Software Developer Salary in Nigeria, USA, Canada and Australia

Here in this article, we are going to go into details about software developer salary structure in Nigeria and how much they make compared to the rest of the world.

Software development seems to be one of the most lucrative business in the world today, while software developers overseas seems to be having a good time as they are ranked high in the highest paid employees chart but can we really say the same about Nigerian programmers?.

In an attempt to answer this question we had to make a little survey, gather a few useful data that we are going to share with you right about now.

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Software Developer Salary in Nigeria, USA, Canada and Australia
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Software developers keep being the most touted skill time after time as their number are not really much, though their number have started increasing as more young people are engaging in it now.

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Software Developer Salary In Nigeria

Software developers salary in Nigeria varies between different firms, no thanks to the inability of employers to stick to the labor wage structure.

They have been a huge difference between salaries of software developers working for different firms, but here we will show exactly what we got starting from the least paid to the highest.

From the experience I have gathered in the IT world, software developer end up making a lot of money even without being employed as they can on their own create a problem solving software, sale it to either company or individuals and make a lot of money.

The range of software developers salary goes from N50,000 to N1,000,000 per month.

But different software companies pay software developers between N50,000 and N1,000,000. A good number of these employees salary fall between N150,000 to N300,000, others get lower pay while a good percentage of them equally get a higher pay as much as N1,000,000.

So, are Nigerian Programmers well paid?

Well, one could consider N150,000 to N300,000 thousand as a good sum of but can that really fit the cost of living in some part of the country considering the state of current economy. In a way to answer this question, we will compare the software developers’ salary to that of other countries in the world.

United States of America

Recent report in the labor department in the United State of America has it that the average salary of a programmer in the country is $100,080 per Annum that is $8340 per month.

The least paid programmer takes home $76,170 per Annum that is $6347.5 per month and the highest paid software developer in America takes home $126,940 per Annum that is $10,578.4 per month. Compare that to what an average software developer in Nigeria goes home with, in a month.

Before we do the analysis and convert to our local currency, let’s check out the highest salaries of software developers in the major cities and state in America.

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$132,080 / yr – N48074473.21 / yr

$11,006.7 / m – N4006218.23 / m


$129,440 / yr – N47113566.12 / yr

$10786.7 / m – N3926142.64 / m


$119,120 / yr – N43357292.92 / yr

$9,926.7 / m – N3613119.88 / m


$120,710 / yr – N43936021.06 / yr

$10,059.1 / m – N3661310.82 / yr

San Francisco

$122,420 / yr – N44558426.79 / yr

$10,201.7 / m – N3713214.37 / M


$118,670 / yr – N43193501.94 / yr

$9,889.1 / yr – N3599434.23 / m

New York

$113,120 / yr – N4113413.16 / yr

$9,426.7 / m – N3431129.9 / m

District of Columbia

$112,040 / yr – N40780314.8 / m

$9336.7 / yr – N3398371.7 / m

Average software developer salary in Nigeria N200,000 per month ( $549.48 )

Average software developer salary in America $8,340 per month (N3035592.87)

Top paid Software developer salary in Nigeria N1,000,000 per month ( $2747.4 )

Top paid software developer salary in America $10,578.4 (N10578.4)

The least paid in Nigeria N50,000 per month ( $137.37 )

The least paid in the USA $6,347.5 per month (N2310180.81)

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Heading to Australia now to see how much software developers in that part of the world earn. Report shows that an average software developer in Australia earns A$85,000 per Year that is A$7,083.4 per Month, the least software developer takes home A$64,000 per Annum that is A$5,333.3 per month and the highest paid software developer in Australia takes home A$123,000 per year that is A$10,250 per month.

So let us do the analysis and compare that to what software developers in Nigeria gets.

Average software developer in Australia

A$85,000 / yr – N22,438,568.25 / yr

A$7.083.4 / m – N1,869898.29 / m

The least software Developer in Australia

A$64,000 / yr – N16,894,921.97 / yr

A$5333.3 / m – N1,407,901.37 / m

Top paid software developer in Australia

A$123,000 / yr – N32469928.17 / yr

A$10,250 / m – N2,705,827.35 / yr


Let’s see how much software developers in Canada get as their salary.

The average salary for a software developer in this part of the world is CA$75,000 per year that is CA$6,250 per month, the least salary for a software developer in Canada stands at CA$52,000 per year that is CA$4,333.3 per month, and the highest paid software developer in this country pockets CA$100,000 per year that is CA$8333.3 per month.

We can compare that to our own software developers take home as salary.

Average paid software developer in Canada

CA$75,000 / yr – N20,648,611.67 / yr

CA$6,250 / m – N1720717 / m

Least paid software developer in Canada

CA$52,000 / yr – N14,3163,70.76 / yr

CA$4,333.3 / m – N1,193,021.72 / m

Highest paid software developer in Canada

CA$100,000 / yr – N27531482.22 / yr

CA$8,333.3 / m – N2294281.01 / m

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That has been how much Nigerian software developers take home as compared to software in few other countries. The comparison shows clearly that what software developers in Nigeria receive as salary is not in anywhere close to what their counterparts in other developed countries take home, to add to that, the initial analysis on their (Nigerian software developers) salary show a clear lack of structure in the sector.

Having N50,000 as the least paid and N1,000,000 as the highest paid leaves a very wide margin between the two which does not happen same in the few other countries we’ve looked at.

Note the analysis above is what is obtainable at the moment and it may change with time.

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