20 Businesses That Move Fast In Nigeria

In this article, we will list out 20 Business That Moves Fast In Nigeria. If you were looking for business ideas to tap into, here is your cue.

Going into business in Nigeria is no small feat because of the economic constraint which might want to derail the entrepreneur.

Nevertheless, s/he might have to consider different things before embarking on any business. There are different business one can decide to go into and these are the fastest moving business in Nigeria in no particular order:

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20 Businesses That Move Fast In Nigeria
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1. Transportation Business

This might sound strange to you but in a country where we have a population of over 170million people, who tend to move from one place to another.

Everyday people have to get to work, individuals migrate from one state to another for greener pastures. With good proper management, it’s a business which moves fast. No matter where you choose to start it up, business will always grow and you are bound to make loads of cash.

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2. Sales Of Building Materials

Either in the urban or rural area’s construction is always ongoing and building materials will always be needed. Small or in large quantities, selling of these materials has to be on this list.

Pitching your tent in a strategic location will enhance how the business moves but both way it is a viable and one of fastest moving business in Nigeria.

3. Facility Management

Just because we lack the technical know-how of managing properties in Nigeria, people have come up to tackle these problems for us.

It can be public/private buildings. The people called facility managers helps us take care of buildings and properties’ and they are well sought after by the government.

Just imagining the amount charged for taking care and maintaining government or individual properties makes it one of the best moving business in Nigeria currently.

4. Agricultural Production

This involves food production and there is a ban on some importation of food which leaves the local farmers to make a profit in their farm produces.

People should take advantage of this and start producing locally such as livestock, fish and poultry farming, rice etc. If done well, it can fetch in huge money for the owners and also promotes economic growth.

5. Manufacturing/Exportation

Nigeria is blessed with different resource either mineral/agricultural resources e.g. Kola, Coal etc. This can be produced by small scale industries and exported to other countries for sale. Some international countries don’t have what we have here which makes our product in high demand for.

6. Food/Restaurant Business

This is one business that can never go out of fashion. As long as people eat, the food business would always remain one of the fastest moving business in Nigeria.

Either in a large or small scale, food vendors are cashing out daily. On the small scale, we see food vendors already closing shop early due to enough sale while on the bigger scale, some food business owners run a 24-hour business.

Every corner /Street has someone in this business, especially in the densely populated areas, locations were industries are situated. The food business is a very lucrative and fast moving one on the small or larger scale.

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7. Salon Business

People can go and extra mile just to look good. Both male and female would go any length to have the best hairdo and this makes the salon business profitable. It is one of the oldest businesses in Nigeria but its still one with a large customer base.

8. Pure Water Business

Well packaged and managed pure water business can be lucrative. This shows especially during hot weathers and in traffic, water will always be in demand by the public. Even for consumption purposes.

9. Web Technology

This is the new oil because technology is everything now. Web design, graphics design, Digital marketing programming etc.

The world of technology has taken over and it’s becoming lucrative. Not only that, its easy to operate on your PC. It is a business which can be done remotely these days without stepping out on the street, customers can be found online and one could be cashing out without moving an inch.

Millennials are taking over this tech space world and it can be quite hard to learn but one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria.

10. Show/Media Business

Nigeria is now a content seeking country and we look for the best of content to work with to grow our media and entertainment industry.

Having a show/media business is a way of cashing out fast. Nigerian will pay big bucks for media outlets to promote, advertise or even put out an entertaining show for the audience to see. In recent years it has been one of the fastest moving and growing industry.

11. Laundry Business

This is one business that moves fast in terms of profitability and continuity. People get so worked up in doing laundries so they seek the service of people who are in this business.

Even down to the small scale who we call “Washerman” charge a lot from people to get their clothes washed, starched and ironed. And there are also people who do it on a larger and more professional scale and they make huge returns.

12. Fashion business

When we talk about fashion, we are talking about a profession which is as old as time itself. Everybody now wants to go into fashion either doing the design, the making of clothes, styling or even the business of selling these clothes.

We have seen people who have built empires through fashion business. It is a fast moving business which has grown the Nigerian economy.

It is a million naira industry that will keep growing and people have grown from small shops you owing big boutiques were clothe are being made and sold on a small and large scale.

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13. Photography/Cinematography

This profession is high in demand, a very high and lucrative business. Photography has taken another dimension where people charge close to 250 thousand Naira especially the wedding photography aspect.

There are different aspects of photography and Cinematography which makes it easy for people to pitch their tent on any of photography categories they wish to major on.

Such as Cinematography, Wedding photography, Photoshoot, Directing etc. This business is very demanding but extremely lucrative.

14. Haulage

Because our rail system is not what its meant to be, the transportation of moving highly flammable products from one location to another is extremely expensive which makes it a moving business in Nigeria.

The Haulage business is not restricted to the movement of flammable produce but other heavy goods are also moved through road transportation which makes it one of the most profitable business in Nigeria

15. E-Business

Since most businesses are done on the Internet, people are now selling goods online and making it easy for consumers to get product easily.

Display of their services are made at their comfort zone and transaction is also done online breaking all physical boundaries and transacting with anybody in the world.

16. Logistics Business

This is a fast rising industry in Nigeria. We don’t want to stress ourselves in delivering goods so we call on Logistics Company to help us deliver our goods to the doorstep of our customers.

Even small business and vendor now seek the services of the logistics company which makes it a moving and lucrative business in Nigeria.

17. Security Outfit

There are now a lot of security companies in Nigeria because people don’t trust the government in providing security for the citizen.

Also, people need the service of these security companies for private events. This security outfit provides a bodyguard for events and for other private purposes.

Research has it that they charge well and with the presence of various security companies is proof that the business is a profitable one.

18. Car Wash

Setting up a professional car wash especially in a strategic location is highly profitable. Car owners now prefer people to do a thorough washing of their cars. Almost every street has a car wash, they wouldn’t move into that business if they don’t t find it profitable moving.

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19. Real Estate

Investing in real estate, buying of lands and houses is one of the highest and moving businesses in Nigeria. The land will always appreciate and no matter how long an individual has the properties it will always appreciate and there will always be demand.

20. Waste management

It could be a dirty business but it’s safe to say it is one of the top moving business in the country. Nigeria especially Lagos state with the state regarded as one of the dirtiest these days, partnering with the right people and having trucks to move the dirt can earn you loads of revenue.


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