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10 Steps to Produce Zobo Drink In Nigeria

You will learn 10 steps to produce zobo drink in Nigeria. This drink is widely drunk around the country and you could make a fortune selling it.

The cost of a bottle of soft drink has been rather on the high side lately. The lack of a cogent cause of the skyrocketed price with little or no affirmation of a better quality is really disappointing.

The sugar content of these soft drinks is another huge topic I won’t want us to digress into today.  And of course, like you know, they basically do more harm than good to the body system.

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10 Steps to Produce Zobo Drink In Nigeria
Steps to Produce Zobo Drink In Nigeria – Photo Source:

Well, if that, then how do we quench our thirst after a very stressful day or task? And how do we also get that sweet thirst we desire when we really want it?

Here’s ‘Uncle Zobo’ saying hi to meet these desires. Zobo drink is a popular Nigerian drink with numerous health benefits; it can be used to regulate blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, calm the nerves, reduce stress, strengthen blood vessels, reduce weight, and improve sex drive.

However, it is not safe for pregnant women in their first trimester because it could lead to miscarriage, as it induces menstruation.

The zobo drink is affordable; a 50cl/60cl drink costs not more than fifty naira (N50), it is also refreshing, tasty and a large proportion of its ingredients are natural; this is the reason for its high health benefits.

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Roselle or sorrel leaves – this is the major ingredient for producing the Zobo drink. It’s botanical name is Hibiscus The dried leaves can be gotten from local markets and one must ensure that he gets the red sorrel, not the white sorrel for this drink.

Pineapple – pineapple gives an amazing flavor to the drink, and well, most people prefer to use pineapple flavors because a few complaints have been made that too much of pineapple itself, could make the drink quite sour. Anyways, the sour taste is what interests a few people about the drink, while some others like it not really sour. Other ingredients include,

Cloves (konafuru)

Fresh ginger – this particularly gives the drink a rich taste and flavor, plus it adds to the health benefits of the zobo drink.


Citrus fruits of your choice; orange, lemon, lime – to garnish

Artificial flavours and sweeteners; sugar, Nutri-C, Eve, Jolly Jus or Joccy are very popular sweeteners available anywhere in the Nigerian market. Any one of this would do for the zobo drink. Please, be quite careful with the quantity used here, the sweetener must be much enough to add sweetness to the drink, and also little enough to prevent it from being too sweet.

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Recipe for a 5 – litre zobo drink.

Here’s the recipe to produce a 5 – litre zobo drink:

  • 2 De Rica cups of dry zobo leaves
  • 1 big ripe pineapple
  • 2 table spoons of Konafuru
  • 2 stumps fresh ginger
  • 4 – 5 liters of water
  • Sweeteners; to taste, as desired by the producer or the target market.
  • Slices of citrus fruits of your choice

Remember that this recipe can be slashed or multiplied based on the desired quantity of the zobo drink to be produced.

Production processes for zobo drink

Before we proceed to the production processes, let’s first look at the pre-production processes. Ensure that you rinse out dust from the dried zobo leaves with cold water.

Using warm water may be removing the flavor or juice off the leaves before making the drink itself. Grind the cloves into a powder, wash and peel the skin of the ginger and blend thoroughly. Finally, wash, peel and cut the pineapple into thin slices.

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Now, let’s see the main steps after the prerequisites have been done:

Step 1:       Cut off the crown and base of the pineapple, cut the pineapple in half to make it easier to remove the skin. Cut vertically down around the perimeter of the pineapple to get rid of the skin.

Step 2:       Dice the pineapple, dividing both halves into half pieces again, and then, cut until you have medium sized chunks.

Step 3:       Pour the sorrel (dried zobo) leaves into a pot, fill it up half way, then add the pineapple chunks, finally add enough water to ensure that the leaves are fully immersed in water.

Step 4:       Add the clove and stumps of ginger into the pot.

Step 5:       Let the mixture boil for about 30 minutes. By now, the mixture must have begin to bubble over and the characteristic dark purple-red color of the drink will be noticed.

Step 6:       Let the mixture cool, and then, drain the juice through a sieve to separate the liquid from the solid parts.

Step 7:       Using a glove, wring out any remaining juices in the zobo leaves and pineapple mixture.

Step 8:       Add sweetener to the mixture.

Step 9:       Stir the mixture well and pour into bottles.

Step 10:     Refrigerate if you desire a cold drink. It is best served chilled. You can also choose to serve with ice and the sliced citrus fruits.

Honestly, if your zobo drink is rich enough and tastes good, you need very little efforts in marketing or advertising your product.

A lot of people love the rich taste of zobo drink, and particularly pupils, students of secondary schools and even tertiary institutions prefer this to various other soft drinks particularly because of its affordability. With about one-third of what they would use to get a bottle of soft drink, they can easily get a bottle of zobo drink.

Its health benefits and low sugar content also makes it preferable to other soft drinks, particularly for elder people and customers battling with diabetes.

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In ten (10) steps and about forty (40) minutes, you can make litres of the drink, and can package as much as fifty bottles, depending on the size of the pot used and the recipe of ingredients used for the production too.

All you do is to start getting enough bottles, make them clean enough and kick off the ten simple processes to become your own boss.

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