Top Youth Clubs in Ilorin

There are different youth clubs in Ilorin that a lot of the youths are involved with, some of them have affiliations with multinational organizations and some are religious in nature.

It is important that youths are engaged with these clubs as it has a positive influence on their mental outlook and it makes them become more responsible young adults.

Benefits of Youth’s Participation in Clubs

There are a lot of benefits that results from the participation of youths in clubs. Through their involvement with these clubs and the interactions they share with one another, structured programs, policies and services that affect their lives and adequately address their needs and interests are developed. They benefit from the club and contribute to the organizations success.

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Top Youth Clubs in Ilorin
Youth Clubs in Ilorin, Nigeria – Photo Source: http://www.bellevuecentre.org.uk

When the youth are engaged meaningfully, they also gain skills and a sense of empowerment and they can make healthy connections with positive people who serve as role models to them. This could be their peers or other adults.

The following are the top youth organizations in Ilorin:

The Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN)

The society was established in 1954 because a lot of Muslim youths, particularly students were clamoring for a platform to talk about and find solutions to the challenges they faced in the face of colonial and evangelical environment that was widespread all over the country.

The society was established by the late Dr. Abdullateef Adegbite CON. The MSSN is the spring-board of almost all the Muslim youth associations in Nigeria spreading Islam through non-violent and convincing methods according to the tenets of Islam. The MSSN is located in the University of Ilorin.

Ilorin Central Lions Club

The Ilorin Central Lions club is a subsidiary of the Lions club international which is the world’s largest service club organization. The club has 1.35 million members in more than 206 countries of the world.

It was founded in 1917, and they do volunteer work for different communities such as caring for the environment, giving food to the hungry, giving aid to the old and elderly, providing assistance to disabled people and what they are best known for is fighting blindness.

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Activities of the Lions Club International

1. Giving of Sight

2. They work towards providing vision for everybody by conducting vision screenings, donate equipment to hospitals and clinics, distribution of medicine and creating awareness about eye diseases.

This they do through countless works they have done in different local communities and through their international Sight First Program.

3. They serve the youth by supporting local children and schools by providing scholarships, recreation and mentoring programs.

Some of the programs they have for youth include the Peace Poster Contest, Youth Camps, Exchange and Lions Quest. They have a program called the Leo Program which provides youths the opportunity for personal growth. There are about 5,700 Leo clubs worldwide.

4. Lions club awards grants and they have been ranked by the Financial Times as being the number one non-governmental organization in a 2007 study.

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The club has awarded more than seven hundred million dollars in grants for the support of Lions humanitarian projects all over the world.

5. The Lions Club Helps During Disasters

Following natural disasters, Lions help communities by providing immediate relief to them in terms of food, water, clothing, medical aids and long term reconstruction of the disaster area.

Oasis Muslim Care Foundation

The vision of the Oasis Muslim Care Foundation is to provide aid for needy Muslims locally and internationally. The foundation was founded in 2009 by a group of young Muslims and it was initially known as the Oasis Muslim Care Fund.

The foundation began in response to the rising cases of Muslims that had health challenges in the community and the number of widows that was increasing on a steady basis.

Since inception, they have assisted sick Muslims to get the treatment they need both within Nigeria and outside the country.

They have also rendered financial aids to many Muslims that need financial assistance. They have also given aid to a lot of widows and orphan within the community.

To achieve the objectives for its establishment, the Oasis Muslim Care Foundation has been in active collaboration with other organizations.

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Thus, the organization’s activities have expanded to include the enlightenment of the public through programs on radio, television. These programs are also carried out in rural and urban communities to enlighten the people there.

The major source of funding for the Oasis Muslim Care Foundation is the donations they get from kind-hearted people who give them donations through several platforms. They then put this money to use by deploying it to cater for the needs of their various beneficiaries.

Deenul-Haq Muslim Society of Nigeria

This organization is a Muslim organization that is located at Okelele. The society is engaged in the organizing of annual Islamic quiz competition among Islamic groups in the Okelele area of Ilorin.

They also help to distribute Islamic books that are sent by Islamic groups from foreign countries. They engage is a lot of other charitable acts such as visiting the hospitals to check on the sick and cheer them up.

What do youths stand to gain by being a part of these clubs?

1. The youths benefit from each other’s skills, knowledge and capacities and also benefit from the adults they have interactions with in the course of their club activities.

2. They can bring about development to the organizations with their new energy, fresh ideas and the enthusiasm of youth.

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3. Because the youths at the helms of affairs are the ones that shaped positive organizational objectives, there is a general acceptance of the objectives by the other youths involved leading to more responsible youths in our society.

4. Youths become more competent with high self-esteem and are more knowledgeable because they are exposed to lots of information through the activities they engage in depending on the focus of the clubs.

5. There is individual development as the youths have the opportunities to generate real community change.As a youth, you enjoy increased status in your community which helps you have self-discipline as all eyes are on you.

This enables youth to have an insight into the multiple roles of adults and also helps them to have a broader career choice because of the exposure they have.

6. Participation in youth clubs will enhance young people’s connections, their sense of belonging, the feeling of being valued and it would boost their self-worth tremendously.


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