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How To Make Body Lotion In Nigeria

In this post, I will show you how to make body lotion from scratch in Nigeria. See the tools needed, ingredients and materials for producing body lotion. Learn how to make commercial body lotion and make money from it.

Worldwide, the body lotion is used in every home. The body lotion is the ‘spice’ in the life of any beauty lover. Not just because of the moisturizing properties, but the aesthetic qualities as well as health benefits.

The good thing about body lotion is that there is one for every class of individual in the society and it is not exclusive to the rich.

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How To Make Body Lotion In Nigeria
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Asides that, it is very easy to make and manufacturers of successful brands of body lotion ‘rake in’ huge amounts of cash from the unending demand for this product.

As one who cares not to be observant, lotion might be something you find pretty much difficult to understand how it is being made – how various ingredients and elements are put together to form the homogenous goodness of fragrant body lotions.

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However, if you have stumbled on this article, you have stumbled on the mystery of making body lotions.

We are going to show you the basics of how you can make body lotion to your own taste and specification and for you and your family’s use.

If your intent is to make it commercial, you can rely on this article for all the rudimentary tracks to follow to get your beloved lotion.

Making of body lotion normally doesn’t take much time. Preparing the items to be used is the only stress in it. Once they are assembled, you can get your desired body lotion in less than 10 minutes.


Choice oils (4 oz.).

To make the body lotion of your choice, you will need to get as many different kinds of oils as you can. Whether sesame oil, grape seed oil or olive oil.

Organic oils are advisable because any other oil contains pesticides and when applied on your skin (the pesticide) might be absorbed and become problematic to you.

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Lanolin (2 oz.).

Lanolin is an unquestionable moisturizer with very strong effects on both the hair and on the skin. That is why it is an important ingredient used in lip balms.

While lanolin when applied to the skin, seals moisture from going out, it also traps moisture as air blows on your body. Lanolin also refreshes and softens dry or hard skin and reduces the pain in case of cracked skin.

Aloe Vera gel (2 oz.).

Aloe Vera. A name that never gets out of the minds of beauty lovers and cosmetologists. Aloe Vera is a rich source of glycoproteins and compounds of polysaccharides.

These two compounds are very important to the skin. While polysaccharides are useful in stimulating the growth of the hair and skin and also repairs damaged cells, the glycoproteins help in reducing inflammation and stops the pain in the skin. The immune system also has lots of top benefit from these substances.

Note that you can also use the Aloe Vera to fill in the place of water because Aloe Vera is mostly water.

Essential oils

Some essential oils are irritating to the skin. Oils like elephant grass oil can irritate the skin. It is better to use lemon oils.

So you are at liberty of using whatever oils (essential oils you choose) as long as they do not irritate your skin. Some essential oils are highly medicinal and you may want to add them for their benefits.

Some commonly used essential oils are lavender, vanilla, lemon and rose oils.

You may also wish to add optional ingredients like bees’ wax and distilled water. The bees’ wax often makes the lotion hardened in case it would be used for your hands and face.

Although you may not be using the wax in the body lotion, a complicated part of the production procedure will need the wax to be warm and softened before the final blending.

Add few teaspoons of distilled water to the recipe to make it thinner and slicker just like lotion. However, you may want to use Aloe Vera because it has similar effects. Our advice is that you should go with the latter.

Organic oils are quite very easy to get. Any whole food store can sell organic oils but the problem might be getting lanolin as it may be rare.

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The recipe

a. Add a single cup of your chosen organic oil.

b. Add as much wax into the oil to make it 1 1/4 cups

c. Get a ½ cup of water

d. Get borax about 1/8 teaspoon full

e. You may get any essential oils of your taste and add it to the recipe in the desired amount.

The process of Production

a. Place the wax and the oils in a container that is heat proof. Microwave it for about 3 minutes checking it after every minute to ensure complete melting of the wax. You can also add butter and melt it in the mixture.

b. Let there be boiling water in another container. You can pour the borax in this boiling water and stir to make it blend well. Ensure that this mixture is kept hot.

c. When both mixtures must have been well meted, pour the hot water and borax mixture into the mixture of the oils and stir.

You should be careful as this might form bubbles and begin to pour. With constant stirring, it should become a bit creamy. Ensure the mixture is really hot.

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d. When the mixture has gotten to the homogenous and creamy state, you can add your essential oils according to as you desire. When the mixture has become consistent and creamy enough as you want it, you can then pour it into a clean container.

Your body lotion is set and ready to be used or sold.

You can add aloe Vera water or lavender if you want to use your lotion as an after-sun cream.

During the cleanup stage as mentioned earlier, it may take much of your time due to the sticky nature of lanolin. It is advisable to use soap and water when carrying out this stressful process of getting lanolin from the mixer.

If you have never made a body lotion before, this is the best time to try.

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