Top 10 Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers in Nigeria

In this post we will review the Top 10 Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers in Nigeria. This information is useful for those you need mechanized farm tools in Nigeria.

 One of the ways to reduce the cost of modern farming in Nigeria is to purchase agricultural equipment locally. Well some agricultural equipment are locally fabricated and manufactured in Nigeria.

In fact some of the manufacturers of agricultural equipment have gone a step further by going into the production of agricultural processing plants.

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Top 10 Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers in Nigeria
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As a farmer who wants to practice modern agriculture in Nigeria, it is necessary for one to know the agricultural establishments which are dedicated to the manufacturing of farm machines and equipment in Nigeria.

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Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers in Nigeria

In this article, the top 10 agricultural equipment manufacturers in Nigeria are discussed. The top 10 companies involved in the manufacturing of farm equipment discussed in this article are:

  1. Niji-Lukas Nigeria Limited
  2. Techo-Quip Nigeria Limited
  3. NOVA Technologies Limited
  4. Project Development Institute (PRODA)
  5. Federal Institute of Industrial Research (FIIRO)
  6. Nigeria Machine Tools
  7. Eldorado Nigeria Limited
  8. Adiss Agricultural Engineering Limited
  9. Starron Nigeria Limited
  10. Aluframes Nigeria Limited.

Niji-Lukas Nigeria Limited

Niji-Lukas Nigeria Limited is one of the foremost agricultural equipment manufacturers in Nigeria. It has another name. The name is NIJI GROUP. Niji-Lukas is located at 10 Kufisile Street, Niji Lukas Bus Stop Isheri Idimu, Lagos State.

It is interesting to note that it has a Bus Stop named after it. This company is involved in the fabrication and manufacture of many farm tools and equipment.

Some of the agricultural equipment fabricated by Niji-Lukas on a large scale are Cassava Stainless Grater, Automated Garri Fryer, Stainless Steel Hammer Mill, Vibrating Sifter, Pneumatic Press, Flash Dryer, Smoking Kiln, Beans Separator, Multipurpose Deep Fryer, Cabinet Dryer, Pastry Oven, Bone Crusher, Stainless Steel Wet Miller M150 and Stainless Steel Wet Miller M80.

The industrial activities of Niji-Lukas is not just limited to the manufacturing of single farm machines and equipment. This company is also involved in the manufacture of some agricultural processing plants.

Some of the agricultural processing plants manufactured by Niji-Lukas include the Automated End to End Cassava Flour Processing Plant, Automated End to End Cassava Starch Processing Plant, Mini Cassava Flour Processing Plant, Mini Cassava Starch Processing Plant.

Note that these plants are fully automated and end to end. Other plants manufactured by Niji-Lukas include Fufu Processing Plant, Poundo Flour Processing Plant, Yam Flour Processing Plants, Plantain Flour Processing Plant and Plantain Chips Processing Plants among others. Niji-Lukas is a versatile company you should consider when you are thinking of purchasing any agricultural equipment.

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Techo-Quip Nigeria Limited

Techo-Quip Nigeria Limited is another versatile company involved in the manufacture of agric equipment and local farm tools. This company is located on 14-16 Olusola Ikare Street, Idimu Ikotun Road.

It seems that the Idimu- Ikotun road is blessed with top agricultural manufacturers of farm equipments. As mentioned earlier, Techo-Quip Nigeria Limited is involved in the manufacture or fabrication of some local agricultural equipment.

It is also involved in the manufacture of agricultural processing plants. The agricultural equipment manufactured by Techo-Quip Nigeria Limited can be divided into these divisions which are Fruit Processing Machines, Food processing machines and the processing machine used in the wood industry.

The fruit processing machines manufactured by Techo-Quip Nigeria Limited are fruit processing and concentration plants (used for Mango, Apple, Pineapple,Orange e.t.c), fruit juice powder production machines/plant, Tomato Paste Production Machine/Plant and Soya Milk Plant.

The food processing machines manufactured by Techo-Quip Nigeria Limited are Cassava Derivatives Plants, Complete Rice Production Plant, Instant Pounded Yam Plant, Malting Plant, Palm Oil Plant and Palm Kennel Processing Plant.

Other machines manufactured by Techo-Quip Nigeria Limited which fall into the group of food processing machines are Cassava Flash Dryer, Cassava Cabinet Dryer, Cassava Steam Tube Dryer, Automatic Garri Fryer, Cassava Stainless Rasper/ Granulator, Hydraulic Presser, Chipping Machine and Sifter.

Well let us go to the machine manufactured by this company for the Wood industry. The machines fabricated by this company for the wood industry are the Sawdust Compressor and the Exercise Book Ruling Plant.

Now you can see that Techo—Quip Nigeria Limited is also another versatile company involved in the production of agricultural equipment.

Before I leave this section, let me mention another machine fabricated by this company. The machine is the incubator. If you are thinking of going into the production of chicks, you can consider approaching Techo-Quip to purchase an incubator.

NOVA Technology Limited

Now let us move away from Lagos, we take a look at NOVA Technology Limited. This company is situated in Oyo State. The actual location of NOVA Technology Limited is New Ibadan Oyo Expressway, Opposite PW yard Akinleye Ibadan. It is a privately owned company just like the two other companies mentioned before it.

