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5 ways to prevent malaria this year

For Africa to move forward, you’ve really got to get rid of malaria – Bill Gates

In this article, we will be considering the topic – 5 ways to prevent malaria this year. According to reports, about 200 million worldwide cases of malaria are recorded every year which includes about 584,000 deaths, mainly among children below age five prominently in sub-Saharan Africa.

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The cause of malaria has been traced to parasites that are transmitted to people through the bites of infected female Anopheles mosquitoes. It is the hope of this paper that with this knowledge on 5 ways to prevent malaria this year, it would be possible to keep off and kick out malaria this year to the bearest minimum.

It is the hope of this paper that with this knowledge on 5 ways to prevent malaria this year, it would be possible to keep off and kick out malaria this year to the bearest minimum.

It is the hope of this paper therefore, that with this knowledge on 5 ways to prevent malaria this year, it would be possible to keep off and kick out malaria this year to the bearest minimum.

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In 2015, the Executive Director, Centre for Healthy Star Initiative and Global Burden of Disease Collaborator, Dr. Bolajoko Olusanya said, malaria remained the leading cause of death in Nigeria with 192,284 deaths recorded.

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From all indicators, it could thus be safely said that Malaria is a killer disease. Malaria is a regular and deadly disease if not treated on time. The capacity to take precautions which prevent mosquito bites to a large extent also helps to avoid malaria.

While we look forward to a malaria free Nigeria, InfoguideNigeria present five ways on how best to prevent this killer disease-Malaria.

  1. Use a mosquito net.

Mosquito nets offer protection against mosquitoes, flies, and other insects. This, however, doesn’t ensure total safety against mosquitoes as the method of usage applies.

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Mosquito nets to a large extent ensure mosquitoes are out of your bed at any time in use.

To ensure total safety using the mosquito net, check that the net is not torn and ensure it is properly spread or tucked underneath your mattress or bed.

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On top of that, purchase a treated mosquito net treated with “permethrin”. This assures the best protection.

For Nigerians who claim they aren’t accustomed to using mosquito nets, this will lead us to the next way you can prevent malaria- the use of insecticide spray

  1. Use insecticide spray

An insecticide is a formulated substance used to kill insects. Make sure that you buy an active insecticide brand that gives immediate annihilating effect against flying as well as crawling insects around your environment. It is not about spraying insecticides.

It is pertinent that you spray in the proper way. Remember to spray under the bed, all the corners of the room, hidden space where mosquitoes can hide.

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Afterward, make sure you exit the room as soon as you are done spraying because continued stay in room might have adverse effects directly on human health

3.  Wear protective clothing (long pants and long-sleeved shirts)

Another way to prevent malaria is ensuring that up to wear protective clothing. This can be done by covering up well; you reduce your chances of getting bit by a mosquito.

On top of that, your environment says a lot about the breed of mosquitoes. You are advised to stay in cool areas preferably, keep your air conditioning on, as mosquitoes tend to stay out of cool.

Cleanliness is also essential in preventing malaria. From records, mosquitoes breed more in places where we have stagnant water.

You are advised despite wearing nice protective clothing to stay away from any stagnant water such as blocked drainages and gutter common in both rural and urban areas in the country

  1. Boost your immune system

Nigerians are known to be lackadaisical when it comes to eating a balanced diet. We boast of various kinds of food but an average Nigerian eats the same classes of food daily.

To prevent malaria, you must boost your immune system by eating food that is rich in vitamins and disease-fighting cells. Not neglecting the place of daily intake of fruits like oranges, vegetables, among others.

  1. Take anti-malarial drugs periodically

Finally, we would agree that the rate which some areas are prone to malaria differs with respect to the geographical location of the country.

For residents in malaria prone or infected areas, you are advised to visit various pharmaceutical stores, general and private hospitals to get malaria prevention drugs for periodically say once a quarter.

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The usage of drugs, however, should be based on the pharmacist or doctor’s prescription.

In conclusion, avoid being bitten by mosquitoes, Take anti-malarial drugs when appropriate, at regular intervals to prevent acute malaria attacks.

Seek medical attention immediately if a fever develops one week or more after entering an area where there are a malaria risk and up to three months. Remember, prevention is better than cure

To further reduce the death rate caused by malaria, Nigerians are advised to support the National Malaria Elimination Programme of the Federal Ministry of Health.

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