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8 Steps to Produce Vim in Nigeria

Here in this post, we are going to give you a detailed guide on the steps to produce vim in Nigeria. We hope this post is found quite useful and educating.

Business Overview

I am sure many of us do know what vim is and what it does. Vim also is known as scouring powder. This is used to wash our pots, tiles, floors, bathtubs, kitchen sink etc.

It is used to remove tough stains from things. Lots of people use vim in their own homes to help with the washing of tough stains from pots, kitchen sinks etc.

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8 Steps to Produce Vim in Nigeria
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Now do you know you can cut the cost of buying scouring powder at the supermarkets and actually produce it by yourself? Yes you can.

Nowadays in Nigeria due to the economic hardship and recession, people now learn how to produce most homemade items by themselves; from soaps, detergent, shoe polish etc.

Scouring powder cannot be left out, as you can make your own scouring powder from home and save the extra money you use in buying Vim at the supermarkets.

You can also produce your own vim or scouring powder and sell to homes around you and make some additional income for yourself. It all depends on what you want, but either way you are on the winning side.

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Business Profitability

Making of scouring powder is not cost-intensive; with as little as #5,000 you can make your own scouring powder and sell people around your neighbourhood and even shops located near your neighbourhood. And little by little you can be a supplier of scouring powder to various people around you.

Opportunities in the Market

For the fact that scouring powder is a household cleaning agent and especially a kitchen cleaning agent, it is a great opportunity for you to be a big entrepreneur in this business, all you need is to start. It is needed every day for cleaning.

There are even two types of scouring powder, the toxic and non-toxic. So you can go for which is most sought after in the market or which one is safer, though i would say that the non-toxic is the more preferred option.

Target Market and Competition

There are a great number of people you can approach with your product and would like to buy scouring powder. Hotels and eateries and restaurants where food is being prepared, homes especially do need this scouring powder.

These individuals make use of scouring powder at various times in the day to clean pots, kettles, kitchen sinks etc. So there is a large target market for your scouring powder.

Competition is not really stiff as there are few producers of scouring powder, so if you have the ability to get it right, you can go ahead to make your scouring powder and start making huge profits from this business.

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Steps To Produce Your Own Vim/Scouring Powder

The process of production is quite simple and the raw materials needed to produce this are quite a few.

1. Knowledge and Experience

You do not need any degree or learning from anyone before you can make your own vim, all you need to know is the materials you need and where to get them.

2. Raw Materials Needed

These are the few raw materials you will need for the production of your own vim/scouring powder, which are;




As you can see, your raw materials are just these few items. You can get eggshells from an eatery or fast food centre that sells eggs; they always have eggshells around. These are what you need to produce a non-toxic vim/scouring powder.

It is also important to know the measurement by which you will be mixing these ingredients. For a tin of egg shells, you will need just 3 milk tins of detergent and ½ milk cup of salt.

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3. Equipment needed

Just as the raw materials needed are few, so are the equipment needed for the production of your scouring powder, these are just;

A big bowl and

Mortar and pestle.

Just these few instruments will help you start up the production of your scouring powder.


Dry your eggshells in the sun very well

Grind the eggshells using the mortar and pestle

When you are done, put all the ground remains in the big bowl

Mix the eggshells with your salt and detergent. Mix carefully so everything will mix properly

Your vim/ scouring powder is ready for packaging.

There is actually no technology involved in this production process, it is just done by your own human hands with few instruments.

4. Location for your Business

You may not want to get a shop immediately now, just start selling from your own home and as the business grows, you can rent a shop to display your products and people can come to buy from you anytime they need to buy.

Get a shop space that is in the heart of the city or town where many people are located there and many businesses that will need a scouring powder.

5. Funding Needed

The cost of production is not so heavy, so it will not consume everything in your pocket, just an amount below #10,000 can get you the raw materials for your production. After some time of successful sales and production, you can get your own store where you can keep your vim for sale.

6. Business name registration

Every business in Nigeria is registered under the corporate affairs commission, so you will have to register your business name with the CAC.

It will not cost more than #10,000 to get you registered. This is to avoid future problems due to name copying or business copying.

7. Packaging/Marketing

Your product has to be beautifully packed so it would be catchy to the eyes of customers, with its name written on it so they know what your product is and what it does. This will make your product have an image in the market.

Marketing is necessary for your product too for you to make sales, create awareness for your product by doing advertisement, you can start from your close connections and families, and they should be your first customers.

You can arrange for small posters to be kept at popular supermarkets and shops around to advertise your product and make people see it.

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8. Promotion tips

You should put down your cost of production and packaging, so you will know how much to add to make the price for you to sell so you can have a good profit.

Let the price not be too high so it doesn’t scare potential customers, it should be affordable until when you have established a good ground in the market then you can increase the prices gradually.

Always research for new methods and try out new production processes to see how you can get the best out of your product.


With the problems of finance and economic problems in the country, this is a great avenue to make additional income to whatever you get, and if you are a student and looking for what to do, you can start with this business and reap great profits.

People are never tired of trying new things, once you have gotten their attention, and then you are in business. Get their attention with good scouring powder or vim.

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