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How To Fix DSTV Signal Strength

Since you decided to know how to fix DSTV signal strength, I say welcome to the many shades of issues that come with using DSTV and yes – indeed many Cable TV services in this part of the round world.

Like the DSTV E16 errors, the DSTV signal strength is one heck of a bad hulk that can knock some headache into a new DSTV user.

But hey, it’s time to give the hulk some kicks. So, let’s fix the DSTV signal strength once and for all.

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How To Fix DSTV Signal Strength
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How to fix DSTV signal strength

Now, here’s what you will be reading in this post:

a. What is DSTV signal strength?

b. Are there any likely causes of low DSTV signal strengths?

c. Common DSTV signal Error Messages to expect?

d. How to fix DSTV signal strength

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What is a DSTV signal strength?

A DSTV signal strength error is an operational error that shows that the DSTV user’s installation is receiving less signal than needed to receive optimum radio waves for media transfer.

The optimum signal quality for your DSTV decoder is 100%.  If the signal quality is significantly less, it means you need to re-align the DSTV dish to a more sensitive angle.

What are the likely causes of a low DSTV signal strengths?

DSTV signal strength is an operational error and a wide range of factors can trigger it.

Many such factors are temporary interruptions – and that means that the DSTV signal would soon return to its initial optimum quality before the disruptions. Nevertheless, you need to fix the others.

Here are the common causes of No signals on DSTV:

a. Bad weather condition

b. Improperly set or aligned dish

c. Incorrect dish size

d. Wrong DSTV cables connection

e. Low signals from the source

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Likely Error Messages to expect due to a low DSTV Signal

DSTV signal Error codes are messages that appear on the DSTV user’s screen, meant to notify the user that the DSTV satellite dish is presently receiving less signal than needed to transfer voice and sound data.

Like the DSTV E16 errors, the DSTV signal error could be termed an operational error.

However, while the DSTV E16 error [ best case ] is meant to notify the user that his subscription plan has elapsed and should be renewed, the DSTV signal error notifies the user that the signal being received by the DSTV dish is not strong enough for optimum performance.

Here are some of the most common DSTV Error messages to expect:

DStv No Signal E48-32

This error code means that the DSTV satellite dish is not receiving any signal and hence won’t be able to transfer the requested media data to the DSTV end users.

This type of error can be due to an array of factors. That could be due to a bad or stormy weather condition, a wrong installation or faulty cables.

DStv No Signal Found Error

The DSTV no signal found error message shows up when the signal strength being received by the DSTV satellite dish is only enough to broadcast channels with low frequency or bandwidth requirements.

In that case, low-frequency channels are likely to show while channels with high bandwidth requirements display error messages.

Here are the common causes:

a. Improperly set or positioned satellite dish. This prevents the dish from receiving optimum signals.

b. A faulty or not well connected LNB cable.

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DSTV Tuner 1 No Signal Message

The DSTV no signal on Tuner 1 error message arises as a result of improperly connected DSTV kits.

Of course, that could be the LNB cable or any other component. Not only that, the Tuner 1 error message can also arise due to a faulty LNB cable that needs to be replaced.

DSTV No Signal On Tuner 2 Error

The DSTV tuner 1 and tuner 2 error messages are triggered by similar causes.

Like the DSTV Tuner 1 error messages, the DSTV Tuner 2 error messages can also be triggered by a faulty LNB cable or improperly connected DSTV kits.

How to fix different types of DSTV signal strengths

How to fix DSTV E48/32 Signal Strength

Like I already pointed out, the E48/32 error message arises when the the DSTV satellite is not well aligned at the right angle.

So, here are the quick fixes:

a. Check the cable connections and re-fix them in case they are loose.

b. Re-align your DSTV dish by setting it at varying angles until you receive the highest signal strength.

c. 80 cm dish size is recommended for an optimum signal reception.

d. Try to restart your decoder: To do that, switch off the DSTV decoder, take out the cards and wait for a couple of seconds before re-inserting the card and switching it on.

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How to fix DSTV No Signal found Error

a. Check all the connected cables and fix them tightly to their respective sockets.

b. Consider getting a replacement for an old or faulty LNB cable.

c. Reset your DSTV dish to see if you could get a more efficient receiving angle. Additionally, you may try out an 80cm dish size for a more sensitive signal detection.

How to fix DSTV Tuner errors

a. Check and fix the DSTV cables tightly.

b. Check and confirm that the cables are all functioning.

c. If any cable is faulty, you may have to get a new replacement.

Final thoughts

Like I already said at the beginning of this post, the DSTV signal error can be as simple as a one-click fix error.

Now, in case you need to go over it again, here’s a recap of this post:

a. Meaning of a DSTV signal strength error.

b. Likely factors that trigger DSTV low signal strength error.

c. Error Messages to expect due to a low DSTV Signal

How to fix DSTV signal strength

Now if despite all these fixes, your DSTV signal strength error still presents itself as a complex task to deal with, then you may need to contact a local DSTV installer or a DSTV agent to give it a boot.

Oh yea, that’s just about it on how to fix dstv signal strength.

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Your turn

Do you use DSTV?

Have you experienced issues with a signal strength before? If yes, how did you fix it?

Cool, I will like to hear all of that. So, please share your experience in the comment.

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