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Most Popular Matches Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria

Here in this post, we are going to bring you a list of 10 Most Popular Matches Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria. We hope you find this informative.

The invention of matchsticks brought relief to many households in and outside Nigeria. With just a stroke on a glass-paper, the house can then be lit with a candle and everyone is happy to see each other again.

The match stick can also be used to light a gas cooker or a kerosene stove which can then be used to prepare most of our meals.

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Most Popular Matches Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria
Most Popular Matches Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria – Photo Source:

In recent times, economic hardship have befallen most companies in Nigeria and the Match Stick industry is no exception.

Most companies that specialized in the production of this matchboxes have either fled to their home countries, neighboring countries where it is more favorable to do business or chosen the low way of closing up their businesses.

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The present match manufacturing companies in Nigeria are struggling badly with no signs of survival or help from the government.

This is as a result of high rate of importation by many Nigerians and smuggling of this product from foreign countries.

This act nonetheless has proven profitable for a few it the effect is devastating to many Nigerians who depend on these companies for their daily bread.

This does not mean that one cannot take it upon self to start-up the production of match sticks even if locally for a start. Most definitively he or she would have a high sale.

This article is not written to complain about the mishap of the Matchbox industry but to highlight even if it’s just the remaining surviving companies chose to brace the storms of economic recession in Nigeria.

Below is a list containing Matchbox companies in Nigeria. Provided as well is their contact for those who wish to partner or give one form of support to their company. They will most dearly appreciate it.

Apex Match Consortium (India) Private

Apex is a unique venture that and the brainchild of 6 visionaries from the fields of manufacturing, trading and International Business.

The company joined together to share their knowledge and rich experiences to enhance Small and Medium Enterprise, business value.

Apex is a company that is poised and focused at opening the International Market front for Small and Medium Enterprise.

The company is based in Madurai, a culturally rich City in Tamil Nadu in the southern part of India. It has branches spread across the globe with Nigeria inclusive.

Apex endeavors to create value to its business partners in the field of manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship and international marketing. Apex lives to fulfill its commitment to customer delight through quality and value adding products and services at affordable price.

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The list of products that this company offer is given below:

Safety Matches

Coconut Fiber

Coco Peat

1. Amsha Match House

Wax Match Sticks is a short piece of wax made from a high-quality Wax Paper.

2. Associated Match Industries Nigeria Limited


This company is located at Plot 3, Chief T.A. Doherty Layout, Oregun Industrial Estate,Oregun. Ikeja, Lagos

The company specializes in manufacturing and distribution of Matches and Allied Products.

3. Associated Match Industries Nigeria Limited

This company bears the same name as the first but it is located in a different terrane. Its address is given below


Eleiyele Industrial Layout, Eleiyele, P.M.B. 5194, Ibadan, P.O. Box 1499, Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria

One can decide to reach them through their website at

4. Pilsu Nigeria Ltd

The main area of expatriate is in the manufacturing of mosquito Coils and Matches. 

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Fortunately for this industry, its production process is not so tedious when compared to other products. All that is needed is a source of raw materials, some chemicals and capital.

For a successful match stick production, one would need wood because it is the major raw material of the match stick. The chemical used is Phosphorus and Paraffin premix.

One would also have to choose between the types of matches he would like to produce. As it stands there are two types or matches that can be produced. We have the safety match and the Strike-anywhere match.

The former is popular and common to many in Nigeria because it is so cheap that many consider it even worthless. The second match type, on the other hand, is very expensive and it is not regularly purchased by many.

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