plan: The monthly plan just as its predecessors provides access to the same apps but for one month. To subscribe simply dial *343*5*6#.

9mobile Social-Me Pak

The 9Mobile social-me Pak is like an upgrade to the chat Pak as it allows for not only sending and receiving messages with the previously mentioned apps but it also provides full access to other top social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Eskimi. The prices of the 9Mobile Social-me Pak are as follows:

  • Daily Plan: The daily plan provides full access to Facebook, Instagram, Eskimi, WhatsApp, BBM, and WeChat for one day. To subscribe simply dial*343*6*7# at N100.
  • Weekly Plan: The weekly plan provides full access to the aforementioned apps for one week. To subscribe simply dial *343*6*7# at N300.
  • Monthly Plan: The monthly plan provides full access to previously mentioned apps for a month. To subscribe simply dial *343*6*9#.

9mobile Video Pak

The 9Mobile video Pak allows subscribers to get 2 hours of uninterrupted videos from any app. It costs N400 to stream videos for 2 hours. You can easily subscribe by dialing *229*3*5#.

Benefits Of 9mobile Smart Paks

  • It’s highly suitable for lightweight data users.
  • It’s suitable for people who spend most of their time on social media eg influencers, celebs.
  • It’s affordable.
  • It’s economical.

How to stop 9mobile Data Plans Subscription auto-renewal.

It’s quite annoying and so frustrating when you recharge and you find out that your account balance has been deducted because of auto- renewal you might not be interested in.

Each data plan comes with the added bonus of a rollover, that is, unused data entering into the next month, if the next subscription is done before the day the validity of the plan ends.

However, rollover will only occur where subscription is done within the same plan. For example, a subscriber of the 500MB data plan will not get a rollover if on the next occasion, he opts for the 200MB or the 1GB Data Plan.

The comprehensive list above goes to show the unique way in which Etisalat caters to all its subscribers at all levels. Nothing makes a network service provider stand out quite like convenience, and Etisalat provides just that.

Well, to clear you off the frustration you might likely have, you should know that when you subscribe to any 9mobile data plans, the setting of auto-renewal is automatic by default unless you cancel it.

To cancel auto-renewal on your 9mobile data plans simply dial *229*0#
9mobile night plan 200 naira for 1GB

For those that are really engross into heavy downloads at night, these is simply the best and perfect plan for you. This plan offers you 5hours access to 1GB (from 12am – 5am). Phew! This is super-duper great right.

Ok, for instance, after much downloads and you run short of data still that same night, you can easily subscribe again more if you wish to enjoy unlimited downloads and browsing yet to get another 1gb. It’s as simple as that. If you need 3GB a night, you’ll have up to 600 naira on your main balance and you can subscribe after the 1GB is exhausted.

Note: 9mobile is fast and cool but all you need to do is to understand how it works. 9mobile 1GB for 200 naira night plan is only valid for a day, that is, if you exhaust your data plan within the night you subscribed for, it will expire and won’t roll over.

This explanation and guide is for those who is new in using 9mobile data plan for the first time and also for those who is 9mobile subscribers so they won’t make mistake or probably regret why they choose 9mobile.

9mobile Internet Configuration

Usually, when most people register a 9Mobile Sim their internet settings are automatically configured which allows them to surf the web after inserting their Sim.

But if you’re unable to browse because you have configured your internet settings, fret not because there are 2 easy ways to offset this situation.

Firstly you could text “SETTINGS” (without the quotation marks)to 790. Your configuration settings will be sent to you afterward. Save it and activate as default settings and that’s pretty much it.

On the other hand, you can also use manual settings if the previous method doesn’t work.

Go to Access Point Settings on your phone put in the following details:

  • Account Name: 9mobile internet.
  • Username: (LEAVE IT BLANK).
  • Password: (LEAVE IT BLANK).
  • Access Point Name (APN): 9mobile.
  • Home Page:
  • IP Address:


So that’s it guys; the list of all 9Mobile plans, subscription codes, prices, and benefits. But you should bear in mind that all 9mobile plans are on Auto-renew. That means when your data has expired it will be rolled over alongside the newly purchased data.

This however cannot happen if you don’t have sufficient balance for the automatic renewal. So if you’re like me and you hate auto-renewal kindly dial *229*0#.

But as you opt-out of the auto-renewal or when your data plan is exhausted your call rates to 40 Kobo per second. You can also check your data balance by dialing *228#.

That’s all for this article, let me know if you’ve found this info valuable or if you have any issues while following the steps listed in this article or if you’ve got any questions at all please to drop them in the comments section and I’ll do justice to them all. Until then goodbye.

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