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Steps to Produce Stain Remover in Nigeria

Here in this post, we are going to show you steps to produce stain remover in Nigeria. we hope you find this article insightful and educating.

Business Overview

Every day we do wear clothes and one thing or the other gets to stain our clothes, sometimes we just wash them and they just go off easily like that, and sometimes we wash and wash for hours with much scrubbing and sweating, till we get tired, yet we cannot remove this stains, then we conclude that it is a permanent stain.

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Steps to Produce Stain Remover in Nigeria
Steps to Produce Stain Remover in Nigeria – Photo Source:

Well, not all stains are permanent and tough. Tough stains still do wash away, with the right use of chemical or let me say, ingredients or instrument, whichever way, stains the get washed away, what we call this instrument that washes away stains that are tough; we call it a stain remover.

Another thing that is so interesting about this product is that it doesn’t require tons of chemicals or a big machine mixer, all it needs is your hands to do it.

Like for real, it is easy to produce and also easy to use, it does not affect your clothes too, just the stains, it goes hard on them and remove the stains totally from your clothes with ease.

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Using just ordinary detergents is totally not enough for some stains to go off your clothes, so people actually look for better options.

Now if you decide to go into this venture, you will discover that you are solving a problem and which a lot of people will appreciate you for it.

Now thinking of what you can do to solve a mother’s pains in trying to get off the stains from a piece of fabric will actually in a good way favour you and make you prominent in Your area for your product. Also from a very little amount of money, you can make double of what you spent in producing your stain remover.

Opportunities in the Market

Now I have not really heard of any major stain remover product in Nigeria apart from our normal detergents which also claim to be stain removers, but actually having a product that is a complete stain remover in the market, is actually a thing people will not expect to see but once they try it, they will be convinced and have no option to patronise your stain remover at all times.

Target market and Competition

There are people who will need a stain remover at any time. And they are so many that you are sure of making good quality gains by the time you start.

A lot of families will need a stain remover, everybody and anybody that wears clothes. Just in case they encounter some stubborn stain that refuses to leave their clothes, they will surely turn to your stain remover.

Also most dry cleaners will need this product, because many times they do come across clothes that have stubborn stains, and it is expected of them to wash off the stains to please their customers, so they are another group that is your target in this business.

I would say there is just little competition in this market due to the fact that there are no popular products in the market, so your entry may be silent but as time goes on, you can begin to sell to make your great gains, it all takes your patience to reward you.

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You will want to go into details as to how to make your own stain remover, here it is:

Steps to produce a stain remover:

1. Knowledge/Experience:

Do you really need any formal knowledge or experience to produce this? No. You just need to know how to mix any liquid, and that is all you will need to know, as this is something you can do at home.

Raw Materials needed

There are some few necessary raw materials you will need to make this product, which are:

Hydrogen peroxide

Dish washing liquid (any one of your choice)

Baking soda or washing soda

As you can see the materials are just few, so you will not be breaking the bank or bursting your pocket to produce this.

2. Equipment needed

Just as the ingredients are few, so is the equipment required to prepare a stain remover, you will need;

Mixing bowl


Spray bottle

Once you have these equipment, you are ready to make your stain remover. Then let us talk about the procedure to make the stain remover.

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3. Procedure

Add a cup of hydrogen peroxide and ½ a cup of dish washing liquid

Mix thoroughly

Add a spoon or two of baking soda to the mixture and then mix.

If it is too liquid, you can add a little baking soda.

Then using a funnel, pour your mixture into the spray bottle

You now have your stain remover.

For the best and optimum results, spray the mixture on the stain and let it be for 20 minutes, then scrub gently with your hands.

4. Location

This is something you can do at home or the back of your house. The necessary thing is to have a comfortable space to do your mixing.

Then if you want to market the product, you will need to get a place inside the heart of the town or in a commercial area where lots of people reside, this will help you to boost your sales and make people reach out to you if they need your product.

5. Business name

Every business needs s to be registered to be recognised, so you have to register your product and its business name with the corporate affairs commission.

So you may not have any future problems. Also try to ascertain if there are any licenses to produce such a product within your environment.

6. Funding needed

The finance needed for this business venture will not cost you a lot, to get your materials and equipment will not cost you above #10,000, so if you want to go into commercial production, then you can consider having about #50,000 to go into the business.

If you need extra financial help, you can meet a bank or a cooperative society to help you with a soft loan to finance your business.

7. Packaging and Marketing

For your product not to be devalued due to an ordinary look, you have to give it an attractive package and make it look presentable.

An attractive package gives your product a look that is acceptable to the market and will endear the product to your customers.

As for your marketing, you should try to create awareness of your products through advertisement through various Medias as possible as you can reach out to.

Making your stain remover have an attractive package is also good for marketing too, as it will make it pleasing to the eye. Also try to set the price not to be on the high end, so it does not scare your customers, try to make it a comfortable price.

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This would be a great opportunity to make a good additional income, so long as you are ready for the business and follow this article.

Getting to produce a stain remover is not hard and it is easy to use. So you can make it on your own, sell to individuals and families around you and begin to earn an extra income without any much stress.

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