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Cost of Oxygen Cylinder in Nigeria

Here in this post, we are going to give you detailed information on the cost of oxygen cylinder in Nigeria. We hope you find this information helpful.

Oxygen, being one of the most valuable resources known to man requires a safe and conducive means for transportation in medical facilities.

It is necessary for the well-being of living things and a lack of it can lead to complications and even death. Therefore, Oxygen must be provided at all times to living organisms.

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Cost of Oxygen Cylinder in Nigeria
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Naturally, we breathe air into our lungs from the atmosphere to get the Oxygen that we require for our daily activities.

In recent times, an artificial method of transporting this gas has being developed so that people with difficulties in breathing, can now access Oxygen easily.

The Oxygen cylinder is by far the easiest artificial means of carrying pure Oxygen around. It is made of Aluminium metal.

Pure Oxygen is compressed into the cylinder at a specific pressure. It is important to note that proper care must be given to Oxygen cylinders to prevent accident such as explosion. Safety precautions must also be carried out in order to prevent unforeseen circumstances from happening.

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Price of Oxygen Cylinder in Nigeria

The cost of this very important commodity varies in different parts of Nigeria. The price is also prone to fluctuations as a result of many factors.

A very important factor to note is the cost of importation. Oxygen cylinders are not manufactured in Nigeria, therefore the price of a single cylinder is far from being cheap.

Although, prices of the Oxygen cylinder in Nigeria could be determined by the level of its supply to demand ratio. Indeed, its availability isn’t easily accessible to the reach of everyone, most especially the poor who are in the majority.

The price of this goods is generally always too high and not always readily available in hospitals where they are most needed by critically ill patients. Most times, it is the counterfeit of the Oxygen cylinders that are commonly sold in market places.

Where Oxygen cylinders are most needed

Oxygen cylinders are mostly found in hospitals and among the tanks carried around by a welder. In the hands of a welder, an Oxygen cylinder is gold because the oxygen contained in it serves as a major fuel in combustion and without it, he cannot work.

Needless to say, Oxygen is involved in respiration especially in plants and animals. An animal take in Oxygen to help in metabolism and then exhales carbon dioxide gas which plants take in to eventually release Oxygen back into the atmosphere.

Generally speaking, nature uses this process to continuously keep Oxygen circulating in the atmosphere. In light of recent times, modern science has brought improvement to our lives and advancement in technology has paved the way for ease.

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Production of Oxygen Cylinder

Oxygen cylinder comes in different sizes, height, weight and functions. A typical Oxygen cylinder that is found in medical institutions is painted green at the top and the remaining part of the body is shiny silvery in colour. It contains pure Oxygen.

The manufacturing process for any kind of cylinder is similar. In the case of an Oxygen cylinder, the metal used is Aluminium.

Liquid air is formed at a temperature of -183°c. Oxygen at high pressure is separated from air through application of a separation technique known as distillation.

During the separation, Oxygen is transformed into liquid Oxygen. It is then boiled to remove the remaining Nitrogen gas that are present.

After liquid air has undergone all those processes, pure Oxygen is produced. It is at this point that the Oxygen gas is conducted through pipes into a large storage tank known as an Oxygen tank. Subsequently, Oxygen cylinders are filled from this Oxygen tanks.

In Onitsha city, located in Anambra state in Nigeria, a huge Oxygen tank is situated. Its worth is over 20 million naira while an Oxygen cylinder could be sold for 30 thousand naira.

This is not a cheap commodity as compared to the conventional gas cylinders that go for a price range of 3 thousand to 5 thousand naira in the market.

When purchasing an Oxygen Cylinder it is presumed that pure Oxygen gas is present and a barometer is used to measure its pressure.

Although, most unscrupulous individual are fond of selling empty Oxygen Cylinder or half-filled cylinders to unsuspecting Nigerians. Their actions have led to death of many patients in hospitals where available pure Oxygen is rare.

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Safety precautions to take when handling Oxygen Cylinders

Aside from the fact that Oxygen cylinders are very expensive to purchase, adequate safety measures must be observed to guarantee the protection of life and property.

Without applying proper care, these cylinders can explode. A measure one must take in preventing such occurrence is to regularly check the pressure of the cylinder.

Another problem associated with these cylinders is that the Oxygen can get contaminated with toxic gases. This is caused by improper filling from the Oxygen tanks.

Once it is observed that the body or its nozzle changes colour or begins to rust, then the Cylinder is due for a replacement.

Types of Oxygen Cylinder

Oxygen cylinders come in different heights and diameters which depends on the needs and demand in the market. The cylinders having a small diameter and height are easy to carry about unlike the tall and big ones.

Oxygen cylinders ranging from 2.5 to 5.3 inches in diameter and a height range of about 5.3 to 16.5 inches are categorized as the small types. They are mostly found in old people homes and ambulances.

A larger type cylinder will have a height of about 53 inches and a diameter of 9 inches. This cylinder is very difficult to carry about so they are fixed in hospitals.

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It is the duty of a government to see to the management and control of prices in the market. The cost of an Oxygen Cylinder is way too much for an ordinary citizen in Nigeria. They too are entitled to life.

Modern hospitals in developed countries of the world have oxygen tanks located in the building. This can be done here in Nigeria.

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