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How To Download Movies Online

In the next 15 minutes or less, this very clear and precise article will educate you on exactly how to download movies on-line.

In a few enumerated points, we shall look at the step-by-step procedures on how to download movies on-line instead of only watching them on-line. Okay, so.

Let us look quickly at a couple of facts that we must bear in mind about how to download movies on-line. In light of this, Here we go!!!

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How To Download Movies Online
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Fact 1

There are so many websites that promise you easy download of movies and short videos. But in essence, a lot of these sites are simply the surface outlook of web ads.

As such, when you choose to click and open these sites, they redirect you to one on-line shopping site or the other. Sometimes, they redirect you to a porn site or something order than what you initially clicked on.

Fact 2

There are on-line movie websites that allow direct download of movies. These sites do not need you to download an app or a download program before you can download movies on-line.

All you need to do is to search for the movie or movies you desire to download, select the file type and size suitable for your device and click on the download button. The website and your computer do the rest of the job for you. That is all!!! But in contrast…

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Fact 3

There are on-line movie websites that do not allow direct download of movies. They usually require you to first of all download a movie download program or app first before you can proceed with downloading a movie.

Making use of such websites can be very tasking at the beginning. But after the first time, you need not download these video download programs or apps into your device or computer again.

Hence, let us take a look at how to download movies on-line in the following step by step directions.

How to Download Movies On-line

Based on Fact #2, understated here below are examples of websites that allow you to download movies directly from them without the need for a movie download program. In light of this, here is our first case study…

1. The ALLUC.EE website

The ALLUC.EE (pronounced: “all-you-see”) is a link-sharing website that catalogues links to movies, short videos, sport videos, anime videos, cartoon videos/movies and TV shows. A single database contains all videos/movies in their various formats.

But it is good to note that, ALLUC started as a quest to gather and collect every single episodes being hosted on popular video hosting websites and to categorize them in one place.

So, users are simply linked to their desired videos and allowed to download the videos directly to your device or laptops.

To use this service:

a. Click on this link: EE, 

b. Type in the title of the movie/video you want to download in the search bar. After that,

c. Select the movie and the format of the movie that suits your device. After that,

d. Click on download. Done!

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2. The O2TVSeries website

The O2TVSeries website is as the above mentioned ALLUC.EE website in operation. The administrators of the O2TVSeries website have a large database of movies and music videos. The latest video/movie episodes are uploaded to their database to ensure reliability.

Single movies/videos are not found in O2TVSeries. Because of that, the website is usually cataloged with seasonal movies ONLY.

As such, the administrators keep up with updating their database with the most recently released episodes of the season movies they host. So…

To use this website:

1. Click on this link: O2TVSeries

2. Select the category of your intended movie based on the title of the movie (for example, select U-V-W if the movie is titled Under the Dome). After that,

3. Click on your desired season. After that,

4. Select your desired episode

5. Click on the MP4 or 3GP video format (I recommend the MP4 format)

Noteworthy of, is the fact that this site is best used on mobile devices, rather than on a computer or laptop.

Based on Fact 3, understated here below are examples of websites that allow you to download movies directly from them without the need for a movie download program.

The Number One website I would high recommend for anyone who wish to download movies directly to their laptop would be:

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay was put up and established in the month of September, 2003 by the Swedish anti-copyright organization (The Piracy Bureau). Currently, the website is owned and hosted by Bit Torrent.

The Pirate Bay allows users to search for magnet links. These are used to direct resources or reference resources (movies and short music videos) available for download via peer-to-peer networks. Once these videos are located and opened in a Bit Torrent client, it begins to download the desired content.

Point to now note: To download movies on-line via THE PIRATE BAY, you MUST download a Movie Download Program first, if you don’t already have one.

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 Movie Download Program

The movie download program that is used to download movies from The Pirate Bay is the popular uTorrent.

2. The uTorrent

The uTorrent download program is owned and run by Bit Torrent, Inc. It is one of the most widely used Bit Torrent clients. uTorrent is downloaded as a single stand alone compressed executable file.

Once it is downloaded, it automatically installs itself at first run. Recently developed versions have included the ability to install themselves on first run after download.

To download the uTorrent program into your laptop,

1. Click on this link: uTorrent or search for uTorrent on Google. Click on the very first Google search result of uTorrent.

2. Select the Get uTorrent For Windows, once the uTorrent site is opened

3. Now, Click on GET uTorrent For Windows. Pick the option without the subscription

Once you have successfully downloaded the uTorrent program onto your computer, follow these steps on how to download movies on-line:

1. Open The Pirate Bay website by clicking here

2. Type in the title of the movie/video in the search bar

3. Select the video file based on the format that best suits your device

4. Follow the download prompts that show up

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5. A new window automatically pops up with uTorrent immediately the download process is initiated. Follow the instructions and watch it download your desired movie file.

Congratulations on successfully learning how to download movies on-line.

Happy Downloading!!!


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