How to Improve Basic Education in Nigeria

Here in this post, we are going to proffer ways on how to improve basic education in Nigeria.  We hope you find this post helpful and informative.

Basic education is the kind of education that are given to pupils, who are within the ages of six years to fourteen years. Basic education is given to the pupils at their tender age when they begin to know how to count, perhaps start talking and writing.

Education, as we all know is the bedrock for development of any community hence, the government has a duty to ensure that, children at this age are given a better foundation in education by providing every facility that will help  enhance quality education at this level.

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How to Improve Basic Education in Nigeria
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It is the provision of such education facilities that will enhance education at this level, where quality education will be imparted into the pupils at this age by their qualified teachers. And in this article, I will be discussing those possible ways by which, the basic education can be improved in Nigeria.

What Are The Ways That Basic Education Can Be Improved In Nigeria?

Yes, below are some of the ways basic education can be improved in Nigeria:

1. Provision of an Enabling Environment for Learning

Provision of an enabling environment for children at this age to obtain quality education is very important and necessary because you cannot build on the foundation that is faulty.

This age however, is the foundational age, because what you garbage in is what you garbage out. In meeting this demand on the part of government, there is need for the provision enabling environment both for teachers and the children, like good and conducive classrooms and in a quiet and serene environment for the purpose of accommodate the pupils for learning session.

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2. Provision Of Competent Teachers To Facilitate Teaching And Learning

Qualified teachers, who are competent in their profession are assets in the education sector. In its quest however, to improve basic education in Nigeria, the government must make sure that it recruits qualified and competent teachers.

Provision of competent teachers to take on the pupils of this age is the sole responsibility of the government, while these teachers are to make sure that, they facilitate the teaching and the learning in an effective way.

The government should also ensure that adequate teachers are employed into the system that could be say, a ratio of 30 pupils to one teacher.

3. Provision Of Infrastructure And Amenities To Facilitate Learning

This is another important area, which is necessary to help push towards improving basic education in Nigeria. It is also the responsibility of the government to make provisions for infrastructure and also amenities, such that can help in facilitating learning.

Access roads are very important hence, government need to provide good and quality roads that lead to schools and the environs.

Provision of teaching and learning materials are of utmost important, including school registers, school diaries, school notebooks, school desks, school chairs and also school maps.

Access to potable water is very important and necessary, including functional electricity, and laboratory equipment, like test tubes, and cylinder, and microscopes including other essential materials used in the schools.

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4. Pupils Are To Be Enlightened Technologically

Of course, we are in the technology dispensation, and so pupils need to be enlightened technological wise for the purpose of improving their performances in schools.

Under this headline however, i will love to also suggest that there should be provision of funds by the government, so as to be used  for every day running of the affairs of these schools by school’s administrators, and that will also help to improve the education system.

This aspect of need ought to be given enormous priority by government. Why? It is because the school administrator or the head teacher may need to purchase teaching materials, for example, stationery, or pay for transportation, and sometimes for medical expenditure, including other necessities that may be used to run schools.

5. Teachers Training Must Also Be Given Priority As Teaching And Learning Facilitators

Teachers’ training should be given enormous priority as education facilitators. Teachers must on field, make sure that they improve themselves.

This should be the priority of the government with a view to improve basic education in Nigeria. Government ought to make provisions for teachers’ education. It is therefore, the responsibility of the government to encourage teachers on in-service training.

This is important. For instance, there should be an organization of workshops, and seminars, including other trainings. This is important.

The bulk of the responsibility lies with the government. And I will suggest that government must make sure that, there is improvement in the standard of education particularly at this foundational level for the purpose of ensuring that the level of education given to this children match up to the latest education standards in other climes.

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6. Teachers’ Monthly Packages Should Be Improved

This is most important! Teachers’ salaries should be improved to encourage them put in their best. Government should, as a matter of important, endeavour to make sure that, adequate salaries are paid to the teachers, and as when due.

The government should also make sure that, it upgrade teachers’ standard by approving to them study leave, and with pay.

Teachers also must be given some incentives, so that they can work to improve on the quality of their services to the government.

7. Parents Should Make Sure That They Play Their Part To Improve Education

Yes, parents also have their part to play. They must play their part in order to complement the efforts of the government, and that of the teachers also.

Improving basic education in Nigeria is never the responsibility of government alone neither is it only the duty of the teachers.

Parents also have some roles which they must also endeavour to contribute their on part with a view to offer our children the best and quality education as obtained in other climes. Nigerian parents must pay quality attention to their children’s education. This is important!

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Education, as we all know is the bedrock for development of any community hence,  the government has a duty to ensure that, children at this age are given a better foundation in education by providing every facility that will help  enhance quality education at this level.

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