This company is involved in the manufacture of Flash Dryer, Cabinet Dryer, Steam Tube Dryer, Automatic Garri Fryer, Stainless Granulator, Chipping Machine and Sifter.

Although the list mentioned here is not as much as that of the two companies mentioned earlier, you could still consider NOVA Technology Limited as a manufacturer of farm equipment.

This is because the price of agricultural machinery or equipment manufactured by NOVA Technology Limited is one of the cheapest and most affordable in Nigeria.

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Project Development Institute (PRODA)

PRODA is an institution established by the Federal Government of Nigeria. It was established to aid the fabrication of farm machines locally in Nigeria. It is located in Emene Industrial Layout, Off Enugu/ Abakiliki Expressway.

The agricultural equipment and plant produced by PRODA includes Garri production machines and equipment, Cassava Chipping Machine, Palm Produce Processing Machine and Plant Setup, Fish Feed Pelleting Machine, Maize Sheller, Soya Bean Flour Processing Machines/Plant, Industrial Electric Dryers, Mechanical Kneading Machine and Industrial Juice Extractor.

If you need any equipment mentioned in the list, you can approach this establishment as their products are more reliable and durable.

Federal Institute of Industrial Research (FIIRO)

FIIRO is another institute established by the Federal Government of Nigeria. Its functions are similar to that of PRODA described in this last section but its activity is not limited to the production of machines used for farming activities. FIIRO has its own national headquarters.

The national headquarters of FIIRO which is known as Federal Institute of Industrial Research Oshodi is located at 3, FIIRO Road, Near Cappa Bus Stop, Off Agege Motor Road Oshodi.

Two zonal offices were set up to assist the national headquarters of FIIRO in its administrative functions. The two zonal offices are located in Abuja and Kano.

The address of the Abuja zonal office of FIIRO is 2, Gashua Close, Area 8 Garki, Abuja. The address of the Kano zonal office is Sharada Industrial Phase 1, P.M.B. 3271 Kano.

The agricultural equipment/machine manufactured by FIIRO are Cassava Chipping Machine, Pelletizer, Cabinet Tray Dryer, Cassava Mash Homogenizer, Cassava Mash Stirrer, Screen Separator, Garri Fryer, Cowpea Dehuller, Beniseed Air Cleaner, Melon Sheller, Sesame Seed Oil Expeller, the Cassava Peeling Machine, Cashew Nut Roaster and Groundnut Processing Plant.

Nigeria Machine Tools

Nigeria Machine Tools is also government owned. It has two branches in Nigeria. The branches of Nigeria Machine Tools are located in Osogbo and Lagos respectively.

The address of the Osogbo branch of Nigeria Machine Tools is Km 8, Ikirun Road, Osogbo, Osun State. The address of the Lagos branch of Nigeria Machine Tools is 1, Taofeek Lawal Street, Off Raymond Njoku Street, SW Ikoyi, Lagos State.

Well this company is not really into the fabrication of agricultural equipment. Its major activity is the assembly of farm machines and implements.

The farm machinery assembled by Nigeria Machine Tools are 4 by 4 special utility tractors 55 HP tractors, tipping trailers, disc harrows, disc ploughs and ridgers.

To me, Nigeria Machine Tools is more of a tractor dealer. So Nigeria Machine Tools is one of the farm tractor dealers in Nigeria.

Eldorado Nigeria Limited

Eldorado Nigeria Limited is not really into the manufacture of agricultural equipment. Because most of its products are not related to agriculture.

But the reason why it is included in the list was it is involved in the fabrication of a major farm structure which is the Grain Silo. Eldorado is located at 27, Henry Carr Street, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

S. Adiss Agricultural Engineering Limited

  1. Adiss Agricultural Engineering Limited is solely dedicated to the manufacture of farm machines has indicated by the name. The agro-processing machines manufactured by this company are Fish Pellet Processing Machine, Cassava Processing Machine, Chicken Processing Machine, Palm Kernel Oil Processing Machine, Grain Processing Machine, Rice Processing Machine, Palm Oil Processing Machine and Soap Processing Machine. Another machine fabricated by S. Adiss Agricultural Engineering Limited is the Soya Beans Processing Machine. This company is situated on Km 10, Along Ibadan-Lalupon Road, Oganla Village, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Starron Nigeria Limited

Starron Nigeria Limited among the other industrial activities is involved in the manufacture of agro-allied machines. The agro-processing machine produced by this institution is the Cassava Processing Machine. The address of this company is 27, Layi Oyekanmi Street, Lagos.

Aluframes Nigeria Limited

Aluframes Nigeria Limited specializes in the manufacture of food processing equipment such as  mobile rotary dryer, vibrasieve, plantain slicer, pine apple crusher, wet hammer mill, spice mill, garri fryer and pedal garri press among others.

Although its activities are limited to the manufacture of food processing equipment, it is still a versatile agro-allied company because it fabricates a variety of food processing machines.

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Much effort has been made to compile a list of the top 10 Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers in Nigeria. The list of manufacturers have been given so that any farmer who needs any of the agricultural equipment mentioned in this article will know where to purchase them when the need arises.

The above list presents the most popular of the manufacturers of locally made agricultural equipment in Nigeria at the time of this writing.

Well it is advisable that you as a reader should with due diligence be on the lookout for other establishments that are also involved in the production of farm machinery and implement.

This is because it seems that new agricultural manufacturing companies are springing up almost on a daily basis in Nigeria.

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